5+ Best Dildos for 2019

I picked the best dildos for this article based on testing, research and personal experience.
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After two years of comprehensive dildo reviews and sexology research, I have arrived at my choices for the 5 best overall dildos ever made. Not only do they offer incredibly performance for the money, but they will also last a lifetime.

Choosing the best dildos in their respective categories has been an incredibly fun process. At times, it was not easy. At times, it was even incredibly painful. Nonetheless, I feel incredibly blessed and happy that all this work has finally resulted in the article you are reading right now.

Using one of the best dildos
This what the daily life of a dildo reviewer looks like

In this article, I have summed up absolutely all of my thoughts and experiences from the last two years, and I will give some concrete recommendations based on my findings. On the top of this article, you will find a series of links, which point to those dildo review articles which I consider most important. 

There are dozens of categories of dildos on the market, and if a particular category is especially interesting to you, then check out the links on the top of the page.

For now, though, let’s see which dildos have stood the test of time, and earned the title of the best dildos ever made. Rest assured, if you are already an owner of one of these diamonds, then you are a lucky girl (or boy).

A Closer Look at the Best Dildos for 2019

My reviewing process for finding the best dildos for 2019 involved multiple steps. I have described my entire evaluation process for finding the best dildos in a separate article. Refer to my dildo buyer’s guide for more information on this subject.

Without further ado, let’s get right on to the topic at hand.

Here are the best dildos for 2019:

Best Dildo Overall: King Cock

The King Cock is my pick for the best dildo overall, thanks to its outstanding performance-to-price ratio.

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Best Dildo Overall: King Cock

Why we picked it: The King Cock has proven itself, time and time again, to be the most versatile and best-balanced dildo on the market. It does not cost hundreds of dollars like some, and it feels astonishingly lifelike. It’s truly the king of cocks!

Price: $54.99 on Lovehoney

Overview: After going through all of my past dildo reviews and analyzing my own thoughts, I realized quickly that I had featured the King Cock more times than any other dildo. If a dildo found its way into more than half of my “best of” articles, then it’s truly remarkable. The King Cock managed to do just that, and it’s not hard for me to see why.

Out of my entire dildo collection, the King Cock has seen by far the most use out of all of them. I’ll share you a little secret – I was enjoying my King Cock just yesterday. While I had $500 dildos at my disposal, I still ended up going with a dildo 10x cheaper. Why?

Well, it’s because the King Cock is the finest and most pleasurable dildo out there. Period. It’s not made from fancy silicone or overloaded with features, but none of that matters. What matters is that the King Cock feels absolutely superb, and it’s a must-have in every dildo enthusiasts collection. I highly recommend it as the best dildo overall.

Best Dildo with Vibrations: Fun Factory G5

The Fun Factory G5 Big Boss is just as easily a vibrator as it is a dildo. However, if you do consider it a dildo - then it's one of the best there is. It's powerful, it's comfortable to use, and its quality is the best in the world.

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Best Dildo with Vibrations: Fun Factory G5

Why we picked it: The Fun Factory G5 Big Boss is an absolutely superb piece of technology. Not only is it incredibly versatile, but it’s also one of the most powerful dildos I have ever tested. The power comes not only from the vibrations, but also from the creative design, which lets you hold the dildo through the ring at the bottom. It’s very comfortable to use, and both the material and the design of the G5 feel wholly premium.

Price: $134.99 on Lovehoney

Overview: The border between dildos and vibrators becomes blurry with the Fun Factory G5, as it manages to combine the two worlds in a brilliant fashion. The G5 is my newest and most favorite favorite vibrating dildo. In fact, I bought it so recently that I have not even had the opportunity to add it to my list of favorite vibrating dildos.

Once I do, however, it will undoubtedly take the #1 spot in the list, as I have been completely taken aback by the power, performance, and design of this dildo. It’s not exactly a traditional dildo because of its vibrations. However, if that does not bother you, then I can recommend the Fun Factory G5 Big Boss as the absolute best dildo for you. It’s immensely powerful, and incredibly fun to use.

Most Realistic: The RealCock 2

The RealCock 2 is a dildo unlike any other, with its large size and highly detailed design. It's the best dildo only for true dildo-experts, as it costs a premium.
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Most Realistic: the RealCock 2

Why we picked it: A better question would be – how could I NOT pick the RealCock 2? After all, it’s the finest fake penis the world has ever seen. It’s big, it’s incredibly realistic, and it feels better than any real man I have been with.

Price: $499 on RealDoll 

Overview: Just like the King Cock, the RealCock 2 is a dildo which I just can’t seem to stop raving on about. From the second I bought it, I realized that men are doomed. No penis I have ever experienced has come even close to the RealCock 2. And that’s no exaggeration.

With its bulky shaft, soft skin, ultra-detailed design, and oh-so-sweet size, the RealCock 2 is tough to beat. While the price tag will likely make you gasp at first glance, the moment you first enter this thing will surely make you gasp even louder. I can say this from personal experience.

If you truly want the best dildo for 2019 which money can buy, then I recommend to you the RealCock 2. It’s not for the fainthearted or for newbies, that’s for sure, but for the power-freaks, it’s an absolute masterpiece of a dildo. 

Get the DTF version of the RealCock 2 for the same price if you want to explore the wonders of pegging with your partner.

Best BBC Dildo: Vixen Mustang

If you believe that the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice, then the Vixen Mustang is the best dildo for you. It's black, it's juicy, and it's super sexy.

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Best BBC: Vixen Mustang

Why we picked it: I love the Vixen Mustang more than any other black dildo I own, and it’s for good reasons. Firstly, the skin of the Mustang is super detailed, and it feels eerily similar to a real penis. Secondly, the size is just right for me at 7 inches. And, finally, it just looks unbelievably sexy. Need I say more?

Price: $119.99 on Lovehoney

Overview: Although my black dildo collection is not as crazy as some of my friends, I can still say that I own close to a dozen of them. Sadly, a large portion of them have been disappointments. They have been big and bulky, but they have done nothing for me despite their size.

The Vixen Mustang, on the other hand, is an absolute performer despite its relatively small size. In fact, not only does it perform remarkably well, but it also looks way sexier than any of the 10+ inch black dildos I have in my drawers.

Size matters, but not as much as you might think. If you want a truly huge BBC, then you might want to get something like The Drencher. However, from my personal experience I can say that the Mustang outperforms most, if not all of the huge BBC dildos I have seen advertised online.

Get the Vixen Mustang if you want the best dildo for filling yourself up with sexy black mass.


Best Dildo That Squirts: Pop!

The Pop! ejaculating dildo has gained worldwide attention thanks to its unique features and effective design. It cums together with you, and it hits the sweet G-Spot beautifully.

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Best Squirter: Pop!

Why we picked it: The Pop! ejaculating dildo is one of the most fun dildos I have ever gotten my hands (and vagina) on. It feels like magic when your dildo cums at the same time as you, and you end a session absolutely covered in cum.

Price: $139.99 on Betty’s Toy Box

Overview: While the Pop! dildo may not be the best in terms of realism, size, or uniqueness, it certainly make up for all that in other categories. Namely, in the “fun” category. And, in the end, that’s what matters the most, isn’t it?

I don’t know about you, but I buy dildos only to have fun. I am not trying to imitate absolutely realistic sex, and I am definitely not trying to fit the biggest cock I can into myself without breaking my insides. Dildos are all about fun and pleasure – remember that!

The Pop! is, in fact, super fun to use, and I always become happy when I see the cute little thing fill with cum. Don’t get me wrong, though – I did not feature the Pop! only because of its fun factor and cuteness. This thing can certainly pack a punch, as I found that the curved tip fits snugly against my G-Spot, and this has always been the secret to powerful orgasms for me. 

All in all, the Pop! is certainly one of the most unique of the best dildos on this list. If you like the idea of filling yourself with drizzling cum while achieving powerful orgasms, then the Pop! should be on your list of dildos to buy in 2019.


Best Dildo for Men: Tantus Charmer

I reached out to my close friend and co-writer Justin for this pick. He is the biggest male sex toy expert I know, and he told me that the one and only best dildo for men which needs to be mentioned in this post is the Charmer.

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Best Dildo for Men: Tantus Charmer

Why we picked it: The Tantus Charmer is the perfect dildo for first forays into anal stimulation, as it’s slim design and ribbed texture massage the male backdoor with pinpoint accuracy.

Price: $42.99 on Lovehoney

Overview: As I know that men enjoy dildos just as much as women nowadays, I felt I had to feature a top pick for them as well. However, as a woman, I felt like I am not qualified to give a verdict on this topic, so I reached out to Justin for this verdict. Here are his exact words to me:

“Sadly the choice of male dildos is not yet on the same level as women’s. Therefore, it often makes sense to go for dildos initially intended for women, if men truly want the best dildo for themselves. However, there is an exception: the Tantus Charmer is a dildo specifically designed for men, and it’s superb. It’s super easy to insert, and it’s perfect for anal training. Even men who have never tried anal will find that they can handle the Charmer, as it’s designed to be unintimidating even for beginners. I love the Charmer.”

So, there you go – Justin has written an in-depth article on the best dildos for men, so check it out in order to learn more about his thoughts on this topic.