Since early childhood, the thought of an Anime girl coming into my reality was the biggest dream I ever had. There was nothing I wanted more than to caress and hug my waifu, but sadly, it seemed like my imagination was the only place where I could do that. I always thought that it was impossible to cross the realm between anime and reality.

However, now that I have grown up, I have discovered a way to actually bring those Anime girls into my reality. And… surprise, surprise, it’s in the form of anime dolls! The thought of having an anime sex doll seemed awkward to me at first, but after I actually became an owner of the number one doll on this list… it was fucking amazing! Watching hentai, while using my hentai sex doll at the same time is an indescribable feeling.

If you are like me, and you want to blur the border of Anime and “real life”, then anime sex dolls truly are the perfect tools for achieving this. Some anime sex dolls are better than others, so I decided to create this list of those which I consider being worth your money. So, without further ado, let’s get right to it…

1. Hatsune Miku Anime Sex Doll

A sex doll modeled after the famous Japanese Vocaloid Hatsune Miku. She is the most beautiful anime sex doll I have ever seen.

Price: $2099 on SexyRealSexDolls

I wrote an entire article on the Hatsune Miku sex doll, so if you want to know more about her, then check it out. She is, and always has been, my favorite manga sex doll, and it shouldn’t be hard to see why. She manages to combine two completely different worlds in a stunning way. Manga sex doll characteristics are intertwined with the realistic life-like body of a real woman. Although Miku did not start out as neither a manga nor an anime, I think it’s fair to say that she fits comfortably in the “anime sex doll” category. After all, there is more hentai and fan-art created in her image, than any other anime character in existence.

If you want the best anime sex doll money can buy, then Miku is absolutely my top recommendation for you. She is fantastic.

2. Jiaxin Asian Hentai Doll

Although Jiaxin isn’t exactly based on anime, I just had to include her as she is a drop-dead gorgeous Asian-styled sex doll.


As far as dolls go – I think she is one of the most beautiful looking I have ever seen. While she might not quality as a hentai sex doll, she still has a special place in my doll collection as her Asian-styled appearance makes me absolutely crazy.

Jiaxin was designed by DS Doll – one of the world’s most luxurious sex doll companies. This also shows in her build quality – she feels premium throughout her body, and I have never had a bad experience while using her.

3. Anime Silicone Sex Doll With Oral Head

My favorite anime sex doll with a premium quality silicone body. If you want a high-quality waifu sex doll, then she is your best bet!

Price: $2199 on SexyRealSexDolls

This anime sex doll has a lot going for her. She has lips created specifically for oral sex, she has an incredibly cute anime-style face design. And finally, she has a killer body to go along with it all. At first, I became interested in her because I wanted a realistic anime sex doll, not just one of those body pillows or plush dolls you can get for a cheap price. She is one of the very few realistic anime sex dolls out there right now, so she instantly stood out from the rest for me. When she arrived at my door, I quickly fell in love with her. Those big and round eyes, high-quality hair and sexy ass are unbelievable. I would never have expected an anime sex doll to be so high-quality as her. Needless to say, at this point, I consider her to be one of the best anime sex dolls out there.

4. 148cm Japanese Anime Sex Doll

With a look similar to Hatsune Miku, she is an excellent budget alternative. For her price, she is an absolutely stunning anime doll.

Price: $810 on Amiga Toy

148cm Japanese Anime Sex Doll

I am still as stunned as ever – how can such a real-looking hentai doll cost so little?

Well, 800 bucks is not exactly a tiny amount – but in the world of love dolls, it really is nothing. I don’t know how they did it – but it’s very impressive.

This anime doll does not feel cheap in the slightest – her thighs are soft to the touch, her breasts are the perfect firmness, and her face – GOD it’s sexy!

Don’t even get me started on her cavities – both her anus and vagina feel absolutely superb, especially with a little bit of lube. If you want to save yourself quite a few bucks and stil get a high-quality anime sex doll, then this is likely the best chance you got!

5. Yuki Chan Anime Love Doll

Yuki Chan is an anime real doll with a beautiful face, a petite body, and golden hair. For the price, you can’t find any other anime doll as real as her.

Price: ~$476 on OtonaJP

Yuki Chan is an anime love doll created by the famous Japanese doll manufacturer NPG Japan. As a fan of Japanese sex dolls, I have to give them a shout-out. The homeland of true anime is, after all, Japan, so making a list of the best manga sex dolls without featuring a Japanese manufacturer would be a crime by itself. Yuki Chan is a prime example of lifesize anime dolls made in Japan. She has a gorgeous body, a stunning face, and an excellent price. You really can’t go wrong with Yuki Chan – she is a fantastic anime real doll for the price.

6. Angelic Anime Sex Doll

She truly is an angelic one. If you want a cute anime girl with the body of a hentai fuck doll, then she is another great pick.

Price: ~$300 on OtonaJP

This angel has the body of a sexy lolita. What more need I say? If you love some lolis, and you love anime sex dolls… well then, this angel is for you! Personally, I prefer Yuki Chan, as she feels and looks more real than this one. However, I don’t want to discredit this beautiful loli in any way. She has a super sexy body, and a super cute face, so you really can’t go wrong with her. She is the cutest hentai fuck doll you will ever come across, guaranteed.

7. Anime Blow Up Doll Nagisa

Nagisa is a life-sized anime blow up doll with long pink hair and sexy, revealing lingerie clothing. You can fit any of your Onaholes inside of her, so she offers excellent value for the money.

Price: $99 on Kanojo Toys

Unlike the number one pick, Nagisa is not made from silicone. Instead, she is a blow up doll full of air. This might sound like a downer at first… after all, who wants a doll made from air?

But, in real life, she feels very different from what you might imagine. When you are fucking her, you are not just sticking your dick into air. Instead, she has a built-in empty slot in the vagina, where you can fit any of the best Onaholes in your collection. She also comes included with a great Onahole, so she offers excellent value overall. If you don’t want to dish out thousands of dollars on an anime silicone sex doll, then she is the second best option out there, without a doubt.

For $99, she is one heck of a sexy hentai sex doll to have.

8. Anime Blow Up Doll Haru

Haru is a twin of Nagisa. But, instead of long pink hair and lingerie, Haru has short brown hair and a sexy sailor suit!

Price: $99 on Kanojo Toys

It’s mostly up to your personal taste whether you prefer Nagisa or Haru. As for me, Nagisa’s sexy long hair and slutty lingerie got me excited so much I placed an order right away, without even considering Haru. Now that I look back on it, though, I have to say- Haru is just as sexy! She is more shy, with her sailor suit and blushing cheeks. But, her shyness does not stop her from taking her clothes off right in front of you. The combination of shyness and sexiness makes her one of the sexiest anime blow up dolls in existence. Before long, I am sure I will buy Haru as well, in addition to Nagisa. She is so damn fine…

9. Eika Akihabara Hentai Blow Up Doll

Eika is a cheap hentai sex doll with a blow-up style body and an anime face. For the price, she is a decent pick, but don’t expect anything groundbreaking from her.

Price: $35 on Kanojo Toys

Eika Akihabara is an anime blow up doll with a cute face and a built-in empty slot for an Onahole. However, unlike Haru and Nagisa, she does not come included with an Onahole. If you want to use her for any sexual purposes, you will have to invest some extra money into an Onahole of your choice. Eika might seem like a reliable and cheap anime sex doll at first sight, but honestly… I think Nagisa and Haru are a way better deal overall. They look much sexier, and the body pillow style anime blow up dolls are much more effective in my opinion. It’s just my opinion, though, so if you like Eika, go ahead and get her for yourself.

10. Anime Plush Sex Doll SO1 Plus

She is an anime sex doll with a body made from cloth. You can combine her with any of your Onaholes. But, as she is custom made, she is rather pricey. Also, I found her face to be a bit…creepy.

Price: $1546 on Kanojo Toys

This plush anime sex doll has a sexy body and a custom-designed anime-style face. Due to her cloth body, she is super soft and perfect for snuggling with in the bedroom. If you want an anime sex doll which will bring you warm cuddles, then she is a good choice. However, I think she is a bit too pricey. I understand that custom-made dolls will always be expensive, due to the effort put in. But, for over $1500, you can already get a high-quality silicone doll. For example, take a look at the choices at the bottom of our best sex dolls article. They are cheaper than the SO1 Plus, and they are way more realistic. Not to mention, a silicone body will always feel superior to a cloth one.

But, to each his own. If you know what you are getting into, then go ahead and get yourself the SO1 Plus. After all, who doesn’t love a nice warm snuggle?


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