After finishing my review of all of the best Fleshlights just recently, I decided to keep going, in order to become the true King of Fleshlights. There are just so many excellent Fleshlight products out there, that I can’t seem to stop myself from writing about them. For this time, I decided to create a comprehensive review of all of the best Fleshlight sleeves which are currently available. If you want to use one of these sleeves and you don’t own a Fleshlight case, then I suggest you buy one. Using Fleshlights without a case is possible, but I would still recommend getting yourself a case for maximum comfort during use.

The Best Fleshlight Sleeves

Throughout the last few years, I have tried and tested almost every single Fleshlight product out there. However, even in this case, it was rather difficult to rank them one against another. Fleshlight sleeves are often vastly different from one another, and they serve different purposes. The best Fleshlight sleeve for first-time buyers is often very different from the best Fleshlight sleeve for advanced users.

Personally, as an advanced Fleshlight enthusiast, I am a fan of strong stimulation and power above all else. So, my choices for the best Fleshlight Inserts were also slightly biased around this fact. The best Fleshlight texture for me was the most intense out of all of them, and it was the…

1. Fleshlight Destroya

Modeled after the pornstar Stoya, this Fleshlight sleeve combines tightness, intense stimulation, and big variance between the chambers. It’s the best Fleshlight sleeve in the world for advanced users.

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The Destroya is an absolute beast, worthy of its name. This Fleshlight sleeve features numerous chambers of multiple different sizes and textures, each giving a unique way of stimulation.

When you first insert yourself into the sleeve, it feels super tight. Once you pass through to the second chamber, you are greeted by a wider ball-shaped chamber full of spikes, which feel super intense. These spikes stimulate the head of the penis from every possible angle, and they the main reason why I consider this the best Fleshlight sleeve ever. If you somehow manage to survive through the intensity of the spikes, you are quickly greeted by three knobs, which feel like a deepthroat fucking. And, as if it was not enough already, in the end, you have another tight canal waiting for you.

This Fleshlight sleeve is absolutely crazy. It’s not hard at all to see why almost every Fleshlight reviewer has ranked it as the absolutely best Fleshlight texture. I can recommend this sleeve to anyone looking for a great combination of intensity, tightness, and power. This texture might be a bit overwhelming for newcomers, though. Therefore, if you are looking for a slightly easier ride, check out the second best Fleshlight sleeve, the…

2. Fleshlight Mini Lotus

The best-selling Fleshlight sleeve Mini Lotus is an excellent pick for newcomers and first-time buyers. It’s very enjoyable throughout the different chambers, and it’s not as overwhelming as the Destroya.

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The Mini Lotus is the new and improved design of an older Fleshlight sleeve – the classic Lotus. The upgraded version, the Mini Lotus, comes with the Lotus node relocated to the forward area of the insert. If you’re wondering what the Lotus node is, then take a look at the beginning part of the insert, on the left. It’s the section of chambers in the shape of a Lotus flower. This chamber is the area which gives this Fleshlight sleeve it’s unique feel. 

The new location of the Lotus node gives extra stimulation during penetration. Every time you slide in and out of the sleeve, you will feel your penis being caressed and massaged along the shaft. This feeling is not super intense, but it’s still more than enough to make most men orgasm within a minute. This Fleshlight sleeve also has five chambers in the back end, giving it an extra strong suction effect. 

All in all, it’s not the most intense Fleshlight sleeve out there, but it’s definitely one worth having in your collection. I would consider the Mini Lots to be the best Fleshlight sleeve for newcomers, and also for men with a short to average sized penis. While larger men will fit inside the sleeve also, they will not, however, get the full stimulation from the chambers, because they are rather small compared to something like the Destroya.

3. Fleshlight Wonder Wave

A simple Fleshlight texture which never gets old. If you want the most realistic Fleshlight texture, then this is the best Fleshlight texture choice for you.

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The Wonder Wave brings a simple but very effective design to the table. It’s the most realistic Fleshlight texture, as it does not have any crazy chambers or spikes inside of it, unlike most others. It’s not the most intense, but it’s still an excellent choice for both newcomers and advanced users.

The internal texture consists of continuous wavy chambers. The feeling of sliding from one chamber to the next during a masturbation session feels great, and while it’s not the most intense feeling Fleshlight Insert, it’s still one of my favorites. The Wonder Wave has a very strong suction effect which goes a long way into making this Fleshlight sleeve super enjoyable and realistic. 

If you are looking for the most realistic Fleshlight sleeve, which is not overly tight or stimulating, then give the Wonder Wave a consideration. It might not be the most stimulating, but it’s certainly one of the most enjoyable out of this Fleshlight sleeve review.

4. Fleshlight Vortex

Another one of the best Fleshlight sleeves in terms of intensity and stimulation. It’s not as powerful as the Destroya and it lacks variance, but it’s still easily one of the best Fleshlight textures out there for advanced users.

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Next up, we have the Fleshlight Vortex. It’s another Fleshlight sleeve designed for maximum intensity and stimulation. It achieves this intensity through the four spiral-patterned chambers inside the sleeve. As you slide from one chamber to the next, you will feel the spirals wrapping around your penis, creating a sensation similar to a tongue rolling around your cock during a blowjob.

The effect feels very enjoyable, but I was a bit disappointed by the lack of variance between the different chambers. If I am in the mood for the best Fleshlight sleeve in terms of intensity, then I usually end up going for the Destroya for this reason. Different chambers working together feel very different than just the same pattern repeated four times. Personally, I enjoy such variance, but even without this variance, the Vortex performs remarkably well.

5. Fleshlight Speed Bump

A bumpy Fleshlight texture designed for newcomers. It’s nice, but it lacks variance, as it has the same spikey and bumpy texture throughout the entire sleeve.

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This is sort of the jack-of-all-trades in the world of Fleshlights. It’s not too tight and not too loose. If you are not sure exactly how much tightness you want on your Fleshlight Insert, then the Speed Bump might just be a good starting point for you. However, advanced users might be a bit disappointed by it, as it’s not nearly as intense as some of the other top-rated Fleshlight sleeves on this list.

The texture of the Speed Bump Fleshlight consists of many bumps and spikes, which are designed to stimulate the shaft of the penis. This effect is very pleasurable, but it is not as intense as the other best Fleshlight Sleeves I have mentioned above. The Speed Bump Fleshlight, similarly to the Fleshlight STU, is great for stamina building, as the intensity of the sensations is not overwhelming. You will be able to edge yourself over and over without orgasming until you finally hit the wonderful climax. 

I would recommend the Speed Bump as the best Fleshlight texture for those of you looking to experience a smooth and enjoyable ride. It’s nothing overwhelming, but it’s still worth a mention in this Fleshlight sleeve review.

6. Fleshlight Heavenly

The Heavenly is a Fleshlight sleeve with a tight design full of different chambers of varying intensity. It’s nice, but it’s outshined by the alternatives in this best Fleshlight sleeve review.

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The Heavenly Fleshlight is the tightest insert on this best Fleshlight Insert review. As you can see from the pictures, the starting point of the Heavenly Fleshlight is very tight – tighter than the most virgin of virgins. Once you slide past the initial tightness, you will be greeted by a chamber similar to the Lotus node. You will feel a widening in the chamber once you push past the initial tightness. And, just when you got comfortable in that wide space, you will be greeted with some more tight corners at the end of the sleeve.

The way this Fleshlight texture combines tight and wide areas is very enjoyable. However, I could not help but compare it to the Fleshlight Destroya, as the two are very similar. The Destroya feels much more intense overall. Because of this, I consider the Destroya to be the far superior Fleshlight Insert out of the two. The Heavenly is good, and it deserved a place on this list of the best Fleshlight sleeves. But it’s not THE best. Definitely not.

7. Fleshlight Super Tight

The Super Tight was designed to feel exactly like a good anal fucking, but I found it to be rather disappointing overall. It’s not as intense as you would wish, and the straight-lined texture needs more variance.

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Contrary to what the name of this Fleshlight sleeve would suggest, there is nothing super about it. It’s definitely a tight one, but the tightness alone does not do much in the sense of pleasure. Sticking your dick over and over into the same tight space feels nice at first, but it quickly becomes redundant, as there is an absolute lack of any kind of variance in this sleeve.

If tightness is the only thing which you care about, then go ahead and get it. But if you really want the overall best Fleshlight sleeve experience, then I strongly recommend you to check out the alternatives on this sleeve review. There really are far better choices out there than the Super Tight.


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