The first time I got my hands on a blow up doll was a magical moment and it opened a completely new world to me. Admittedly, I don’t use my blow up dolls as often anymore as I used to. The reason being my collection of the best sex dolls growing huge in recent years.

However, blow up dolls have, and will always have, certain advantages over regular sex dolls. The most important of which would have to be the price. Inflatable sex dolls are a cheaper alternative to regular sex dolls, and if you are unsure whether sex dolls are for you, then some of the blow up dolls on this list are excellent to start with. They are easy to store, they are easy to transport, and they are easy to hide from family (unlike a full-sized RealDoll).

Get yourself one, or get yourself an entire harem of the best blow up dolls. The choice is yours. Now, let’s get right to it – the best blow up doll currently available is…

#1. Horny Quella

Most realistic and best-performing inflatable doll

Horny Quella Inflatable Sex Doll

Price: $139.99 on Lovehoney

When it comes to the best blow up dolls, Quella has to take the top spot. She is by far the most popular blow up doll on the market right now, and it’s for good reason. She looks very realistic for a blow up doll, nothing like those cheap plastic dolls you will find in your local sex store.

Her hands, her face, her fingers, her hair – it’s all beautifully crafted, and most importantly, her vagina feels fantastic. Some good old lube goes a long way in making entering her easy, as she is a rather tight fit. Especially for bigger sized men.

Another advantage Quella has is that her anal and vaginal entries are completely separated. Some blow up dolls have separate holes, but they all end up in the same tunnel, making having separate holes relatively pointless. On Quella, however, you will feel the difference between the ass and the vagina very clearly.

Get Quella if you want the best of the best blow up doll. She costs a premium compared to some of the others on this list, but it’s for good reason. She is just fantastic.

#2. Asian Blow Up Doll

A great blow up doll for those on a tight budget

Realistic inflatable sex doll free shipping711732615.jpg

Price: $65.00 on Amiga Toy

This Asian blow up doll is currently the top-rated blow up doll on Amiga Toy and to me, it’s no surprise. She performed better than many of the $100+ dolls I own and she even looks more realistic. Shipping to the US took only 5 days for me, which is very impressive.

Her three holes all feel perfect, thanks to the high-quality silicone used inside her. Silicone is superior to all other materials when it comes to sex toys, as it feels smooth, realistic and is non-porous, meaning that it’s very hygienic and easily cleanable.She also comes in two different position choices: sitting and standing, so you should think which position you prefer.

If you want a cheap but excellent blow-up doll who will last you for years, then she is absolutely one of the best choices. She offers ecellent value for the money.

#3. Miko

A close second to Horny Quella in terms of overall performance

Miko Realistic Love Doll

Price: $169.95 on Adam & Eve

Miko is a very high-quality blow up doll with an entry for the mouth, the vagina, and the anus. Her vinyl skin is very soft and smooth, and her vagina and anus are made from TPR, which feels incredible. She is definitely ne of the most life-like blow up dolls in the world.

Her vagina is very deep, so men with big junks will find still find her very comfortable to use. Her breasts, face, hands and feet all feel incredibly realistic for a blow up sex doll. She is easily one of the best blow up dolls on the market right now, but she also comes at a premium price.

It’s up to personal taste whether you prefer Quella or Miko, as they are in a very similar price range. But finally, I decided to give the top place to Quella. Both of them are fantastic, though, so make your own choice. You really can’t go wrong with either of them.

#4. Realistic Inflated Sex Doll

Mid-range blow up doll with realistic facial features and a sexy body

Price: $69.00 on AmigaToy

She is one of the best blow up doll models on AmigaToy. In the picture, she is dressed in a sexy red lace robe but sadly, the costume does not come included in the package. However, what does come included in the package is an air pump and some lube, and it’s good enough! She has anal and vaginal cavities made from silicone, but personally, I was far more impressed by the Asian Blow Up Doll from Amiga Toy.

#5. Leticia

A premium blow up doll, which is outshined by Quella and Miko

Price: $179.99 on Lovehoney

Leticia is a classic. She is a top-rated blow up doll, due to her realistic features, high-quality body and realistic vaginal and anal holes. However, her vagina and anus cannot be removed, unlike some other models. She is one of the best blow up dolls in my collection, at least in terms of performance. She is pricey, though. Personally, I would pick Horny Quella over Leticia. Quella is more affordable, looks sexier and feels more realistic.

Leticia was too tight for me, so if you are a man with a big tool in your arsenal, you are going to need plenty of lube to enter her. Once you push yourself inside of her, however, you might just grow to love the tightness. Currently, as of the writing of this article, she is sold out, but keep your eyes open, eventually, she should be back on sale.

#6. Japan Anime Blow Up Sex Doll

Blow up doll with an anime appearance – very cute, but not as effective as the top 4

Japanese Hentai Pillow Doll by AmigaToy

Price: $89.00 on AmigaToy

This cute Japanese blow up pillow has a sexy and curvy body, and you can choose from four different looks. Her silicone pussy and ass feel very nice and soft. If you are a fan of Hentai this will definitely be one of the best blow up dolls for you. She has no mouth hole but her cute face more than makes up for it in my opinion.

If you are a fan of Hentai, then now is your chance to get in on the action. This Japanese blow up pillow looks exactly like one of those sexy schoolgirls from animes. You can choose from different looks, including a pretty brunette, a blonde, and a redhead, all dressed up in a tiny school uniform which will make you go crazy with lust, as you watch her asshole pop out of the skirts you give her. She is the best blow up doll for you if you want an anime blow up doll with a stunning and realistic body.

#7. BJ Betty Inflatable Doll

A great blow up doll for oral sex – but it’s very expensive

Price: $319.99 on Lovehoney

BJ Betty is a blow up doll designed to give the best blowjob experience possible. Just look at her mouth… it’s wide open and waiting for you! But… she is way too expensive, in my opinion. If she was $200 cheaper, I would probably title her as the best blow up doll. But, as it stands, she is just not worth the money. If blowjob are what you are after, then take a look at our article on the best blowjob machines. They are way cheaper and in almost all cases more effective than poor Betty here.

#8. Exotic and Erotic Inflatable Love Doll

Multifunctional blow up doll with three well designed holes

Price: $110.99 on Lovehoney

She is another good value pick, as she has all three cavities and they all feel fantastic. She has removable genitals, so the cleaning process is easy and effortless. Oral sex with her felt better than with many of the other blow up sex dolls I have ever tried and her ribbed vaginal canal felt great as well. There were no sharp edges anywhere and the overall build of this blow up doll is solid. She is a great choice, but she is currently out of stock and personally, I found other blow up dolls to be more effective and pleasurable.

#9. Tereza Barkley 3 Hole Doggy-Style Blow Up Doll

A cheap blow up doll – nothing fantastic but does the job

Price: $22.99 on Lovehoney

She is a cheap blow up doll. While she may not be as realistic as high-end picks, she does offer good value for the cheap price. If you want a bent over blow up sex doll for some nice doggy-style fucking, then go with Tereza Barkley. She will always wait for you in your bedroom, with her ass spread open! And… Tereza has a sister! She is just as “gorgeous” as her, but, unlike Tereza, she prefers standing instead of bending over. She is…

#10. Just Jugs 3 Hole Blow Up Sex Doll

Another cheap blow up doll – very similar to Tereza

Price: $22.99 on Lovehoney

If you prefer a standing position for your blow up sex doll, then go with the Just Jugs version. Personally, I enjoyed the doggy-style position much more (because let’s face it, you don’t want to look these monsters in the face while you are fucking them).

Why you should trust us

I have been reviewing sex dolls for about a year now, and every time I do, I try to go as deep as possible and find out every small bit of information out there. I look through various sex toy forums, internet articles, online reviews, customer reviews in order to find the truth. It’s easy to look at the picture of a blow up doll and say “this one is the best – she looks the sexiest on picture!”, but the reality is that the pictures are often very deceiving, and this is why there needs to be a comprehensive review of the best blow up dolls.

After trying out close to a dozen different blow up dolls in my life so far, I have gained an understanding of what I like and what I hate in blow up dolls. Not only this, but I have also bought myself multiple high-end silicone love dolls, which have cost me thousands of dollars. I have both horrible and fantastic blow up dolls in my “harem” and I want to share my findings with you, the readers.

Through these personal experiences and my love for research and writing, I put together this list of the best blow up dolls, in order to help you avoid the oh-so-many scammers out there.

Why get a blow up doll?

There are endless reasons to own a high-quality blow up doll. While they are not as realistic as dolls made from non-inflatable silicone, they are also astronomically cheaper.

Here are some reasons why you should get yourself one of the best blow up dolls on this list:

    • Inflatable love dolls are very cheap compared to their non-inflatable sisters. While silicone dolls can cost you more than $6000, blow up dolls can be found for as little as $20.
    • Blow up dolls are very easy to store and hide discreetly, and no one will ever find your balloon wife unless you plan to take her with you to work or school.
    • Blow up dolls make excellent gifts to your not-so-lucky friends who are in need of some loving. They will be laughing when they see your gift, but later they will be growling and grunting during the night with their new gift.
    • Inflatable dolls are easy to clean, hygienic and durable, as long as you follow the instructions written on the packaging.
    • The best blow up dolls feel surprisingly realistic, and with some lube, your masturbation sessions will be taken to a new and exciting level!

How to choose the best blow up doll

Material: The two most common materials used for blow up dolls are Latex and Vinyl. In some rare cases, you might even find TPR or Silicone blow up dolls, which are by far superior. However, they also tend to be more pricey. Some manufacturers have thought of a creative way of putting together blow up dolls – having genital parts made of silicone or TPR, and the rest of the blow up doll from something cheaper like PVC. As silicone feels fantastic, I can strongly recommend silicone blow up dolls.

Vinyl is great because it does not break easily and blow up dolls made from vinyl will last for years, as long as you use and clean them according to instructions. However, vinyl blow up dolls can develop dents and creases on the skin, giving the blow up doll an ugly and trashy look.

Latex blow up dolls are softer and the skin stays fresh for much longer, but I found that they also break much quicker than vinyl blow up dolls. With correct use, you can still get multiple years of lifespan from your doll, but you have to be more careful.

What to watch out for

NEVER buy blow up dolls from Amazon. It seems that every blow up doll seller on Amazon likes to put beautiful pictures of their products, in order to lure in clueless customers. I have purchased two top-rated blow up dolls from Amazon, but they both were nothing like what I expected. I have doubts that the product photos are not taken of the same product which is sold. You are much better off buying from trusted online retailers like AmigaToy, Lovehoney or Adam&Eve, which is also why all of my recommendations can be bought from these sites. ALWAYS buy your

ALWAYS buy your blow up dolls from a reputable seller. Cheap blow up dolls from unknown Chinese sellers are not the way to go. They will make your dick bleed and leave you more sexually frustrated than ever before.

I have already taken all of this into consideration when choosing the best blow up dolls for this list, so rest assured, if you buy any of my recommendations, you will not get scammed. If you want to buy a blow up doll which is not on this list, however, then be careful and choose wisely.

How we picked and tested

To evaluate the best blow up dolls on the market right now as accurately as possible, I compared all of the top-rated blow up dolls against each other. In doing this, I had created an effective ranking of all the models out there. Since there are no similar lists (at least none which are unbiased) out there, I could not compare my findings with anyone else’s, but I am very happy with my results. The best blow up dolls did, in fact, get the top spots! Tiffany in particular performed excellently overall, which is also why I put her on the top as the best blow up doll.

I tested all of the best blow up doll models in five basic categories:

Design: Do you want a life-size blow up doll? An inflatable sex pillow? There are many different design options out there for blow up dolls, and which one is the best is difficult to say, as they don’t directly compete with each other. However, what I could rate in terms of design was the quality of the build. All too often I see blow up dolls with greases and dents inside the genital areas, which create friction during penetration and make your dick hurt very quickly. Nothing is worse than the feeling of spending $100 on a blow up doll, having it arrive in your home, taking it out for a spin and then being in terrible pain before even climaxing. Once again, buy from reputable sellers!

Durability: Durability is often a big problem with even the top-rated blow up dolls. Any sharp object in your room could penetrate the skin of the blow up sex doll and make it deflate in seconds. I have had this happen twice already, and you can probably imagine how tragic of a feeling it is when your balloon wife dies in front of you. Therefore, I made durability another one of my top priorities in rating all of the best blow up dolls.

Sex performance: Naturally, this is THE most important factor in choosing a blow up doll. In order for me to consider a blop up doll to perform well in bed, it needed to have high-quality anal and vaginal cavities. Silicone inflatable love dolls and TRP inflatable sex dolls got the most points in this category, as they always feel the most pleasing. PVC vaginas and anuses feel very disappointing (and sometimes even dangerous) compared to high-quality TPR and silicone designs.

Looks:  For me personally, I don’t consider realism in blow up dolls to be the top priority, because let’s face it, even the expensive ones don’t look too much like real humans. Instead, when it comes to looks, I focus on the body position of a blow up doll and the looks of the vagina (some are very detailed and look real, while others are literally just a round hole between the legs). My number one pick, however, had the most beautiful face out of all the blow up dolls, so maybe I am lying to myself by saying I did not care for realistic faces.

Price: Usually the first thing people look at (including me). In order to justify a high price, a blow up doll also needed to bring some extra features to the table. Expensive blow up dolls which cost over $200 were not featured on this list if they did not perform any better than $100 blow up dolls, even if they were relatively good. I found that the best value picks for blow up dolls seemed to be in the $100 dollar area. For this price, you can get a realistic blow up doll with excellent cavities. In most cases, I believe spending over $250 on an inflatable sex doll is not justified. You are better off gathering some more money and buying an actual silicone doll in this case.


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