Best Anal Beads for 2019

When you have one of the best anal beads, you can just sit back, and sit inside - oh, and relax!

fun factory bendy

Best for men and women who want luxurious anal beads which are easy to use and highly effective.

Lovehoney Classic

These are anal beads designed for beginners. Gradually move your way up from tiny to big beads.

Darker Carnal Promise

Fifty Shades inspired vibrating anal beads designed for true sexperts.

For the first time, I, Emily, will be joining forces with Justin, a fellow CyberDear contributor, to bring to you an article combining both male and female perspectives. And, of course the reason for this is that today we are covering the top-rated anal beads – something which both men AND women can enjoy!

After buying and testing eleven of the most popular anal beads on the Internet, we became confident that the Fun Factory Bendy Beads are still the best for most of you, man or woman. They are powerful, they are easy to insert and they feel luxurious. And, they manage all that without breaking the bank. One thing to note, though – if you have no prior experience with anal toys, then you will likely be better off with the Lovehoney Classic. They are a bit less intimidating, and we consider them to be the best anal beads for beginners.

In this anal beads review, we have ranked the top-rated anal beads for all experience levels, from beginners to experts. However, before we get into the juicy details – you might want to check out some more information on how to choose anal beads. Or, if you have some questions, refer to the frequently asked questions section.

Best Overall Anal Beads

Fun Factory Bendy Beads Silicone Anal Beads 7 Inch


After two months of testing anal beads – our asses had decided. These anal beads from Fun Factory felt absolutely superb, and they outclassed all other anal beads we tried. 

Best Overall Anal Beads​

Price: $34.99 on Lovehoney

These silicone anal beads by Fun Factory are a bit on the pricey side, but they really are the best there is. These anal beads are a relatively small 7 inches in length, but the oval-shaped beads which increase in size gradually feel so amazing we don’t even care about the small size.

Once you insert the first ball – you think “Well, that feels nice”. Once you hit the second ball, you go “OH, yeah!”. At the third ball, your mind starts going blank. And, once you finally reach the fifth… well, you can use your imagination!

The finger loop at the end of the beads makes insertion super easy, and you never have to worry about the anal beads getting lost inside of you. All in all, these anal beads by Fun Factory are really simple to use, highly effective, and an excellent pick for both beginners and experts alike. What is there not to love?


  • Unisex
  • Made from premium silicone
  • Includes free lube
  • Different-sized beads
  • Simple to use
  • Strong finger loop
  • Phthalate-free


  • Price

Best Anal Beads for Beginners

Lovehoney Classic Silicone Anal Beads 10 Inch


These anal beads by Lovehoney are very simple to use and enjoyable. We enjoyed the way the felt, but most of all we loved how straightforward they were to use. This is why we ranked them as the best anal beads for beginners.

Price: $16.99 on Lovehoney

Unlike the Fun Factory anal beads, the Lovehoney Classic features completely round-shaped beads, which feel oh-so good. It’s difficult to say exactly which style is better. Some people prefer the sensation of the ball shapes, while others prefer the oval style.

What I can say about the Classic is that the feeling of going from one ball to another is absolutely superb. Your ass sort of accepts the ball inside, and the fact that the smallest ball is absolutely tiny makes these anal beads truly the best pick for beginners. Even the tightest of the tight anal players can insert the first few balls without hesitation.



  • Balls range from tiny to big
  • Made from premium silicone
  • Simple to use
  • Effective finger loop
  • Great for beginners
  • Phthalate-free


  • Anal experts might find the sizes lacking

Best Anal Beads for Experts

Fifty Shades Darker Carnal Promise Vibrating Anal Beads


The silicone material on these vibrating anal beads is silky smooth and beautiful, the progressive design allows for easy insertion and the 3-speed motor feels fantastic. The overall quality of these anal beads is incredible. However, they are pricey, and they require batteries.

Best Anal Beads for Experts​

Price: $39.99 on Lovehoney

The Darker Carnal Promise from Fifty Shades is a high-quality anal toy in every way. It’s literally impossible to be underwhelmed by these anal beads, as they are powerful and luxurious. However, I cannot exactly recommend them to all of you. Those of you who have no prior experience with anal play will likely find the bead sizes uncomfortably big. That is why these anal beads are best suited for experienced users, who are looking for an upgrade and want to experience the most which anal beads are capable of.

The vibrations on the Darker Carnal are very satisfying. The first vibration speed is good to get you started, as it feels very light and mild. On the second speed, I could feel mild pulsing through my body and the third and highest vibration setting feels like a hard pulse going through your body. It’s fantastic, but nothing overwhelming. When combined with clitoral stimulation or sex, the sensation is incredible. Pulling the beads out right before orgasm and losing control of my body felt incredible.


  • Powerful vibrations
  • Silicone material
  •  Brings about powerful orgasms
  • Bead shape is easy to insert


  • Requires batteries to function
  • Pricey
  • No finger loop

Cheap Anal Beads for Beginners

Lovehoney Beginner's Beads 11 Inch


Cheap anal beads with progressively larger in size beads. Sexy design, and very comfortable to use, thanks to the soft and squidgy skin-safe rubber material.

Cheap Anal Beads for Beginners - Lovehoney Beginner's Anal Beads

Price: $12.99 on Lovehoney

These anal beads were designed with newcomers in mind. The smallest beads in the front are so small you will never notice them entering, and the beads in the end of it are larger, but nothing intimidating. You might very well find that although it looks intimidatingly lengthy at first, you have no problems getting the full length inside you on your very first try. All you need is plenty of lube and you’re good to go!

If you are a total newcomer, and you want something small in size to get you used to the idea and sensations of anal play, then get these anal beads. They are cheap, reliable, and easy to use. I would suggest getting something bigger if you are already somewhat experienced with anal play, though.


  • Very comfortable to use
  • Cheap
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Very small bead sizes
  • Made from rubber instead of silicone

Anal Beads on a String

Smooth Latex Anal Power Jiggle Balls


The free-moving balls move around when inserted, giving you a different, but very intense experience. They are unisex, so you can use them with your partner. However, I would have liked a more secure finger loop.

Anal Beads on a String - Smooth Latex Anal Power Jiggle Balls

Price: $32.99 on Lovehoney

Anal beads on a string! Unlike the other toys on this list , these balls are not connected together with solid material. Instead, they use a string, which allows the anal balls to move around inside you, shifting their weight from one place to the next as you move, causing very intense orgasms. The latex material feels very smooth, just like silicone, and the overall design is excellent, which is why I prefer these string anal beads over all the others.

However, beginners might be intimidated by the large size of these anal balls and the lack of a proper finger loop. Even when I use these anal balls, I am always paranoid that they could get lost inside me. Although it has never happened, the fact that it could happen is enough to make me scared and cautious…


  • Balls move around when inserted
  • Unisex
  • Smooth latex coating


  • Price
  • No finger loop
  • No difference in bead sizes

Best Vibrating Anal Beads for Beginners

Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Anal Beads

These vibrating anal beads will be your second best bet for experiencing wonderful, vibrating anal play. It’s not as powerful as the Fifty Shades vibrating beads – but it’s suitable for beginners.

Overall Rating:

Price: $19.99 on Lovehoney

The Lovehoney BASICS Vibrating Anal Beads feel excellent overall. The shape is easy to insert and the vibrations feel mild but very enjoyable. I have been using mine for over two years now but I still find myself taking out this baby and taking it for a ride. However, it is not perfect.

Compared to the Fifty Shades vibrating anal beads, the Lovehoney model uses different batteries. While the Fifty Shades uses one 1.5V N type battery, the Lovehoney uses three LR44 batteries, which can become a bit of a hassle. They are more expensive and often difficult to find, so you might want to stock up on many batteries all at once. 

Besides this, though, I would still consider the Lovehoney BASICS to be the best vibrating anal beads for beginners.


  • Easy to use
  • Cheap price tag
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Very enjoyable


  • Uses rare LR44 batteries
  • Battery life is not excellent

Beginner-Friendly Silicone Anal Beads

Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Anal Beads


These silicone anal beads were a top performer both in terms of material, the design, and ease of use. They were excellent for beginners, due to the beads getting bigger in size progressively. But they lack vibrations, and experienced users might find the beads too small in size.

Beginner-Friendly Silicone Anal Beads​

Price: $16.99 on Lovehoney

These are silicone anal beads with progressively bigger beads, ranging from 1.2 to 3 inches, making them a great choice for both beginners and experienced users unless they love bigger anal beads. The range of sizes in these anal beads is great, but what I found was that the first bead was so small that I did not even notice it entering, and only when I had entered the last beads in I was getting the typical anal bead enjoyment which I love. I feel that these anal beads don’t need to be as long as they are.

However, almost every owner of these anal balls I have talked to have told me that these were an absolute godsend in their life and they loved the sizes, so maybe it’s just me who thinks this. Or maybe I just have so much anal play experience at this point that smaller beads don’t do anything for me anymore.

Either way, the material of these anal beads feels excellent. The silicone they have used is super soft and silky, and they are very easy to clean. They offer excellent value for the money, as they cost only a fraction of the price of some of my top picks.


  • Made from silicone
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Cheap


  • Too small beads for experienced users
  • Beads are shaped too long

Who are Anal Beads Meant for?

Purchasing any sex toy can be a long decision process. Trying to find which toy will give you the most sexual satisfaction out of all these endless choices is no easy task. No matter how much research and analysis you do – in the end, you will still not know exactly what you’re in for. You are unsure what you will like and what you will enjoy the most until you have actually tried it for yourself. 

Anal beads are often at the very end of the list of “sex toys I think I would enjoy” for both women and men. Perhaps because of the stigma attached to anal play. Even though I already owned about a dozen sex toys, I was also still hesitant to buy my very first anal beads.

However, I quickly found that anal beads are an excellent introduction to the world of anal play, and I was stunned by how much I actually enjoyed them! I had never even had anal sex before I tried them, but anal beads instantly felt very pleasurable for me. By now I have numerous different anal beads in my collection and I wouldn’t part with any of them!

Anal beads are for YOU if:

  1. You want to experience anal play for the first time, but don’t want to start with actual anal sex or massive dildos, which require stretching. Anal beads are an excellent starting point for anal play.
  2. You want to upgrade and spice up your sex life. Anal beads feel incredible and intensify your orgasms when you remove them right before or during an orgasm.
  3. You are bored with regular masturbation and are looking for new ways for achieving powerful orgasms. Anal beads used together with vaginal massaging feel amazing. And, the orgasms from double anal-vaginal stimulation feel very powerful.
  4. You want a cheap but effective anal toy, which does not require a large investment like most high-end vibrators do.
  5. You are not afraid of trying out something new and exciting, even if it’s unlike anything you have ever done before.

There are many, many more reasons to get one of our top-rated anal beads for yourself, as the possible ways how you can use them is only limited by your own creativity. High-rated anal beads on this list will bring you powerful orgasms during both solo masturbation and regular sex, and you can use them in any way you think is best.

Here is a video demonstrating some of the advantages and disadvantages of using anal beads:

Why You Should Trust Us

As an experienced sex toy reviewer, I have reviewed everything from high-end vibrators to anal dildos. And, what sets me apart from most other sex toy reviewers out there is that I love my work and I go to great lengths to compare products thoroughly and honestly. Picking apart popular anal beads was fascinating to me and I took great attention to detail, in order to give you the best possible recommendations. Nothing upsets me more than seeing friends and readers waste their hard-earned salary on useless (or even dangerous) sex toys.

And, in the case of this article, I can claim even more expertise – as I am joined by another sex toy guru – Justin! Just like me, Justin has years of experience reviewing sex toys. However, unlike me – he has a male perspective, which I believe is important when reviewing anal toys. Men can enjoy anal beads just as much as women, and it’s important to review anal beads from multiple standpoints. Refer to our section on how we reviewed top anal beads for further information on our review methodology for this article.

How we Reviewed the Top Anal Beads

In order to arrive at this list of the best anal beads, we reviewed numerous important factors of high-quality anal beads such as:

We bought the 11 most highly rated anal beads and tested them over a period of two months. We took our sweet time because using 11 anal beads continually, one after the next would have left me (and Justin) in a very sorry state. We wanted to take our time and evaluate them in a calm manner, and I am very thankful that we did end up doing so.

We took our findings and used them to compare the 11 anal beads which already had high ratings online against one another. In doing this, we managed to filter through overrated anal beads, and arrived at a list of those which endured our testing and research – the “so-called” best of the bunch. With this review list, we hope we can help you find the very best anal beads for yourself, no matter your experience level.

As anal beads often look almost identical to one another, it mostly came down to personal testing and analysis of the six key points mentioned. However, what we found was that although anal beads may look identical, their functionality and performance is almost never identical with one another. We also found that the same ~3 top anal beads kept coming out on top as the best performers in each different category we tested them in, and that is why we highlighted the three best anal beads in particular at the top of this article.

How to Choose Anal Beads

There are dozens of nearly identical looking anal beads out there, with some very small variations here and there which are hard to tell apart from pictures. Therefore, what we relied on were our own personal experiences, other trusted reviewers opinions, customer’s feedback and different technical specifications which we found to matter the most in anal beads. Let’s examine each feature of good anal beads more closely:

Size of the Anal Beads

Naturally, the size is one of the most important points to consider when choosing anal beads. Anal beads come in all sizes and forms, and some designs even have differently sized beads combined within the same anal toy.  Depending on your experiences with anal play, you might prefer smaller or bigger ones. For those who are completely new to anal play, smaller-sized anal beads will almost always be the best choice. Going bigger is always a possibility, but as a start, it’s always a good idea to start small.

If you are, however, already experienced with anal beads and/or anal sex, you can start looking at big anal beads. Big anal beads become sort of a challenge – where you want to go bigger, and BIGGER. Don’t lose your mind over it – but anal beads are an excellent form of anal training. Don’t try to be an anal hero by picking massive anal beads as your first experience time though!

Length of the Anal Beads

The length of the anal beads is not as important as the size of the beads, but it is a factor which should still be taken into consideration. If you are inexperienced with anal play, buying anything over 12 inches is already too much. While it won’t make the anal beads unusable, it WILL make them uncomfortable to use. That is because long anal beads tend to be more difficult to insert, especially for beginners.

You will never use the full length of very lengthy anal beads unless you have lots of experience already. I am not saying that you can’t or must not buy long anal beads as a beginner, but what I am saying is that in practice you will never need all those inches. Stick with ~10 inches, and you will have a much easier life as a beginner.

Material of the Anal Beads

Anal beads come in many different materials, from rubber to glass. Once again, experience comes into play when choosing the best anal beads material for yourself. I have found silicone anal beads to be the most comfortable, as they are silky smooth and easy to insert. As a beginner, therefore, I would strongly recommend you to choose silicone anal beads. Comfortableness will go a long way in making your first anal experience enjoyable. PVC anal beads are a close second for me in terms of comfortableness, along with anal beads made of skin-safe rubber.

Experienced readers can start looking into some of the more exotic materials though, such as glass anal beads. There are even string anal beads, which are not made of solid material at all. Personally, I did not wholly enjoy string anal beads though. That is why I can’t recommend them above the other types of anal beads.

Design of the Anal Beads

Which design works the best is mostly up to personal preference. However, from personal experience, I can give you some recommendations regarding effective and ineffective anal bead designs. 

First off, always get anal beads with a finger loop (the circle at the end of the anal beads which you can grab onto). Otherwise you will always have the paranoia of having anal beads get lost inside you while you are trying to have fun. 

Secondly, I would recommend firm anal beads, instead of string anal beads, as they are much more comfortable to insert. Anal beads on a string can be fun, but they tend to be much more difficult to insert (and remove). As a rule of thumb, string-based anal beads are not best suited for beginners.

Thirdly, another recommendation for beginners – try out anal beads which increase in size gradually, such as the Tracey Cox Silicone Anal Beads. They are excellent for getting used to anal play, as you can move from smaller to bigger beads with one single toy. The feeling of accomplishment when you finally insert the biggest bead of the bunch is fantastic!

Performance & Value of the Anal Beads

To evaluate the overall performance each of the eleven anal beads, I took into consideration all of the previous points, weighed the positives and negatives of each model and analyzed consumer reports and reviews to get a second opinion. What I found that my experiences and analysis matched surprisingly accurately with that of the consensus on the Internet. 

The performance of a sex toy, however, is dependent on the user, and in one way or another, every reviewer is biased in this regard. What is an excellent performing anal bead for me, might not be the same for another. Therefore, take everything we say in this review with a grain of salt – you might not always feel the same way as us.

In terms of value, though – it’s a bit more simple. If an anal bead is both a good performer and also cheap – well then, it’s got good value!

Extra Features of the Anal Beads

There are some very unique models out there, such as vibrating anal beads. For me, vibrating anal beads felt great, but as a first choice, I would recommend more standard anal beads without any complicated designs and features. Vibrating anal beads also require batteries and the cost of owning vibrating anal beads will build up over time, as you constantly purchase new batteries for them.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Anal Beads

There are some very unique models out there, such as vibrating anal beads. For me, vibrating anal beads felt great, but as a first choice, I would recommend more standard anal beads without any complicated designs and features. Vibrating anal beads also require batteries and the cost of owning vibrating anal beads will build up over time, as you constantly purchase new batteries for them.

Are anal beads painful to use?

Whether or not anal beads feel comfortable for you depends on which model you start out with. Check the paragraphs above to help you find the anal beads best for yourself. If your very first experience with anal beads is shoving massive anal beads up yourself without any lube, then, of course, it will hurt! 

However, if you start small and you always use your anal beads with water-based lubrication, you will never feel any pain. Even if you have no experience with anal play whatsoever. I can speak from personal experience that even without having any anal experience at all, I enjoyed anal beads from the very first time I tried them.

Can the anal beads get lost inside me?

If you buy anal beads with a finger loop (the circle at the end of the anal beads which you can grab onto), then there is no way the beads will get lost inside you. 

However, if you decide to purchase anal beads without a finger loop, you should be more careful. Without a finger loop to hold onto the beads really COULD get lost inside you (for some time, at least – eventually your body will push it out). The only models in this list which could theoretically have this problem are the Smooth Latex Anal Balls. However, I have never actually had the situation arise where I have lost them inside me, so you should not worry about this predicament too much.

Can I use anal beads alone?


You can use anal beads very effectively just by yourself. I have found that combining vaginal masturbation with anal beads is one of the most effective methods of solo masturbation I have ever tried.

Is lube necessary even with top anal beads?


You should always use plenty of water-based lubricant with your anal beads. Otherwise, they will feel uncomfortable, both during the time you use them and after it. Having lubricant is a necessity for any anal toy (and frankly, any sex toy).

How do I clean my anal beads?

The best method of cleaning anal beads depends on their material. All of the anal beads on this list are waterproof, however, so rinsing them thoroughly with water and soap after every session is a must. It is especially important to clean the tip of the anal beads well, to ensure that no lingering smell stays on the beads. Let’s avoid stinky anal toys, shall we?