Petite Sex Dolls

Petite sex dolls are a special breed and they are certainly not for everyone. Their flat chests and young appearance are flattering to many but unappealing to many others. Whether or not a petite sex doll is for you I can’t say, but as I have multiple of them in my collection, I thought I might as well showcase those of them which I have enjoyed the most. In today’s review, you will find flat-chested sex dolls who may not have huge curves like BBW sex dolls, but they certainly have plenty to offer even without those curves. If you like what you see, place an order and enjoy!

I have divided this review of petite teen sex dolls into three categories based on the dolls’ breast size. Jump to a particular section which you are interested in:

A-Cup – Flat-Chested Sex Dolls

Let’s kick things right off the most flat-chested sex dolls of them all – A-cup dolls! A-cup breasts are the very smallest out there, and while they may be tiny, they have that special sexiness to them, which is difficult to explain. Without further ado, here are my top picks for flat-chested sex dolls:

Petite Sex Doll Monroe

1. Monroe

Price: $2110 on Sex Doll Genie

The absolute hottest flat-chested sex doll I have ever seen is Monroe. With her face-framing hair and sultry brown eyes, she is a sight to behold. Her perky small breasts and tight vagina give her a teen sex doll look, and while she was not exactly designed to look like a teen, she certainly gives off a very young vibe. If you ask me, she is absolutely gorgeous, and I could not be happier with her. Many dolls in my collection tend to look similar to each other, with their big breasts and huge asses. However, Monroe is one-of-a-kind. If you want to fuck a flat-chested supermodel every night, then Monroe is for you. She is an absolute bargain for a price tag of only slightly over $2k.

Flat-Chested Japanese Sex Doll Jira

2. Jira

Price: $2179 on Sex Doll Genie

Next up, we have Jira. Just like Monroe, she was manufactured by the famous WM Doll company, and her chest is even flatter than Monroe’s. Personally, I dig the sweet style and looks of Monroe more than Jira, but to each his own. If you like the flattest of flat chests in the world, then Jira might be right up your alley. Her small breasts may not be big enough for a titfuck, but they will still be super fun to grab onto while you take her from behind.

Small Breast Sex Doll Blake

3. Blake

Price: $2199 on SexyRealSexDolls

Blake looks like that next-door neighbor girl who used to play tennis in plain sight from you as a teen, and who made you crazy with lust. Now she is not a teen anymore, and her tennis playing days may be over as she is a sex doll, but nonetheless, she is a hot piece of meat. Her voluptuous dark hair and misty eyes could make any man fall in love. I can say this because I also have fallen head over heels in love with her looks. If you want a small-breasted athletic sex doll, then Blake is the girl for you.

Small Tits Black Sex Doll Nava

4. Nava

Price: $2099 on SexyRealSexDolls

That’s right – I even found a black teen sex doll out there. Not all ebony girls have huge tits and huge asses, as it turns out! Nava is not your average black girl – she has a small pair of perky breasts and an even smaller ass which is just waiting to be played around with. If you like black sex dolls but you don’t require huge tits and asses, then Nava is an excellent choice for you. She is probably the only chance you had and ever will have to play around with a black teen.

B-Cup – Small Breast Petite Sex Dolls

Moving on, we have B-cup sex dolls. They are not exactly flat-chested, but their small breasts are still tiny enough to be considered petite. Sadly there are not very many B-cup love dolls to choose from, so my top picks in this category were limited to only two sex dolls:

Small Tits Sex Doll Elsa

1. Elsa

Price: $2199 on Silicon Wives

That’s right – she is Elsa! I never noticed that the main character from Frozen was as hot as this, but it turns out that she was! Elsa’s tits may not be as small as the beforementioned petite sex dolls, but they are an excellent mid-range between big and small. They are just the right amount of size to play around with, but not so small that you can’t feel them. Personally, I am a big fan of Elsa and blonde sex dolls in general. Get her if you want a dazzling piece of doll meat in your home.

Shamima Petite Asian Teen B-Cup Sex Doll

2. Shamima

Price: $2990 on Sex Doll Genie

Shamima is the girl next door who you were always dreaming about. Well, that is if you lived next to a drop-dead gorgeous Asian chick who flaunted her pussy to you whenever you wanted it. I wish the girl next door to my house was like this, but sadly… she wasn’t. I was living next to an old and angry housewife… oh, the humanity. Thankfully, now my dream girl next door is for sale in the form of a petite sex doll! She is not exactly flat-chested, but I love her body style, so I thought she deserved a place on this list regardless.

C-Cup – Medium Breast Teen Sex Dolls

As the third and final petite sex doll category, we have C-cup sex dolls. Personally, I consider them the best of both worlds – their tits are big enough to play around with, but they are small enough to give that teen sex doll appearance, which is really cool. Sex dolls in this category are sort of a blend between middle-aged and young, and there is something to enjoy for everyone.

Teen Sex Doll Renata

1. Lyn

Price: $1868 on Sex Doll Genie

Oh my god… here we go… the cream of the crop. Lyn is an absolute stunner and another one of the sexiest petite sex dolls I have ever seen. Her platinum blonde hair and her nimble ass are to die for, and she has a look in her eyes which is always begging for more. As you might have already guessed, I am a huge fan of petite sex dolls from WM Dolls – most of the top picks in this list have been created by them. It’s difficult to say whether I prefer Monroe or Lyn. They really are both drop-dead gorgeous dolls. If you want the best young sex doll money can buy, then I advise you to get one of these two. They are both wonderful.

Medium Breast Petite Sex Doll Bebe

2. Bebe

Price: $1999 on Silicon Wives

Here we have Bebe – a teen sex doll with an absolutely beautiful body. Her athletic thighs, her abs… it’s all incredible. Although I am not yet an owner of Bebe, I am looking forward to the day when I have the chance to add her to my collection, as she appears to be one of the most promising young dolls to come out of the sex doll company 6YE Doll. She looks like a true flat-chested goddess. If anyone of you has bought her, then let me know if she as good as she looks? I am very curious, as I am seriously planning to order her.

Young Love Doll Sally

3. Sally

Price: $1850 on SexDollHoney

Next up, we have Sally, the highest rated teen love doll on SexdollHoney. With her young Japanese appearance and small tits, she is certainly a unique breed. Not many dolls in her price range look as realistic as she does, and her body style is super hot. If you like Asians with small tits, then Sally will be the perfect pick for you. She is a true Geisha waiting to be undressed. Unlocking a geisha with your penis used to cost a price of multiple years worth of salary. So, if you think about it, a price of $1850 is a bargain for a Geisha such as Sally!

Chanel Sex Doll Petite C-Cup

4. Chanel

Price: $2,100 on Sex Doll Genie

That body! If there is such a thing as a perfect body, then I think Chanel has it. The rounded small ass, the beautiful pair of small tits… it’s all just perfect. The only part of Chanel which I am not a huge fan of is her mouth but I’m particular about this. It’s great for a blowjob, don’t get me wrong, but when it’s always gaping it’s a bit distracting. It’s not a deal-breaker though as her body really is stunning.


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