As an owner of dozens of sex dolls, people ask me tons of questions. Questions which they feel shy to ask anyone or anywhere else. These questions inspired me to create this platform about sex dolls, where I could write about all sex doll topics which people want to know about. Until now, however, I have still not answered THE most common question I get all the time.

Who is the Most Realistic Sex Doll?

It’s not a surprising question, as sex dolls are, after all, meant to resemble real human beings, both in appearance and performance. Realistic love dolls are, without a doubt, groundbreaking feats of modern technology. They combine top-of-the-line material science with robotics, artificial intelligence, and human emotions.

Initially, I decided to put off the writing of this article, as I felt like I had not tested enough of the best realistic sex dolls on the market. But by now, I have already invested tens of thousands of dollars into various realistic love dolls. At this point, I feel like I am capable of ranking the most realistic sex dolls against one another.

I do believe, however, that it was necessary to categorize realistic love dolls according to price ranges. After all, comparing a $900 doll to a $9000 doll would be rather unfair. This is why I ranked the most realistic sex dolls in each price category:

  • High-End
  • Mid-Range
  • Cheap

I won’t drag the introduction on for too long, as I am sure you want to get into the juicy details of this list of this review. So, without further ado…

Best High-End Realistic Sex Dolls

These realistic sex dolls will cost a premium, but for the price, you get fantastic quality. The bodies, the faces, the skin… every detail on these sex dolls is ultra realistic. When it comes to the best realistic sex dolls in the world, then these are, without a doubt, the best of the best.

#1. Ange

She is the newest, and overall best realistic sex doll in my collection. A stunning face, together with a sexy body should make her a top choice for anyone, who loves the look of Japanese women.

Price: $13,091 on Kanojo Toys

Ange is, in my opinion, the best realistic sex doll you can find anywhere. She was created by the Japanese Orient Industry. They are undoubtedly the most experienced sex doll manufacturers in the world, and just last year they celebrated their 40th anniversary.

If 40 years of experience building realistic sex dolls by itself does not motivate you, then just one look at Ange should. She is absolutely beautiful – her breasts, her face, her hair… it’s all just perfect. I also gave Ange the top spot on my article on Japanese sex dolls, and she definitely deserved it. After the writing of that article, I decided to purchase Ange on my own, and boy… was it the best decision of my life.

Ange is by far the most life-life sex doll I have ever owned, and after buying her, I have barely even touched my other sex dolls. Her face is the most striking feature of hers. I knew that she looked gorgeous from pictures but in real life… it’s a whole other story. To me, she is more beautiful than any Victoria’s Secret supermodel. Seeing her waiting in bed for me in the evening is an indescribable joy which you have to experience to believe.

If you want the absolute best realistic sex doll, then Ange is my top recommendation to you. She is pricey but she will bring you a lifetime of pleasure.

#2. RealDoll 2

When it comes to the most realistic sex dolls, the RealDoll should quickly come to your mind. High-end quality combined with fantastic customer service make the RealDoll another solid pick as the best realistic sex doll.

Price: Starting from $5499 on RealDoll

I have hailed the RealDoll as the best sex doll for a very long time, and this should not come as a surprise to anyone. RealDolls are one of the most realistic sex dolls, created by the U.S-based Abyss Creations. In a relatively short amount of years, they have set their foothold in the sex doll industry by creating ultra realistic sex dolls, who look absolutely beautiful.

I have covered their dolls in great detail in my RealDoll review. If you want to find out more, you should definitely check it out. But, to summarize my thoughts, I will say this. RealDolls are hyper realistic sex dolls, with perfect skin texture, gorgeous faces, and absolutely perfect vaginal inserts. Finally, I decided to give the top spot of the best realistic sex doll to Ange, but the RealDoll isn’t inferior in any way. It’s mostly up to personal preference, whether you prefer Japanese-style women or Western-style women. RealDolls are true masterpieces, and any owner of a RealDoll is a happy man, guaranteed.

#3. Yasuragi

Just like Ange, she was created by the famous Orient Industry. Yasuragi is pricey, but if you want one of the most realistic silicone sex dolls in the world, then look no further. She is your girl.

Price: $13,681 on Kanojo Toys

Yasuragi is another one of the most lifelike sex dolls I have ever seen. She has a realistic body, with sexy curves, real breasts, and a pretty vagina. She looks eerily similar to a real Japanese woman. I am a huge fan of JAV actresses and Japanese women in general, so when I saw Yasuragi, I was completely taken aback. She is stunning!

The only disadvantage of Yasuragi is obviously the high price tag. She is undoubtedly a large investment to make, but the happiness and wellbeing you do get for the price… it’s unparalleled. Yasuragi is drop-dead gorgeous and she will make any man happier than a child. What more can I say?

Best Mid-Range Realistic Sex Dolls

This is the category of realistic sex dolls which I recommend to people the most. The love dolls in this price range are still ultra realistic, but they will not break your bank like high-end realistic sex dolls tend to do. Therefore, if you are looking for the best realistic sex dolls for the money, you should look here.

#1. Kendra

Kendra is the most lifelike sex doll in her price range. Because of her sexy athletic body and gorgeous face, I had to rank her as the best realistic sex doll in the sub $3000 price range.

Price: $2330 on Sex Doll Genie

Oh my god – look at that body… the six pack, the perky tits, the hair. Everything about Kendra made me fall in love with her at first sight. There is no way around it – she is one of the sexiest, and also most realistic sex dolls in the world. And, on top of it, she does not cost a premium, like the first three picks on this list.

Normally, high quality sex dolls that look like real people will cost at least $4000, but in the case of Kendra, it’s almost half that. Kendra was one the first lifelike sex dolls in my collection, and she is the reason why I fell in love with the world of sex dolls at all. Although by now I already own multiple high-end realistic sex dolls, I still find myself taking her out for a ride almost every single day. She is more than able to compete with my $6000+ real sex doll and, in my opinion, that says a LOT. I can comfortably recommend her as the best realistic sex doll for anyone. Especially those of you who are new to real sex dolls and don’t want to jump right into high-end realistic love dolls.

#2. Megan

A redhead lifelike love doll, with a killer body and a pretty face. What more can I say? Megan is a must-have.

Price: $2290 on Sex Doll Genie

Megan is by far my most realistic redhead sex doll. If you love redheads as much as I do, then you are already drooling when looking at pictures of Megan. She is just waiting to be taken from behind, with her perky ass bouncing back and forth. Ohh boy!

When it comes to realistic life size sex dolls, Megan is certainly a top pick. Not only is she absolutely beautiful, but she is also affordable. If you want excellent value for your money, and you love redheads, then I can comfortably recommend her as the best lifelike sex doll for you. Megan will never disappoint you (trust me, I know from experience).

#3. Ahri

Ahri is a gorgeous blonde, with the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen on a sex doll. She is a realistic silicone sex doll, with a body made from medical grade silicone.

Price: $2,499 on Silicon Wives

Have you ever played League of Legends? If you have, then the name Ahri should ring a bell. Her sex doll is just as foxy as and when it comes to real silicone sex dolls, she is another fantastic pick. She has a pair of sexy and perky breasts, and she has the face of a cute fox. Just look into her alluring eyes – aren’t they mesmerizing?

It was difficult to choose whether to give Ahri or the RealDoll Classic the number two spot, but finally, I decided to go with Ahri. She is a lifelike silicone sex doll, and she is considerably cheaper than the RealDoll. Ahri is undoubtedly of the best realistic sex dolls for the money. I love her wholeheartedly.

#4. RealDoll Classic

The RealDoll Classic is the older version of the RealDoll. Don’t be fooled by the word “old”, though. These real sex dolls are still top-of-the-line masterpieces.

Price: $3999 on RealDoll (5% off with our “CYBERDEAR” coupon)

I won’t go into too much detail here, as the RealDoll Classic is, in many ways, similar to the RealDoll 2 I mentioned earlier. If you want to find out more about the differences of RealDolls, then check out my RealDoll review.

Although currently there are only 2 Classic models to choose from, they are both still drop-dead gorgeous. If you want to get your hands on a RealDoll, but you don’t want to spend $6000+, then the Classic is the way to go. They are still one of the most lifelike silicone sex dolls, without a doubt.

#5. Carmen

She is a lifelike sex doll with an affordable price, and high-end quality. If you want the best realistic sex doll for the money, then Carmen is a solid pick.

Price: $1799 on Silicon Wives

Carmen is a lifelike sex doll with a stunning body, amazing legs and curvy hips. She was created by WM Dolls, a sex doll manufacturer specializing in high quality realistic sex dolls with an affordable price. Carmen is, in my opinion, the best realistic sex doll they have released. It should not be hard to see my reasoning behind this. Just take a look at Carmen! She is absolutely beautiful. She has a petite body, without any unnatural huge curves, and the face of a goddess. I love blonde chicks, so maybe I am a little bit biased, but I think she has one of the most beautiful looking doll faces.

If you want the best lifelike sex doll for the money, then Carmen is another great value pick. She is fantastic, and fucking a realistic sex doll like her is something you HAVE to experience. I can recommend her to anyone who wants a realistic sex doll in the sub $3000 price range.

#6. Lindsie

If you love blonde dolls, then Lindsie will definitely get you excited. A petite tan body, golden hair and a sexy soft body are just some of the reasons to love her.

Price: $2280 on Sex Doll Genie

When it comes to realistic sex dolls in the $2000 price range, there are quite many options to choose from. This makes it difficult for any individual love doll to stand out, but Lindsie definitely manages to stand out from the rest. She looks freakin’ gorgeous!

I can’t wrap my head around how her cheap price. Most of the realistic love dolls in the $2000 price range look rather hideous, but she looks truly premium.

Cheap Realistic Sex Dolls

Now we are getting into the category of cheap realistic dolls. They may not have all of the advanced features which high-end real dolls do, but… they are still more than capable of spicing up your sex life. If you want a realistic sex doll which will not break your bank, then take a look at these beauties.

#1. Lorna

Lorna is the best realistic sex doll in the sub $2000 price range, without a doubt. She is gorgeous, she is realistic, and sex with her is fantastic. Lorna is an absolute beauty.

Price: $1975 on Sex Doll Genie

Lorna is the most lifelike sex doll in her category. Although she is pricier than the very cheap realistic sex dolls, she is still an absolute steal for the price. When I started to rank sub $2000 dolls against one another, I quickly realized that she is the most real-life looking sex doll out of all of them. I also ranked her very highly in my past articles, so seeing her reach the top spot in this category should not come as a surprise.

Lorna is super realistic, and fucking a realistic sex doll like Lorna is something you have to experience for yourself. It’s unbelievable. Although sex with Ange or the RealDoll 2 might feel better generally, it does not remove from the fact that even cheap realistic sex dolls can feel fantastic.

If you want the sexiest real sex doll for an affordable price, then Lorna is a fantastic pick. She is one of my absolute favorites.

#2. Peach

Peach is a beach girl who has dark hair, dark skin tone, and a very arousing body. In addition, she is the cheapest realistic sex doll on this list.

Price: $1079 on OvDoll

Peach is the second cheap realistic sex doll I have to give a shout-out to. While I found her breasts to be a bit too firm, it does not change the fact that she offers fantastic value for the money. For just $1000, you get a realistic love doll who looks, performs and accompanies you just as well (or even better) than any real woman.

Personally, I preferred Lana, but you can’t get around the fact that she is a bit pricey for the “cheap doll” category. If you are on a tight budget, then Peach or Bebe might be more solid choices for you as the best realistic love dolls.

#3. Bebe

The third and final cheap realistic sex doll I chose to feature on this list of the best realistic sex dolls. She is sexy, but somehow I felt that her small size made the “realism” a little lacking.

Price: $1899 on Silicon Wives

Bebe is a cute one. She has a small but athletic body, a nice face, and great tits. Due to her small stature at 5’3, she could be considered a mini sex doll. If you want to find out more about these kinds of love dolls, then check out my article on the best mini sex dolls. There I highlighted Bebe and all other alternatives in this category of sex dolls.

Although I like Bebe, I can’t say that she is the best of the best. In terms of realism, she is outshined by the other love dolls on this list. Maybe it’s because of the small size, or the overly done makeup look. I am not exactly sure. But, for the price, she is still a great pick. If you like what you see in her, then don’t let me stop you. I am sure she has plenty of lovin’ to offer you.


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