After reviewing dozens of different sex dolls over the last year, I have come to one conclusion – black sex dolls are the best. Although I am white myself, I feel that there is something incredibly sexy about a curvy black sex doll, with wide hips, chocolate skin, and dark hair. I have various different sex dolls in my collection, but the ebony sex dolls are definitely some of my favorite. They get me excited like nothing else, and what better way to show tribute to them than make a list of all the best black sex dolls on the market right now?

After carefully comparing and researching over 30 different black sex dolls, I arrived at a conclusion as to which black sex dolls are worth the money, and which ones you should never spend your hard-earned money on. All of the black sex dolls in this list are luxurious, high-quality and very realistic. I only chose black sex dolls from reputable vendors which I trust and have experience with myself, so don’t be worried about getting scammed. I have ordered various sex dolls over the years from these vendors, and they all have great customer service.

So, without further introduction, let’s get right into it. The best black sex doll you can find right now is…

#1. Tyra – Best Black Sex Doll

Tyra - Best Black Sex Doll

Price: $3305 on Sex Doll Genie

Tyra is, without a doubt, the most realistic black sex doll I have ever seen. Not only does she have a photorealistic face – which she does – but she also has the body of a goddess. Seriously…

Today I am still as shocked as I was two years ago when I first saw her. Whenever I take her out of my storage locker, I just can’t believe that love dolls have become so realistic. Her dark eyes, her freckles – and even her MOUTH – her mouth drives me crazy! There’s no better feeling in this world than sticking your “member” into the open lips of an African goddess like her.

Not to mention – her breasts… they are the best part about her. The nipple area is designed to perfection, and the soft overall feel of her ass and breasts makes me absolutely full of lust. Even during writing this I am already drooling just thinking about her waiting in bed… ehh… I’ll be right back, guys!

Ok, so – if you want the best black sex doll money can buy – then you want Tyra. No questions about it. But, if her price tag is outside of your budget, then you might want to consider…

#2. Carlee – Super Curvy Black Sex Doll

Carlee - Super Curvy Black Sex Doll

Price: $2196 on Sex Doll Genie

Carlee is one of the sexiest black sex doll I have ever seen. She has wide hips, a gorgeous pair of breasts and a big juicy ass which will turn you crazy with lust. Trust me, I know from experience! Her price is also rather cheap when it comes to high-end luxurious black sex dolls. She is a very realistic black sex doll, and because of her human-like proportions, you will not even realize that you are having sex with a black sex doll, and not a real African princess.

She has three cavities which can be used – oral, anal, and vaginal. I have found that I rarely wanted to use the oral hole on her though, as her big ass is so sexy that doggy-style is all I need. When you take her from behind you can feel the force going through her entire body, and her ass bouncing back and forth. It’s truly incredible!

She has a steel skeleton which can be positioned in every possible way, and it allows for some very creative sex positions. Try bending her over in the shower for some doggy-style, try making her squat and pounding her from underneath, try making her sit on top of you and throwing her up and down on your penis… Dear God!! I… need to go do some… work! BRB!

#3. Christie – Teen Ebony Sex Doll

Price: $2050 on Sex Doll Genie

Christie is a teen ebony sex doll with a tight body and a gorgeous face. She may not have a big ass or huge wide hips, but her athletic body makes her incredibly sexy in her own way. She does not look like most ebony sex dolls. Most ebony sex dolls have huge curves and breasts, but when WM Dolls created her, they were after something different. they wanted the realistic tight body of a black teen, and what they achieved is fantastic. Just look at her body! It’s gorgeous.

She weighs 61 lbs, and while she is heavy, she is not as heavy as some of the other black sex dolls on this list, so she can be moved around and positioned with ease.

As with most of the other black sex dolls on this list, she has three holes which can be used. You can pound her in the mouth, the anus, and vagina. All three of these cavities feel incredible, thanks to the high-quality TPE material used on her. TPE feels soft and silky smooth to the touch, exactly like the skin of a young black girl. When you are pounding away on her, you will feel the tightness and she will bring you to climax quicker than any real woman could.

#4. Ebony Black Real Sex Doll 

Price: $1750 on SexyRealSexDolls

She is a gorgeous ebony fuck doll with a mature face and body. Her short hair and body reminded me of the mother of one of my friends. She made me horny as hell as a teenager, and having the chance to fuck someone so similar to her now, as an adult, is true bliss!

This black sex doll comes with free shipping, a height of 5 feet and 2 inches, and a weight of 55 lbs, making her one of the tallest black sex dolls on this list. She has a beautiful pair of voluptuous breasts, realistic smooth skin and the body of a goddess. What more could a man want?

This black fuck doll was created by JY Dolls, another popular sex doll manufacturer. Although I am not as big of a fan of them as I am with WM Dolls, I respect their work very much. She is by far the best black sex doll they have created and it’s no wonder why she is one of their most popular models. If you want the black sex doll with a huge ass, then look no further. This beauty has got you covered!

#5. Hanna – The Tightest Black Sex Doll

Price: $2050 on Sex Doll Genie

Hanna is a teen black sex doll with skinny legs, a tight ass, and an overall knockout body. She was created by WM Dolls, just like Christie. WM Dolls is one of my personal favorite sex doll manufacturers, which is why I keep recommending their dolls.

She will fulfill all of your wildest desires. She will never say that she is too tired to have sex, and she will never be upset at you for making that one joke about her mother. She is truly the perfect wife!

Personally, I love small breasted black sex dolls, as the petite figure makes me crazy with lust. I love holding onto them tightly with my hands while pounding away at them from behind. I know sex with black sex dolls may seem strange at first but trust me, it’s more intense than anything you could ever imagine! If you want an African teen goddess in your bedroom, then look no further. Virginia is the girl for you!

#6. Ebony Sex Doll with Petite Body

Price: $2099 on SexyRealSexDolls

This sexy ebony sex doll, created by WM Dolls, has exactly the type of ass I love. It’s not overly big. It looks so sexy that I can’t put it into words. Big asses are sexy, no doubt, but a small and firm ass turns me crazy with lust even more than any of the huge asses. Admittedly, I do own a black sex doll with a huge ass as well, though… What can I say.. maybe I just love all asses.

This black sex doll has a petite body, which will make any man who sees her crazy. Therefore, I recommend you to keep her hidden away during parties. If another man finds this ebony goddess, he will defile her!

I would recommend her as the best black sex doll for you if you want a girl with a petite body and a mature but gorgeous face. She is incredible!

#7. Whitney – Cheap Life-Size Black Sex Doll

Price: $1499 on OvDoll

Whitney is a petite black girl with brunette hair and small perky breasts. She was designed by OVDoll, and she comes with many customization options. For example, you can buy her in many different height ranges – from 4 feet 4 inches to 5 feet 4 inches. Depending on how you plan to enjoy her, a smaller version of Whitney might be perfect for you.

She is one of the most unique looking black sex dolls on this list. Her hair looks beautiful, and her face looks like one of a real African goddess.

However, I found her proportions and characteristics not as realistic as the first picks in this list. She was also more stiff and difficult to move around, so unless you are on a really tight budget and need a cheap black sex doll, then I would advise you to pick one of the previously mentioned love dolls. She is great, but not fantastic like some of my other picks.

#8. Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly – Black Sex Doll Ass

Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly - Black Sex Doll Ass

Price: $599.99 on Lovehoney

What is this? I only see an ass! Where’s the girl???

For those of you on a tight budget, spending thousands of dollars on a realistic black sex doll might be out of the question, and this is where individual torsos come into play. This black ass feels just like the one on a $3000 sex doll, but it only costs a fraction of the price. You will experience incredible sex with a black sex doll, without it making a huge dent in your bank account. What more could you want?

This big black booty weighs 26 lbs, which means it can be moved around the house with much more ease than a full-size black sex doll. You can move it from your bed to the closet, from the closet to the shower without ever breaking a sweat. When I am in a lazy mood, I often feel that I am too tired to start positioning my dolls, and these are the moments where I can just whip out my black booty and start pounding away. I would advise any ebony sex doll owner to get a separate torso into their collection as well. This black booty is fantastic!

We wrote a full review of the Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly so check it out in order to learn more about this juicy black love doll ass.

#9.  Full Black Love Doll Torso

Full Black Love Doll Torso

Price: $374.99 on Lovehoney

Let’s continue with another black torso from Pipedream – a full black sex doll torso. It’s another great alternative if you don’t want a full/sized black doll for one reason or another. The advantage of sex doll torsos is a cheaper price, easier storability, and a lighter weight.

This is the second version of the Pipedream black sex doll ass. It’s cheaper than the ass, but I found that I personally enjoyed the Pipedream ass more. Although I loved the sexiness of this body, I enjoyed the bent over and spear open position of the previous Pipedream ass just a little too much. I am not saying that this black torso is bad in any way. It’s a fantastic budget pick for those of you on a tight budget. But if you have the money for it, I would recommend you to go with the black ass instead. You will know what I am talking about the first time you lube up and slide into one, trust me 😉

Why you should trust us

After having reviewed sex dolls of various kinds for over a year, I have started to understand what qualities a sex doll needs to have and which dolls are just advertisements without any actual quality behind the product. I know what high-end sex dolls feel like, and because of this, it is difficult for me to recommend any of the very cheap black sex dolls. While they will save you money initially, you will find that over the long term they are just not good investments. A good black sex doll from this list, however, is a real investment into your own personal happiness.

A cheap price is no justification for cheap quality, and this is always reflected in my reviews. When I recommend a love doll, you can stay rest assured that the doll is made from high-quality materials and will not break down after a year of use.

To put together my lists, I use not only my own experiences, but I also do online research and read the works of other reviewers, to get more perspectives on every doll, thus creating a more comprehensive review overall. I put great attention to detail into every article I write, and I enjoy the process of finding every tiny bit of information on the internet. When it come to sex dolls, and especially something as specific as black sex dolls, however, I had to rely mostly on my personal experiences because there are very few reviews out there.

I do all the research for you so that you can focus on yourself, and be united with the sex doll of your dreams as quickly as possible. Do you agree or disagree with my ranking of the best black sex dolls? Leave a comment, I would love to hear your opinion on any of these dolls!

Why get a black sex doll?

There are endless good reasons to buy and own a high-quality sex doll.

Here I will list some of the most important reasons why I think you should own a sex doll:

  1. They will boost your confidence during real sex. Once you have mastered sex with a life-like black sex doll, no real black woman will stand a chance against you. I know it may sound ridiculous, but it’s true. I know from experience!
  2. You want to avoid catching any sexually transmitted diseases through sex. The best solution is to fuck someone who is not physically capable of carrying a single disease – a sex doll!
  3. You want to explore positions and crazy sex moves with someone who will never refuse you. Want to deepthroat one of these black love dolls? No problem… they are ready for it! Unlike my wife…
  4. They are a real investment into your own personal happiness and wellbeing. Sex has been proven to reduce stress levels in humans by a great factor, and sex dolls are a perfect alternative for relieving stress, if you don’t want or have time for a human partner.
  5. We all have busy lives, so many of us don’t have time for the dating game. What’s the solution? Have a black love doll waiting for you in your bedroom at all times. No need for flowers, dates, rings… all you need is some good lube!


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