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Looking for your first ever anal dildo, to take a peek into the world of bum fun? Or maybe you are looking for the best anal dildo for your partner?

It does not matter what reason you are here for, but it ‘s fantastic that you are here! This comprehensive review of the best dildos for anal was put together to aid shoppers, and help them find exactly the product they need and want. The world of anal dildos has been growing like crazy, with new models being released every single week, in hundreds of different sex toy shops. Most of them are worthless, but some of them are true diamonds, and I am here to tell you which are the real diamonds! Most of the picks on this list are small anal dildos designed for beginners, but I also featured some large anal dildos and even some huge anal dildos, meant for experienced anal players. Take a look around and see what you like. If you would like to read more about different dildos, then check out our other dildo reviews here. Now… let’s get right into it!


1. Crystal Jellies Anal Starter

This is the top-rated anal dildo on both Lovehoney and Adam & Eve, the two biggest online sex toy shops in the world. Why? Because this is the best anal dildo for beginners – it’s small, effective, and cheap.


Price: $12.95 on Adam & Eve or $12.99 on Lovehoney

Size: 4.75″ insertable length, 1″ in width

Who it’s for: Beginner

The Crystal Jellies anal dildo is the perfect toy to begin your adventures through the back door. It’s small, unintimidating, but at the same time, very enjoyable. It’s perfectly sized for beginners, who have no prior experience with anal play. The small size makes it perfect for unisex use, as the tiny size makes it also the best anal dildo for men, who have no experience with anal whatsoever. The jelly material bends very easily and it’s super easy to insert, no matter how tight you are. For those of you who are already experts in anal play, the size will be too small though, so I can’t recommend it to you. For beginners, however, it’s the best anal dildo on the market.


2. Lovehoney Curved Anal Dildo

This is the best large anal dildo I have ever tried. It has a curved design, which fits snugly into both the G-spot and the prostate, making it one of the best anal dildos for women and men both. The soft silicone feels like satin, and it’s just perfect overall. Beginners might find the size a little too much though.

Price: $26.99 on Lovehoney

Size: 6.5″ insertable length

Who it’s for: Experienced

This large anal dildo completely impressed me from the very first moment I opened the package it arrived in. The purple design looks very vibrant and sexy in real life, and the texture is so smooth it feels like a dream. In addition, when it comes to performance, this large anal dildo performed excellently. The curved slimline design, which has no penis shaped head on the end, works wonders for the G-spot, and if you place it just right, you can achieve pinpoint accurate massaging of the G-spot (or the P-spot of men). G-spot massaging is very comfortable and easy to achieve, thanks to the well-designed suction cup, which never moves from place when placed on any flat surface. All too often I have seen suction cups which become loose with water, but this was not the case with this anal dildo. I tried blasting it with water in the shower but it stayed as strong as a statue! This anal dildo is inexpensive, it feels very durable and sturdy, and it even has a blank space inside to fit a bullet, if you ever want to upgrade it with some vibrations. For these reasons, I consider it the best anal dildo for women and men, who like large anal dildos.


3. Lovehoney BASICS Extra Girthy

Super thick and huge anal dildo, designed for true experts in anal play. If you can handle the girth you will love it, but most people will not, in fact, be able to handle the girth of this beast!

Price: $26.99 on Lovehoney

Size: 7″ insertable length

Who it’s for: Crazy people!

The Extra Girthy is a huge anal dildo, both in terms of length and girth. It has a very lifelike look and feel to it, thanks to the realistic penis head and the shaft, which is full of veins. However, the reason why I love this large anal dildo is not that it’s lifelike, but because it’s huge! The feeling of fullness you get when you insert this anal dildo fully is freakin’ amazing. It’s not easy to insert, but with enough lube, it’s definitely possible, and most importantly, super arousing and enjoyable. If you are not afraid of huge anal dildos, and you think you can handle the sheer size of this one , then I strongly recommend it as the best anal dildo for you. For beginners, however, it’s way too much to handle. I recommend this as the best anal dildo for true experts in anal play.


4. Beaded Black Anal Dildo

This is an anal dildo with 6 bulbous beads which fill you up one by one, increasing in size and giving increased stimulation with each inserted bulb. It’s a good anal dildo for all experience levels, as the bulbs increase in size progressively.

Price: $16.99 on Lovehoney

Size: 6.5″ insertable length

Who it’s for: Beginner, Intermediate, Experienced

Although this is a relatively small anal dildo in terms of size, it more than makes up for it in terms of performance. The sensation of inserting one bead after another, going bigger and bigger and bigger… it’s fantastic. One great thing about this anal dildo is that it’s a good fit for literally anyone. Beginner users can play with the first three beads which are small and not intimidating in the slightest, and more experienced users can go for the full experience by inserting all six beads at once. The first time I tried the Beaded Black Anal Dildo, I could only fit four beads inside me, even though I had plenty of experience with anal, so let that serve as somewhat of a guideline for you for what to expect from this dildo. By now, though, when I use this anal dildo, I don’t hesitate at all and I go all in with the six beads! The feeling of fullness when you insert all six is incredibly arousing and you have to feel it to believe it. If you have ever tried anal beads, then you have some idea of what they feel like. Personally, I love this sensation more than anything. Overall, it’s one of the best anal dildos ever, especially for such a cheap price.


5. Si Novelties Anal Dildo

Realistic anal dildo with an outer texture full of veins, a lifelike penis head, and a design which narrows towards the base. It’s one of the best anal dildos for experienced users, as it gives a strong feeling of fullness.

Price: $16.99 on Lovehoney

Size: 6.5″ insertable length

Who it’s for: Experienced

This is one of the top rated anal dildos on Lovehoney and it comes as no surprise to me. Firstly, it has a very cheap price tag, considering that it’s a high-end anal dildo designed for experienced users. Most high-end dildos cost upwards of $50, but somehow this thins only costs 17 bucks. It’s crazy. Secondly, the realistic skin texture feels wonderfully smooth and lifelike, and it allows for very easy insertion, despite it being a large anal dildo by most standards. Finally, the biggest advantage the Si Novelties has is that it can be used in very versatile ways. Some people use it as an anal plug, which they wear around the house while going about their daily tasks. Others use it as a regular anal dildo, by sticking the suction cup base to a flat surface and riding on it. And… some people use it for pegging. It’s up to you how you choose to play with the Si Novelties, but having multiple options is always a positive in my book. This is one of the best anal dildos for you if you love big anal dildos with a realistic feel to them, and if you love the feeling of fullness. Personally, I think I love this anal dildo more than my husband… (just kidding, baby).


6. Jollipops Smooth Anal Dildo

This is an anal dildo made from high-quality TPE, which feels super smooth and pleasant. The curved design hits the prostate perfectly, making it the best anal dildo for men. It is a small anal dildo, though, so it’s mostly designed for beginner users.

Price: $24.95 on Adam & Eve

Size: 5″ insertable length, 1″ in width

Who it’s for: Beginner (men)

The Jollipops anal dildo is the top-rated anal dildo for men. It’s small and smooth, so even men who have no prior experience whatsoever with anal play will find it very easy to insert. The curved tip of the dildo is designed to hit the prostate point of men with pinpoint accuracy, and the length is just right to reach the good parts. The wide base is perfect for keeping the anal dildo in place securely, and the suction cup is very strong, meaning that you can use it anywhere with a flat surface. Want some anal action in the shower? No problem at all, the suction cup is your best friend in the shower ;). Another advantage this anal dildo has is, that it’s made from high-quality TPE.  TPE or Thermoplastic Elastomer is a rather expensive but at the same time super smooth material, which is only used on premium toys in general. It feels silky smooth to the touch, and insertion is easier than ever with sex toys made from TPE. For these reasons, I consider this the absolute best anal dildo for men. It’s easy to use and very enjoyable.


7. Lovehoney BASICS Anal Prober

Anal dildo with a double-ended design, essentially making it two anal dildos in one! It’s built very well, the texture is super smooth, and the size is small and unintimidating, making it another good pick for beginners. It’s a good anal dildo for men and women both. But, it’s too small for experienced anal players who like big anal dildos.

Price: $12.99 on Lovehoney

Size: 6″ insertable length,

Who it’s for: Beginners, Intermediates

The Basics Realistic Anal Prober is another high-quality anal dildo from the online sex toy shop Lovehoney. As is usually the case with sex toys made by Lovehoney, it has an overall premium feel to it, despite the cheap price tag. It feels nicely smooth, and insertion is completely painless and very comfortable. I even tried inserting the smaller end without any lube and I had no problems whatsoever. The bigger end is a bit larger, but it’s also nothing that a beginner will not be able to handle, in my opinion. Personally, I found the sizes a bit too small, but for beginners, they will be good. Overall, it felt rather firm, which gave nice feedback while I was using it, and it never popped out of place (unlike some overly soft anal dildos I have tried before). I also liked the dark purple color they chose for this anal dildo. The purple design makes it stand out from all the other skin-toned anal dildos I have in my collection. If you need a good anal dildo, whether you are a man or a woman, then this is another great pick. It’s cheap, it’s effective, and it’s sexy… it’s also no wonder to me that this is a top rated anal dildo.


8. Ignite Realistic Anal Dildo

A good anal dildo with the perfect size for intermediate users, who don’t want to go huge, but don’t want something tiny either. It’s an all-round high-quality anal dildo.

Price: $19.95 on Adam & Eve

Size: 6.5″ insertable length, 1.5″ in width

Who it’s for: Intermediate

The Ignite is a good anal dildo, which is big enough to be used both for anal and vaginal masturbation. It’s not as small as something like the Crystal Jellies, and because of this, it delivered a much more enjoyable experience overall. It might be because I already have tons of experience in anal play behind my back, but tiny anal dildos just don’t cut it for me. In fact, I much prefer huge anal dildos! The 1.5-inch girth is perfect for anal play, and it gives you just the right amount of that nice feeling of fullness, without it becoming painful. The suction cup also seemed to work very well, as mine never had any problems, even when I used it in the shower. The Ignite is an excellent pick for intermediate users because its size is a good middle-ground between big and small. The only complaint I have is that it smelled rubbery when I first took it out of the box. Although the smell has almost disappeared by now with time, it’s still sort of noticeable. This is not a major complaint by any means, though. If you like the size and design of it, then perhaps this is the best anal dildo for you.


9. Backdoor Buddy Anal Dildo

This is a latex anal dildo with a bulbed tip. It’s cheap and it’s kind of effective (once you actually get the bulb-thing inside of you), but the big bulb, in the end, makes it unsuitable for beginners (and, frankly, for everyone, in my opinion). It’s also unsuitable for those of you who are allergic to latex.

Price: $12.95 on Adam & Eve

Size: 7″ insertable length

Who it’s for: Intermediate, Experienced

The Backdoor Buddy is another good anal dildo. It has a unique design, because of the huge bulb at the end of it. The bulb is designed to make insertion much more arousing and enjoyable, but what I found was that it was mostly just frustrating. If the dildo shaft had some more stiffness and firmness to it, then the bulb would have worked well, but because it’s so soft and squishy, it kept popping out of place. The shaft kept bending in all directions, and to get the bulb inserted, I needed a LOT of patience… and I have to admit, when I am aroused, I am not the most patient person in the world. To insert it by yourself, you need both hands to balance the thing in place, otherwise, you are out of luck. It’s a good anal dildo for use with a partner, but for solo use, I can’t really recommend it. I like the idea behind this anal dildo but I feel that it still needs some polishing. A firmer shaft would fix most of its problems, in my opinion. But, at least it’s cheap!


10. Lovehoney Slimline Silicone Anal Dildo

A high-quality silicone anal dildo, designed for beginners. It’s simple, super soft, flexible and the slim design makes it a very enjoyable anal dildo for men and women both. But it’s just too small for experienced users to get any enjoyment out of it.

Price: $19.99 on Lovehoney

Size: 5″ insertable length, 1.25″ in width

Who it’s for: Beginner

The Slimline is a great choice for an anal dildo. The silicone material feels perfectly smooth and soft, insertion is very easy and comfortable because of the sort and slim design, and despite the small size, it gave me quite a nice feeling of fullness, like a large anal dildo. The suction cup works exactly like it should and I have never had any issues with it, even during dripping wet shower sessions. Like many anal dildos, it’s designed with beginners in mind, as the size really is tiny. Not only is it short, measuring at 5 inches in length, but it’s also very thin. The size and design make it the best anal dildo for first starting out with any kinds of anal play. If you have never used anal sex toys and you don’t want to start off with something big, then this is one of the best anal dildos for you. It’s cheap, it’s enjoyable, and it’s unintimidating, so it can be used very effectively as an anal dildo for men as well. It’s the perfect first step into your anal adventures. Don’t be expecting anything groundbreaking or anus-breaking though from this little thing.


11. Doc Johnson Radiant Gems Anal Starter Dildo

This is another small anal dildo designed for beginners, who are looking to step into the world of ass play. It’s cheap, small, and relatively effective, but I feel that it is outshined by the other anal dildos on this list.

Price: $12.99 on Lovehoney

Size: 5.5″ insertable length

Who it’s for: Beginner

The Radiant Gems is a truly tiny anal dildo. With a diameter of just 1 inch and an insertable length of 5.5 inches, it’s the smallest anal dildo on this list. This makes it a decent pick for beginners who are not yet brave enough to venture into the world of huge anal dildos, but for me personally, it was just way too small. When I inserted it I found that I did not even need any lube… I could just pop it in, and I felt almost nothing. Not only is it very short, but it’s also very slim, so I can only really recommend this to absolute beginners who have never even stuck a finger in their bum. It’s decent, but nothing to write home about.


How to choose the best anal dildo


By now you have probably already realized that there are just about as many different anal dildo products out there as there are humans on Earth. Okay, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point. Making the right choice on what is the best anal dildo ever out of all these endless choices can seem very difficult at first, especially for a beginner.

However, making the right choice is more simple than you might think. All you need to do is remember three basic points, and make your decision according to these three main points. If you take these points into consideration, making the decision of what is the best anal dildo ever is incredibly easy.

Firstly, you should consider the size. When it comes to any kind of anal toys, size is by far the most important point you need to consider. If you buy a huge anal dildo without having any experience with anal at all, you will not be happy with your purchase. Similarly, if you are very experienced in anal play and you know that you can handle bigger toys, then buying a small anal dildo with a length of 5 inches makes no sense at all and you will find no enjoyment out of your toy, Therefore, always consider your experience level when purchasing an anal dildo. This goes for both men and women. To make the decision process easier for you, I categorized each anal dildo according to the experience level they are designed for.

Secondly, you need to consider the material of the anal dildo. If you’re a beginner, you might not be able to tell a difference between all these fancily named materials, but you should still consider it. For example, a female friend of mine ordered a latex dildo, without reading what the material used for the sex toy was. Turns out, she is allergic to latex. While she did know about her allergy, she never even considered that sex toys are made from latex. What she ended up with was a terrible rash in the vagina, and she had to get on medication for a while. Besides allergies, as a general rule of thumb, I consider TPE and Silicone to be the two best material for any sex toy. They are soft, durable, and they just feel the best overall. Materials such as Jelly and Rubber can be a little more hit or miss, but sometimes they perform excellently as well.

Thirdly, you should decide on a budget. When it comes to the best anal dildos on this list, they are all similarly priced, but you should still decide how much money you are willing to spend on your new toy. If you want a cheap anal dildo, then something like the Crystal Jellies is an excellent pick for you. If, however, you just want the best anal dildo and you don’t care about spending a few extra dollars, then maybe the Lovehoney Curved Anal Dildo is the best anal dildo for you. I don’t recommend cheap anal dildos from Amazon, as they break very easily and they are usually super cheap imports from China.

All in all, try to find some enjoyment out of your anal dildo shopping. After all, who doesn’t love window shopping? I know I do, and window shopping for the best anal dildos is the most fun kind of window shopping there is ;).


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