Pipedream Fuck Me Silly Review

In this Pipedream Fuck Me Silly review, I will put the premium masturbator through vigorous testing.
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Though not everyone is bold enough to admit it, we all need to have a good fuck without all the dramatic complications in a real-life scenario. In fact, that’s the main reason why most men result in buying a sex toy. Furthermore, a male sex toy offers you the chance to practice various techniques and try different stuff while masturbating, giving you total control over the pleasure.

Sounds fun right? Well, it’s certainly not as fun as the toy I’m about to introduce to you!

Fuck Me Silly is an adult male masturbator that allows you to avoid all the hassle that may come with a real pussy. However, with a whopping price tag of more than $400, this male sex toy is certainly a pricey acquisition for your bedroom. With that in mind, I’ll dig deep into this sex toy and give you a detailed Fuck me Silly review to help you know whether it’s worth your time and money.

Let’s start with the basics:

What is the Fuck Me Silly Sex Toy?

Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly Male Masturbator

The Fuck Me Silly is a monster male sex toy from Pipedream designed to give you an amazing sexual experience in solo play. Weighing about 7kgs, this male masturbator is ideal for guys who have no issues with weighty toys, though you can lay it down on a solid surface for easy penetration. Additionally, it features realistic anal and vaginal openings with real-feel Fanta Flesh sensations.

Here are the main features of the Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly male masturbator:

  • Realistic male masturbator with anal and vaginal openings
  • Solid and heavy construction, weighing 7kgs (15 pounds)
  • Life-like Fanta Flesh sensations
  • Stable for doggy-style and missionary positions
  • Sensual internal ridges and ribs for an intense climax
  • One year warranty

Pipedream Fuck me Silly Design

Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly Design

As earlier mentioned, the Pipedream masturbator is a massive male sex toy that boasts of solid construction and big size. At first glance, I was completely taken by its design, though I must admit the size was a little intimidating for me. Nevertheless, this 15 pound male sex toy is easy to use thanks to its realistic and stable design.

Besides the solid construction, the Pipedream Extreme masturbator features a simple design shaped like the lower half of a hot woman’s body. With a round ass, two inviting holes and delicate lips, the masturbator allows you to pleasure yourself and experience intense climaxes. Furthermore, the masturbator is designed for orgasmic fun in both missionary and doggy-style positions. It’s the closest you can get to the real thing.

With both an asshole and a pussy, the Fuck Me Silly toy has distinct internal patterns on both sleeves for intense sensations. However, the masturbator has no vibrator or self-heating feature for some temperature play. Moreover, each hole on the pipedream masturbator has a different circumference, despite being very similar in size and texture.

For durability, the Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly is built with a synthetic material that gives it a smooth touch similar to a real woman’s flesh. Additionally, the simplicity of the product makes washing a real breeze and also gives you a painless insertion. It’s evident that the makers of the Pipedream masturbator are all about efficiency, which I highly appreciate.

What does the Pipedream Feel Like?

While the simplicity of the Pipedream Extreme Masturbator makes it appealing to beginners, it doesn’t influence the pleasure that the masturbator offers. To me, the internal canals felt nice and offered a solid grip on my cock from the base all the way to the shaft. Nevertheless, I would have appreciated if the canals were a little bit tighter.

With enough space to accommodate a 7-inch dick, the Pipedream Fuck Me Silly can accommodate most men. The toy’s big and smooth behind feels like a real woman’s ass, allowing you to enjoy orgasmic fun in doggy-style as you spank her awesome curves. Additionally, the Fuck Me Silly toy boasts of sensual internal ribbing on both sleeves designed to massage and stimulate your cock with every thrust.

While its weight is the first thing you’ll note when you receive the Fuck Me Silly toy, it makes it feel close to the real thing. The high-quality Fanta Flesh material is soft to the touch but firm enough to hold its shape when you are using it. That’s basically one of the main differences that I found with this toy, compared to other cheaper alternatives which are just a lump of rubber with a pleasure hole.

You can use the Fuck Me Silly sex toy in various positions, ranging from the missionary to doggy-style. I like to put it at the edge of a table for a standing doggy style, but you can also try a cowgirl experience by laying on your back and placing it on top. Even better, you can enjoy a hands-free experience with a bit of practice.

Despite its simple design and solid build, cleaning the Pipedream Fuck Me Silly can be a little tricky because of its size. Additionally, you can’t get inner foam wet, but it comes with a toy cleaner to help you get the job done.

Pipedream Review Summary

By now, you should know I have an issue with nearly everything that seems faulty. While the toy is not perfect, it surely has some redeeming qualities that are worth your time. Let’s take a look:


  • Pleasantly surprised – With two separate sleeves, you can pull pout and slide into any hole without any notice or apologies afterwards.
  • Solid and weighty – The Pipedream Extreme weighs enough to take a pound like a champ – at least for a while depending on how hard you fuck.
  • Realistic experience – While the Fanta Flesh material isn’t the best I’ve seen, I stopped noticing that once I plunged my cock inside her curvy cavern.
  • Extra supplies – When you open the Fuck Me Silly sex toy, the box comes with a water-based lube to help you enjoy the masturbator, as well as a toy cleaner for maintaining it.
  • Adapts to your temperature – While most toys feel like a large lump of rubber, the Pipedream Extreme quickly adjusts to your body temperature thanks to the high-quality material lining its canals.
  • Springy material – As you push your cock through the toy luscious canals, the springy material feels good against your balls and crotch, allowing you to tap into the rhythm.


  • Oversimplified – The pipedream Fuck Me Silly has a very simple design, with no vibrators or other advanced features.
  • Looks fake – While the FantaFlesh material can give you a realistic feel, it’s no match for SuperSkin or even the CyberSkin.
  • Dirty Habits – Both the anal and vaginal canals connect to a single chamber, but there is no exit. That makes it hard to clean this male masturbator after use.
  • Noisy sex Featuring a foam material in the internal canals, the toy produced weird vacuum-like sounds when I thrusted down too hard. Additionally, it scoots across the bed or table when things start to get hot and rough.

Is the Pipedream Extreme Fuck Me Silly Worth It?

Having tried a long list of high-quality male masturbators as well as poor ones, I won’t convince you to fuck something that’s not worth it. Luckily, the Fuck Me Silly masturbator is as good as advertised for the most parts, except for the few struggles noted above. With that in mind, I would recommend this male masturbator for any man looking for good sex without the real thing.

What I like about the Fuck Me Silly is that the toy has enough weight and a smooth rear made of springy material that feels great while pounding it. The toy is pretty simple to use, but I would advise you to apply a generous amount of water-based lube before inserting your cock to avoid any injuries. Considering its design and performance, this male masturbator earns a 4.5-star rating on a scale of 5. It’s definitely worth your money and time!

Alternatives to the Fuck Me Silly Sex Toy

While this masturbator promises a number of superior features, not many are willing to invest over $400 in a sex toy. Additionally, most cheap alternatives in the market are made of low-quality materials that can’t offer the same pleasure or durability as the Fuck me Silly. Nevertheless, you can make all your sexual fantasies come true with the Fuck Me Silly 2 sex doll from Pipedream.

The Fuck Me Silly 2 is a realistic torso made of Fanta Flesh material just like its predecessor. It features a super slim waist, a luscious vagina and anus, as well as pert breasts to give it a realistic look and allow you to enjoy more kinks. Additionally, the anal and vaginal canals are deliciously ribbed to massage your cock with every thrust.

For easy cleaning, the Pipedream Extreme 2 Sex Doll features a hole on the underside and the whole sex toy is waterproof. That means you can use with ice or warm water for a more intense experience. Moreover, this masturbator retails for about $380, making it a few bucks cheaper than the Fuck Me Silly masturbator.