Being tired of loneliness and emotional frustration from an unsuccessful relationship, I knew I had to try something different. Although purchasing a male sex doll seemed like a far-fetched idea at the start, it quickly started to grow on me, and before long, I found my very first male sex doll waiting for me at my front door. It didn’t take long before this “sex doll” turned into a “love doll”, and I found myself more empowered than ever before.

In recent years, the best male sex dolls have become astonishingly realistic. They are no longer just torsos with a dildo in between the legs, but instead, they are more like an actual human partner. They can provide comfort, affection, and support at times when you need it the most. I am writing this article to empower and help other women like myself, who are in search for the best sex dolls for women. So, sit back, pour yourself a glass of wine, and take a look.

Nothing’s gonna hurt you, baby. These boys are exactly who you want them to be.

#1. Hunter – Best Male Sex Doll (Value Pick)

Price: $1999 on Silicon Wives

Hunter was my very first sex doll, and he left quite the impression on me. From photos, I knew he was sexy, athletic, and well endowed. But, what I did not know, was that he also moves and behaves exactly how a real man should. He is fantastic in the shower, in the bedroom, everywhere. Maybe I shouldn’t be saying this, but a couple of times on hot summer days I have even taken him out to my garden for some fun.

When I ordered Hunter, I had some expectations, but wow… all of my expectations were shattered. Ladies, if you are on the fence and are not sure whether sex dolls for women are your cup of tea, then take my advice. They are fantastic, and from my experience, better (and certainly more stable) than any man. Maybe eventually my needs will change, but for now… Hunter managed to fill the hole in my heart just perfectly.

Also, if you are worried about his size, then don’t worry. At first, I was nervous as well. Getting used to the feeling of fullness inside of me took some time. But, once I had some practice… it was a fantastic feeling. I can wholeheartedly recommend Hunter as the best sex doll for women.

#2. Male RealDoll – Premium Male Sex Doll  

Price: Starting from $5999

The Male RealDoll being featured on this list of the best male sex dolls for women should not come as a surprise to anyone. RealDolls are universally regarded as one of the most high-quality and luxurious sex dolls, and their male sex dolls are no exception. Think of RealDolls as the Porches or Lamborghinis of the sex doll world. They are luxurious, they are built for perfection, but… they are also pricey. The price is also the main reason why I gave Hunter the top spot. For most women, the RealDoll’s price will be a tad too much, let’s be honest.

If you would like to know more about these beautiful dolls, then check out our RealDoll review. Our reviewer went into much greater detail on the RealDoll than I ever could, so it’s definitely worth a check. If you manage to become the owner of a male RealDoll, then you can rest easy, as you have the perfect man for a lifetime. It’s too bad they are so freakin’ expensive…

#3. Pipedream Male Sex Doll Torso – Cheap Sex Doll For Women

Price: $599 on Lovehoney

This male sex doll torso from Lovehoney is the best sex doll for women who are on a tighter budget. While $599 is no small investment, it’s still certainly more affordable than the other life-sized male sex doll on this list.

The cock on this male silicone sex doll feels fantastic. It’s big, it’s strong, but it’s not a rigid stick like many dildos I have come across. It’s very realistic, with the veiny details on the surface. In addition, the small size and weight of this male sex doll work to its advantage. It’s very easy to position around the house, and it does not require any significant effort. This cannot always be said with realistic male sex dolls which are life-sized, as they do weigh a significant amount.

I can recommend the Pipedream as the best male sex doll for women on a budget. It’s a true work of art.

#4. Patrick – Japanese Male Sex Doll

Price: $2199 on Silicon Wives

This boy sex doll was created by YL Dolls, one of the more impressive male sex doll manufacturers. For Patrick, they decided to combine athleticism with the cuteness of Japanese men.

He is certainly a unique looking male sex doll. He does not have huge muscular arms, or a classical Brad Pitt style look. What he does have, however, is a beautifully crafted face in Japanese style. If you have ever wondered what spending time with a high-quality host in Japan feels like, then here is your chance. Patrick will open the door to another world to you. His silver hair and cute face are beautiful, without a doubt. While he may not be the most realistic male sex doll, he is certainly one of the sexiest in spite of this.

Patrick is the best male sex doll for women who are fans of Japanese men.

#5. TPE Male Sex Doll – Another Great Male Sex Doll

Price: $2299 on SexyRealSexDolls

This boy sex doll is a sexy one. He has an athletic body, a clean-cut hairdo, and, of course, a work-ready cock to match it all. While I love the look of this bad-boy, I could not help but compare it with the first three picks on this list. It mostly comes down to personal preference, but I found that I loved the look of Hunter more. He is just drop-dead-gorgeous, isn’t he? Well, I will let you ladies make the choice on your own, but as this list of the best male sex dolls is my personal one, I had to give the top spots to my favorites.

Don’t let me discourage you, though, if you love this sexy boy sex doll, then bring him home. I am sure he has plenty of good old lovin’ to offer you.


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