Best Anal Vibrators for Men

Vibrators are no longer only for women. Anal vibrators for men are just as powerful and effective as any woman’s.
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While anal play sounds scary for some men, it’s one of the most pleasurable experiences regardless of your sexual orientation. The anus is packed with lots of nerve endings, making it highly receptive to touch and general stimulation.

Reacting to Male Anal Vibrators
It will go... up my ASS???

However, anal play may result in pain if done the wrong way, especially when penetration is involved.

Sounds scary, right?

Don’t worry!

With anal vibrators, you can easily stimulate the anal nerves without having to endure any pain. These sex toys are an excellent choice for any man who is starting to explore anal pleasure, as well as advanced anal enthusiasts performing solo or with a partner. 

Today, I’ll show you the best anal vibrators for men who want to explore anal sex play. However, before diving into the details, let’s first talk about what’s an anal vibrator.

So, What’s an Anal Vibrator?

As the name suggests, anal vibrators are designed for the backdoor pleasure. For men, these male anal sex toys stimulate the prostate gland, popularly known as the P-spot – I like to call it the hub of sexual nerve endings in men. Much like the G-spot in women, the P-spot can be tricky to locate, but once you do it, the benefits are mind-blowing.

Here are the top-rated anal vibrators for men who want to explore anal pleasure:

How We Chose the Top Anal Vibrators

When choosing the best anal vibrator, it’s quite easy to get overwhelmed by the wide range of products available in the market. For beginners, you want to go with something small and slim, with a pointed tip to make the insertion comfortable and effortless. The texture and material of the product may also affect your choice, with silicone being the most common and most sought after material for anal toys.

Other factors I considered when choosing the top butt vibrators included cost, battery reliability, vibrating modes, and online reviews. In addition, I evaluated the design and overall performance of each anal vibrator to determine whether it meets expectations or not. In doing this, I arrived at the following list of the top-rated anal vibrators for men.

5 Best Anal Vibrators for Men Reviewed & Rated

With a firmer understanding of what rabbit vibrators are and how they work, let’s take a look at some of the top-rated rabbit vibrators. For each product, you will read a brief rabbit vibrator review, pros and cons, as well as our rating for the product.

Without further ado, here are our top picks for the best rabbit vibrators for 2019:

Let’s have a closer look at our top picks in the following section of this male anal vibrator review.

Most Powerful Anal Vibrator for Men: Lelo Bruno

The Lelo Bruno is an absolute beast of a male anal vibrator. It can be used hands-free, and its six vibration patterns are guaranteed to leave any man convulsing in powerful orgasms. It's pricey, though.

Overall Rating:
Most Powerful Anal Vibrator For Men: Lelo Bruno​

Price: $169 on Lelo

If you are looking for a top-rated male anal vibrator with enough power to make you cum hard, Bruno is the male anal sex toy for you. With two powerful motors, Bruno comes with a curved tip for excellent prostate stimulation during anal play. The first motor is located at the tip and the second at the base, offering dual pleasure with six intense vibration patterns.

While packing a great power, Bruno has an expertly crafted body suited for comfort and amazing hands-free anal vibrator orgasms. The vibrator also rocks a fully waterproof construction made of silky silicone, making it the most desirable butt vibrator worldwide. 

With a medium size and accurately tapered curve, Bruno is designed to deliver powerful vibrations to your prostate. Its size and form make it ideal for first-time users and experienced anal enthusiasts who want to take their anal play adventures to the next level. 

While Bruno boasts of a 100% waterproof design, it also comes with a fully rechargeable battery that allows you to enjoy hours of hi-tech intimacy. I can rate the vibrator at 4.7 stars out of 5, but I’d consider another unit if working under a budget.


  • Two powerful motors for internal and external pleasure
  • Perfectly shaped for an amazing sensation and comfort
  • Medium-sized all level of anal exploration


  • It’s expensive compared to other anal vibrators

Best Budget Anal Vibrator for Men: Lovehoney Smooth Mover

This cheap anal vibrator for men is simple, easy to use, and relatively effective. While it cannot match the likes of the Hugo or the Nexus Revo 2, it can still hold its own. Especially considering the cheap price point.

Overall Rating:
Best Budget Anal Vibrator For Men: Lovehoney Smooth Mover​

Price: $22.99 on Lovehoney 

With deliciously gratifying silicone bulbs, the Lovehoney’s male anal vibrator allows you to savor intense vibrations for a sensual experience. This anal vibrator boasts of 7 pulsating patterns and three intense speeds to take your orgasmic experience to new heights. Thanks to its smooth silicone material, it’s a perfect alternative to anal beads for all levels of pleasure.

The Lovehoney’s anal vibrator comes with an ergonomic design and a flexible shaft that aligns with your body’s natural contours for maximum pleasure. It rocks a bullet vibrator at the base, providing sensational stimulation with up to 10 vibration modes. Even better, you can use the vibrator for clitoral stimulation to spice up your sexual adventure with your partner.

Aside from its versatility, the Lovehoney’s anal vibrator for men has a user-friendly interface with a single button for easy operation. Additionally, this top-rated anal vibrator has an insertable length of 5-inches and a 4-inch diameter, making it ideal for beginners and experienced anal enthusiasts. I like using it with a generous amount of a water-based lubricant for maximum pleasure. That said, I would rate this anal vibrator at 4.8 stars out of 5. Here is why:


  • It offers intense vibrations in three speeds and seven patterns
  • It’s ergonomic design and beaded construction delivers maximum anal pleasure
  • It’s ideal for both clitoral and prostate stimulation
  • It features a user-friendly interface


  • Slips out easily if too much lube is used

Best Beginner Male Anal Vibrator: Aneros TEMPO

Created by the masters of male anal toys, Aneros, the TEMPO is a sleek and beautiful male anal toy which is an excellent pick for anal newcomers.

Overall Rating:
Best Beginner Male Anal Vibrator: Aneros TEMPO​

Price: $64.95 on Aneros

With 3.75 inches insertable length and less than an inch wide, the Tempo Steel Pleasure is the beginner’s best companion. The Tempo is a small male anal vibrator built with medical grade stainless steel material and a beautiful mirror-like finish adding to its aesthetic appeal. 

Thanks to its stainless steel material and smooth finish, the Tempo is the ultimate anal sex toy for anyone trying anal stimulation for the first time. I like putting the vibrator in the fridge for a few minutes before using it, but you can also dip it in hot water for more sensual exploration.

With a little practice, the Tempo can deliver an amazingly powerful performance when inserted. Its true achievement is in its shape and function, making it among the top-rated anal vibrators in the market.  Its price may not go as low as the Lovehoney’s beaded vibrator, but it trades at a very affordable price. 

With all these features in mind, I can rate the TEMPO at 4.7 stars out of 5, and all for good reasons:


  • It’s made of stainless steel with an elegant finish
  • The tapered shape makes it easy to insert
  • The stainless steel material is temperature responsive for a sensual experience
  • It’s the best unit for experiencing anal vibrator orgasm for the first time


  • It may be underwhelming for advanced users
  • Not suitable for anyone with nickel allergies

Best Anal Vibrator for Advanced Men: Nexus Revo 2 Prostate Massager

The Revo 2 is a luxurious anal vibrator for men, which was designed primarily for hands-free use, just like the Lelo Bruno. However, I found the Bruno to be more effective overall.

Overall Rating:

Price: $164.99 on Lovehoney 

Combining perineum and prostate stimulation in one unit, the Nexus Revo 2 is the best butt vibrator for advanced anal enthusiasts. This top-rated vibrator allows you to enjoy anal stimulation as you’ve never experienced before, making it ideal for masturbation and having fun with your partner.

With an independently rotating head, the Revo 2 delivers a deep and precise prostrate massage that allows you to enjoy breathtaking orgasms. Aside from the incredible prostrate stimulation, this powerful anal vibrator comes with an external arm that simultaneously stimulates your perineum. 

The vibrator’s external arm has a nodule texture and three powerful vibration modes to maximize the pleasure. Additionally, this male anal sex toy has two rotation speeds to stimulate the P-spot, giving you hours of immense pleasure thanks to its fully rechargeable battery. The battery lasts for 4 hours with every single charge, and you can recharge it with a USB cable.

Though the vibrator is fairly big, I like that it slips in your butt easily with enough lube. I would choose the Flexcite prostate massager for the price and size, but I like that I can orgasm much quickly with the Revo 2.  That considered, I can rate the Nexus Revo 2 at 4.6 stars out of 5 for its incredible benefits – except a few cons.


  • Intense prostate and perineum stimulation
  • It features three exciting vibration speeds for the external arm
  • Over 4 hours of intense anal pleasure, courtesy of the rechargeable battery


  • The vibrator’s size can be intimidating for beginners
  • It’s a bit costly

Best Male Anal Vibrator for Couples: Flexcite Prostate Massager

Shaped like a turd, using the Flexcite feels very enjoyable and unintimidating. If you enjoy the feeling of pooping, then you are guaranteed to enjoy the stimulation provided by this unique male anal vibrator.

Overall Rating:
Best Male Anal Vibrator For Couples: Flexcite Prostate Massager​

Price: $29.99 on Lovehoney

Do you want a male anal sex toy that you and your partner can use to spice up your bedroom life?

Well, the Flexcite 10-function prostate massager is what you need. This ridged anal massager deliciously stimulates the prostate as well as the G-spot, giving you an extra-filling insertion. Even better, this butt vibrator has an 8-inch curved length that plunges inside your butt to stimulate every nerve ending for a mind-blowing orgasm.

As the best unit for couples, the Flexcite’s prostate massager has a simple operation courtesy of a single control button, it’s easy to use this anal vibrator while in position, giving you a wonderful sexual experience while enjoying a good time with your partner. 

Besides the simple operation, the Flexcite butt vibrator boasts of a clever construction that includes seven patterns and three speeds with no power loss.  It also comes with a memory function, meaning that this top anal vibrator will start you with the last selected mode. 

Due to its large size, this anal vibrator is ideal for experienced users and anyone else who enjoys an extra-filling insertion. What I like most about this top-rated anal vibrator is that it retails at a bargain price, compared to other units in my collection. For that, I can rate the vibrator at 4.5 stars.


  • It features thick ridges for an amazing anal sensation
  • Easy to operate courtesy of a single control button.
  • The vibrator retails at a very affordable price.
  • Waterproof design that makes it fully submersible.


  • Its size is best suited for experienced users

How To Use an Anal Vibrator as a Man

Now that we’ve seen the best male anal vibrators in the market, you can go ahead and choose one for your next adventure. However, it’s essential to use it the right way to avoid sustaining any injuries on your rectum or other sensitive parts of your butt. 

Here’s how:

  • Getting Ready. As earlier mentioned, the P-spot can be a little tricky for most men to find in such a delicate part of your body. Because of that, anal stimulation with a vibrator requires a lot of patience and preparation before you are able to start enjoying the intense sexual pleasure. Like other anal sex toys for men, you should get comfortable and have enough water lube to ease the insertion.
  • Inserting the Male Anal Vibrator. If you are trying anal stimulation for the first time, it’s important that you start with a small anal vibrator to avoid rupturing the rectum. Start slowly by using the vibrator externally to get fully aroused instead of trying to force the toy in your body. For easy insertion, I like leaving the vibrator’s tip at the anal opening and gently sliding it into the body when ready.
  • Removing The Anal Vibrator. Once the anal vibrator is inside your body, you can stimulate the prostate by gently tilting the vibrator towards your stomach and playing with its speed. However, you need to be gentle and use enough lubricant when removing the vibrator to avoid any injuries.
  • Cleaning Your Butt Vibrator. Just like any other anal sex toy for men, anal vibrators must be cleaned after use to avoid getting infections. For cleaning, I like to use warm water and mild soap for removing the dirt and avoiding bacterial infections. It’s also important to let the toy dry with air.
  • Anal Vibrator Safety. While cleaning your anal vibrator is one of the best ways to improve your safety when using it, you’ll need to do more than that. For starters, you must avoid sharing your butt vibrator with anyone, unless you’re using a condom. If you are enjoying the anal pleasures with a female partner, you’ll also need to avoid penetrating the vagina with a sex toy that has been in the butt.

How We Chose the Top-Rated Rabbit Vibrator

There’s no denying that there are many, many rabbit vibrators to choose from and you may be wondering how we chose these five. In choosing our top picks, we looked at the price of the toy, the type of vibration settings available, the power source, the design, and overall consumer satisfaction.

In the comments below, tell us which of these best rabbit vibrators are you interested in trying out; and if you liked this buying guide, be sure to take a peek at more vibrator reviews.