Do Women Like Anal Sex?

Today we will ask the question which seems to be on everyone’s mind – do women really like anal sex?
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When you think about anal sex, you’ll conjure up one of three scenarios: a porn star getting railed on the set by some hot stud, a “gift” from a woman to her husband or someone being sexually assaulted. While the last scenario is no joking matter and should be reported to the authorities, the whole notion of anal sex has been practiced throughout all of history.

Why, one of the earliest depictions of anal sex dates back somewhere between 100 AD and 800 AD in Northern Peru. Over the years, archaeologists have discovered 10,000 clay pots that depict anal sex within the Moche culture, which researchers believe to indicate the idea that “in every relationship, one partner has to suffer discomfort to give pleasure to the other.”

So, that leaves the question, “Do women like anal sex?” According to a 2017 survey consisting of 3,000 sexually active men and women between the ages of 18 to 34, 36% of women are engaging in anal sex at least “some of the time.”

Before we continue, here is an interview of women on the street being interviewed. And, of course, the topic of the video is whether they like anal sex!

7 Reasons Why She Loves Anal

Reason #1: Keeps Things Spicy

Vaginal sex can get boring after a while. Don’t get us wrong, vaginal sex is pretty damn awesome, but there’s nothing wrong with exploring the back door. Many women find anal sex appealing simply because society has dubbed anal “taboo,” which only makes it sound so much more intriguing!

Reason #2: Experience a Different Type of Orgasm

Ladies, you may have had clitoral orgasms when you’ve used a clit vibrator or a wand vibrator, and you may have even had some impressive vaginal orgasms with your partner or even a G-spot vibrator, but have you ever heard of an anal orgasm? Anal orgasms feel completely different than the others because there are a lot of sensitive nerve endings in the anus (not as many nerve endings as the clitoris, but it’s still pretty impressive) and when you have a blended orgasm (vaginal and anal penetration, vaginal and clitoral, clitoral and anal, all three).

Reason #3: Ultimate Sign of Trust

When you ask women who love anal why they like so much, some may say that it’s the ultimate sign of trust between partners. In order to fully let loose and enjoy the experience, women require a lot of foreplay, time, and trust – after all, the back door is usually a no-go.

Reason #4: Alternative Solution

Anal sex is an excellent option for women who can’t have vaginal sex due to menstruation, a UTI or yeast infection, or she’s just given birth and vaginal sex is off the table for six whole weeks. By engaging in anal sex, she is able to satisfy herself without vaginal stimulation.

Reason #5: Opens New Doors

No pun intended with this one, but when a woman is open to the idea of anal sex, chances are she may be open to new (and kinkier) experiences. She may be interested in anal toys such as anal beads, anal dildos, anal vibrators and perhaps even butt plugs.

We do recommend that before you start using larger anal toys, start off with an anal training kit to prepare her.

Reason #6: It Feels Good

 “Does anal feel good for women?” or “Does anal hurt?” are common questions women ask if they’ve never had anal before. A girl’s first anal experience can hurt if it’s not done correctly. Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t lubricate itself, therefore it requires plenty of lubrication before any sort of play takes place. If your partner takes their time, goes slow, and starts off small, the pain will disappear and the pleasure will be the only thing on your mind!

Helpful Hint: Help yourself relax by stimulating your clitoris while engaging in anal play. It’ll encourage your body to find pleasure in the activity rather than pain.

Reason #7: Foreplay Becomes More Exciting

The foreplay that leads up to anal sex can be pretty damn exciting and pleasurable – thanks to the abundance of sensitive nerve endings located there. Anal foreplay can include analingus (oral on the anus), anal training, fingering, anal toys, and so forth. Remember, anal foreplay needs to be slow and careful!

Final Thoughts on Why She Likes Anal

Anal sex isn’t just something gay men or porn stars participate in. It’s an act that can bring couples closer together while giving the receiver sublime orgasms that are unlike any other orgasm they’ve had in the past.

Do women like anal sex? Some do and some don’t, it really depends on the woman and the person performing it. When you and your partner are engaging in anal play, you should always take your time, use plenty of lube, and listen to the receiver to make sure they’re actually enjoying what’s going on back there.

Anal sex isn’t just about gaining access to play with and penetrate an orifice that’s usually off limits. Anal sex is about intimacy, trust and most importantly, consent. I don’t care how long you’ve been with your partner, if they haven’t verbally expressed their consent, you don’t have it. Respect your partner and make sure they’re on board with whatever you have in mind.

Oh… And don’t be stingy with the lube. The slipperier, the better!