Within minutes of my very first sex doll arriving at my doorstep, I became ecstatic, anxious, and most of all… horny. I carried her into my bedroom, pulled out the lube which I had been saving for a month, started to enter, and…

I felt something sharp rubbing against my dick. The doll had a tear in her vagina, causing the inside wiring to spring out and the whole experience to be hardly enjoyable. To my great dismay, I had to send her back in that same box the very same day and I had to begin that long and tedious waiting process once again.

That fateful day was over 5 years ago, and I would like to think I have become much more intelligent and experienced since then. I have become the owner of numerous other sex dolls since then, each being an upgrade in one way or another. I now know how to shop for the best sex dolls, thus avoiding faulty vaginas and wasting my hard-earned money.

I know that there are many others right now who are in a similar boat as I was in 5 years ago. Tired of dating, tired of the “art of the pick-up”, tired of all the obstacles which are blocking their sexual well-being and desires. They know they need a sex doll, but they are hesitant to make a purchase for a variety of reasons. Money, social stigma, embarrassment… believe me, I have been there.

I have decided to put together this list of the best sex dolls on the market right now to help others avoid the pitfalls which I myself had to go through at one point. Forget the setbacks, forget the hesitation – if you like what you see, give purchasing a sex doll a serious thought. You will be surprised how quickly they can change your life.



Best High-End Sex Dolls

When I think of the phrase “best sex doll”, I am immediately drawn to high-end sex dolls such as the RealDoll. It is the most luxurious, realistic and customizable sex doll you can find anywhere. But, it does cost a premium. For this reason, I will also highlight some other less-costly, but also excellent high-end alternatives for you to consider.


#1. RealDoll


Price: Starting from $3999 on RealDoll (5% off with our coupon)

My decision of giving the absolute best sex doll title to the RealDoll should not really come as a surprise to anyone. At least not to anyone familiar with high-end sex dolls. It is the most realistic, the most feature-rich, the sexiest, but also the most expensive doll brand I have ever come across. Being the owner of one. If you really want the best of the best sex doll, then currently you would have to go with a RealDoll. No other competitor even comes close to their level of excellence as of right now. Check out my in-depth RealDoll review to find out why I fell in love with her from the beginning. The folks over at Abyss Creations were kind enough to give me a coupon to share with my readers, so enter “CYBERDEAR” during checkout to knock 5% off your price.


#2. Jennifer


Jennifer from Silicon Wives

Price: $2399 on Silicon Wives (10% off if you join their mailing list)

Next up, I would like to introduce you to Jennifer – who is, in my opinion, the best sex doll manufactured by WM Dolls. She has a perfect face and body, wouldn’t you agree? Unlike many others, her tits are not oversized (admittedly, this can be both a negative and a positive, depending on your preferences) and her blonde hair looks very realistic. And, most importantly, her vagina feels incredible, thanks to the high-grade TPE used to create her body.

There are many reasons to love Jennifer and I would comfortably rate her the second best sex doll in my collection, right after the RealDoll. When it comes to looks and performance, she is definitely on par with my RealDoll. However, the special features of the RealDoll (removable inserts, FaceX technology) made me give it a higher overall rating on this list.

Jennifer is undoubtedly a drop-dead gorgeous sex doll, though. I can’t imagine any straight man being disappointed by her. She has given me so much naughty fun you wouldn’t believe.


#3. Carmen


Price: $2499 on Silicon Wives (10% off if you join their mailing list)

Carmen is a blonde silicone sex doll with a beautiful body. She may not have a huge ass or a giant pair of tits, but if that is not a dealbreaker for you, then she is one of the best sex dolls you can find. It does not happen often that I look at pictures of a sex doll and fall in love instantly. Maybe it’s the tights, maybe it’s her stunning face… I am not sure. But what I do know is that Carmen is one of the most gorgeous sex dolls ever created. She does cost a premium, but thankfully, unlike most gorgeous women in real life, she is a one-time investment. Once you have her, she is yours unconditionally. If hot blondes float your boat, then give Carmen a chance.


#4. Jasmine


Jasmine from SexyRealSexDolls

Price: $1999 on SexyRealSexDolls

Jasmine became famous when she was featured in a Ryan Davis comedy sketch. Although she was featured with comedic intent, viewers who saw her quickly became intrigued. They wanted to know how to get their hands on their very own Jasmine, and quickly she became a top-selling sex doll on the SexyRealSexDolls website. They are one of the largest retailers of sex dolls, so they are definitely worth checking out. CyberDear even did an interview with the man behind the website, so I recommend checking it out.

As for Jasmine, I think it goes without saying that she is a gorgeous one. In my opinion, she is the best sex doll in the SexyRealSexDolls collection right now. In addition, her pricing is very reasonable, considering the fact she is produced by the famous WM Dolls company, and her quality is excellent. If you like her exotic looks and sexy curves, then she definitely a very solid choice.



#5. Vivian


Vivian from Silicon Wives

Price: $2499 on Silicon Wives (10% off if you join their mailing list)

If you love curvy women, then Vivian will most certainly please you. Why? Well, I think you can see why. Vivian is one of the best sex doll choices for those of you who love big booties, big titties and a stunning face to match. Men have been debating each-other for thousands of years whether tits or ass is more important in a woman. Well, with Vivian all that debate is irrelevant as she excels in both! Dress her up with some yoga pants and you will have the sexiest sex doll in the world.

Her huge ass feels absolutely amazing during sex. During sex, you will feel the waves going through her body as you pound her. Her ass will rock back and forth in a beautiful manner. Even the skinnier TPE sex dolls bounce nicely during penetration. With Vivian, however, the bounciness is on another level, thanks to her wonderful curves.


Best Mid-Range Sex Dolls

The best sex dolls in this category look and feel realistic, while costing less than those featured in the first part of this sex doll review. They don’t have all of the extra features and customization options which high-end sex dolls do. However, if the dolls look gorgeous and fucking them still feels incredible, then why hesitate? These sex dolls offer some of the best value for money spent and when I am shopping for new dolls, they are still often my go-to option. Even though I already own multiple high-end sex dolls.


#1. Lana


Price: $1699 on Silicon Wives (10% off if you join their mailing list)

When it comes to mid-range sex dolls, Lana is undoubtedly the best sex doll, at least from my experience. She was the second sex doll I bought, and still, she is a favorite of mine.

The first and most obvious reason why I glove Lana is rather obvious. It’s her gorgeous looks. She has a face which shows both innocence and sexiness at the same time. In addition, she has a stunning body which resembles a real woman. Her breasts are not overly huge and her ass is just the right size to look and feel realistic during sex.

All three of her cavities make me absolutely crazy with lust. Her mouth, vagina and ass all feel amazing during sex. The openings generate a vacuum effect during sex, and you will feel as if you are being pulled in by her. As you lay in bed with her, she will retain your warmth and you will never want to let go of her. As you go about your day you will be thinking of nothing but Lana, Lana, Lana… waiting for you at home. She is magnificent!


#2. Pearl


Price: $1699 on SexyRealSexDolls

Pearl is another stunning looking sex doll you can buy for a fraction of the price of a RealDoll. Although I have never seen her in person, I am seriously considering making her my next purchase. She was created by WM Dolls, which is one of my absolute favorite sex toy manufacturers. They always bring high quality to the table and I am confident Pearl is no exception in regards to this. The one feature I love about her is the hair. She has absolutely beautiful long hair, and together with that sexy body of hers, I really can’t see any reason not to buy her.


#3. Javara


Price: $1599 on OvDoll ($100 off with their “OVDOLL” coupon)

OvDoll has managed to pull off a real miracle with Javara, as they have managed to create a sex doll who is both incredibly sexy and affordable at the same time. Javara has a very sexy petite body and a big, bubbly ass, which is just waiting to be played around with.
Although I usually prefer the designs of WM Doll and RealDoll, I have to give credit to OvDoll for designing this stunner. She has gotten universally positive ratings from purchasers, making her one of the best sex dolls in the mid-range category without a doubt.


#4. Delia


Price: $1599 on SexyRealSexDolls


Delia has a sexy casual look to her, with her beautiful hair and shy, but alluring eyes. Together with her firm ass, she is a real stunner. Although I like her looks with a passion, I had to give the top spots to other dolls in this mid-range category. She is beautiful, for sure, but she just does not stand out as much as many of the other beauties. Don’t take my word for it, though. She is beautiful, she is sexy, and she is rather cheap, so she is a good deal no matter how you look at it.



#5. Hayu


Price: $1499 on OvDoll ($100 off with their “OVDOLL” coupon)

Hayu is a super sexy Eastern looking sex doll. I fell in love with her face at first sight, as she manages to be both cute and incredibly arousing at the same time. Imagine coming home from work after a difficult and tiring day, only to find Hayu waiting for you in your bed. She has her ass up and face down… waiting for you and no one else. Your difficult day will become irrelevant within seconds, as you jump into bed with her and start enjoying everything she has to offer. Well, this scenario is more realistic than you might think. All you need to do is to find the best sex doll for you. Whether Hayu is the right choice, is up to you and you only.


Best Entry-Level Sex Dolls

Sex dolls in this category are an excellent choice if it’s your first time purchasing a sex doll. If you are unsure whether sex dolls are right for you, then beginning with an entry-level sex doll makes perfect sense. They are cheaper, they are usually smaller, but they still give you a good idea of what the best sex dolls are capable of (without breaking your bank).



#1. Peach


Price: $1079 on OvDoll ($100 off with their “OVDOLL” coupon)

From all the entry-level sex dolls I have seen, Peach has to take the top spot. She has a killer body, a beautiful face, and realistic skin. And, most importantly, her cavities feel very similar to a high-end sex doll. If you want to experience what high-end sex dolls are capable of, then Peach is an excellent way to do so. She may not be as realistic as a $6000 RealDoll, but for the price, she is very impressive.


#2. Bebe


Price: $1199 on Silicon Wives (10% off if you join their mailing list)

Bebe is a small sex doll with a gorgeous appearance. When it comes to entry-level sex dolls, she is relatively expensive. However, for the price, you do get fantastic quality. She is made from TPE, which makes her skin silky smooth, bouncy and realistic.

Another advantage that she has is that she has a small stature. She is only 125 cm tall, and her body is light. This gives you plenty of freedom to choose comfortable positions for sex. In addition, it also makes storing her very easy and comfortable, unlike full-sized sex dolls. Also check out my article on the best mini sex dolls, if you are interested. Full-sized sex dolls are fantastic, but don’t forget about their smaller, petite counterparts!

If you are looking for a sex doll for beginners without sacrificing quality and pleasure, then Bebe is an excellent choice. I can recommend her to anyone.


#3. Natalia


natalia real sex doll

Price: $1099 on OvDoll ($100 off with their “OVDOLL” coupon)

Natalia is another beauty who deserves to be featured amongst the best sex dolls on this list. She has a small petite body, but it does not make her any less sexy. Her face is cute, her body is killer, and she feels fantastic… what more can you ask for from a $1000 sex doll?



  1. I wish I would have read this before I ordered my very first sex doll. But, now that I have read it I feel pretty good about the one I selected. I haven’t received it yet-but I just went thru all the vendors (a bunch) and picked out all the ones that piqued my interest-I ran a color 81/2X11 of each one of them and attached a spec sheet below it so I could further filter my selection(I know sounds like a science experiment goe bad-right?). I narrowed the field from 12 down to 5 final candidates and just left their picture up for several days to see which one still appealed to me the most. Was really torn between 3 but finally selected Amber-not that the other two weren’t what I wanted-I just felt that Amber would still be lookin’ good (or maybe better than the other 2) many months down the line. I hope I’m right-pretty big expense for someone that is disabled on a fixed income, but, still cheaper than taking in someone and it not work out-we all know what that can be like. I’ll let you know how it all works out a few months from now. And, as a sidenote, I couldn’t be happier with the customer relations at SiliconWives-answered all my silly (I thought) questions and even made a couple of last minute changes to my order at no extra charge-just great people-not what I expected at all.

    • Thank you for commenting, I always appreciate hearing from like-minded people 🙂
      Amber is one of my absolute favorites as well, honestly. Doing tons of research is necessary when you are making such a big investment into your life. I think all the analysis led to the right choice, though. Amber will make you very happy. And definitely, I agree. Siliconwives customer service truly is spectacular. It’s not like ordering something from Amazon, where you just send money and wait for your package, no questions asked. When you buy from them you know that you will get all the help and support you need down the line. When she arrives, let me know your experiences. I think you will be very positively surprised!


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