Best Anal Fleshlights

It’s time to be united with the asshole of your dreams, by buying yourself one of the best anal Fleshlights in the world. Rejoice, as most of these asses belong to Pornstars you already know and love. Want to fuck Riley Reid in the ass? Well, then keep reading!

For those of you who want to buy an anal Fleshlight for yourself, I have added links to all the models I talk about in this review. Note though, that the prices listed are for the sleeves only. If it’s your first Fleshlight and you have no outer Fleshlight case to put the sleeve inside, then you will need to pay about $15 extra for a case. You can use the sleeves without a case, but it’s not as comfortable. Sleeves get slippery with lube, and the outer case helps with grip. The $15 is totally worth the investment if you ask me, but if you really want to save some bucks, you can just bypass it.

Best Anal Fleshlights of 2018

The majority of the best anal Fleshlights on this list are part of the Fleshlight girls collections. Therefore, they are replicas of real Pornstar anuses. They feel real, they feel intense, and they are all tight-tight-tight!

1. EUPHORIA – Riley Reid – Best Overall Anal Fleshlight

Euphoria - Best Overall Anal Fleshlight

Price: $54.95 from Fleshlight

Who it’s For: All Sizes

It’s Riley Reid’s asshole! It’s one of the tightest Fleshlights on this list and also, in my opinion, the best overall anal Fleshlight available. The main reason why I love it so much is the design of it. The entryway is wide enough to push through easily, but once you push onward, it gets tighter and tighter. This effect feels way better than a Fleshlight which is tight from the very beginning. That is because you are almost never fully pulling out your cock out of a Fleshlight during use.

In the case of Euphoria, the tightness is in the ending of the Fleshlight, and you feel that sense of entering a tight space over and over. Even if you only push yourself halfway, you will feel that sense of tightness. It feels absolutely incredible, and as the entryway is wide enough to fit most penis sizes, even larger-sized men should not be afraid of the Euphoria sleeve. it’s my number one pick as the best anal fleshlight for men of all sizes.

2. EPIC – Stoya – Best Anal Fleshlight for Large-Sized Men

Epic - Best Anal Fleshlight For Large-Sized Men

Price: $54.95 from Fleshlight

Who it’s For: Large Sizes

The Epic anal fleshlight from Stoya is another all-around fantastic pick. It features demonic bumps, ridges, and canals one after another, resulting in a truly wild ride. It may not be the tightest Fleshlight on this list, but it’s certainly one of the most intense. For those of you with a large-sized penis, it’s one of my top recommendations as the best anal Fleshlight for you. That is because it’s not as difficult to enter as most others on this list, but it more than makes up for the lack of tightness with it’s crazy patterns. Stoya also earned the title of the best Fleshlight girl in my review of the top Pornstar Fleshlights.

3. LIT – Riley Steele

Lit Anal Fleshlight

Price: $54.95 from Fleshlight

Who it’s For: All Sizes

Riley is a super cute blonde Pornstar, and her anal Fleshlight is absolutely bonkers. Just look at that thing! It’s full of spirals, nubs, ridges, spirals… everything! It seems like the person who designed her anus wanted all men who fuck her to pass out from all the extra stimulation. I’m not one to complain, but I definitely can’t recommend the Lit sleeve to the lighthearted. If, however, you like some crazy stimulation from all corners, then get Riley Steele’s sleeve – the Lit. You will definitely not be disappointed!

4. SIREN – Anikka Albrite

Siren Anal Fleshlight

Price: $54.95 from Fleshlight

Who it’s For: All Sizes

Modeled after the butt of the anal queen Anikka Albrite, the Siren anal Fleshlight sleeve is a sight to behold. The initial entryway is incredibly tight but not so tight that it becomes uncomfortable. Once you manage to push yourself past the entryway into the center part of the Siren, you will rejoice as you have some room to play with. And then… BAM! Another tight wall is waiting for you… and by the time you realize what has happened… you will be passed out on the floor with a cum-filled Fleshlight.

5. Classic Pink Butt

Classic Pink Butt Anal Fleshlight

Price: $59.95 from Fleshlight (includes case)

Who it’s For: Small Sizes

The Classic series of Fleshlights is the series that started it all. It shot the Fleshlight franchise into stardom and cemented the brand as one of the top male sex toy manufacturers in the world. But, is it still able to compete with its newer alternatives?

Well, kind of. But it’s a bit too bland and uninspiring for me at this point. When I first bought the Pink Butt, I thought it was the most incredible invention ever. But now that my Fleshlight collection has exploded into dozens of products, I have realized that the internal texture of the Pink Butt feels rather boring compared to the others. As your very first anal Fleshlight, it’s a decent choice, but if you want something truly intense, then I suggest you consider some of the other top picks in this anal Fleshlight review.

6. TORNADO – Alexis Texas

Tornado Anal Fleshlight

Price: $54.95 from Fleshlight

Who it’s For: All Sizes

If you want to experience the rollercoaster of emotions that is the butt of Alexis Texas, then you have found your calling. This anal Fleshlight is the best for those of you who like to be sucked deeper and deeper into a tight asshole, without any chance of escaping. That is the feeling I get when I use the Texas Tornado sleeve, and I must say – it’s pretty wild. It does not have very high variation between chambers, but I can still recommend it as one of the top anal Fleshlights currently available.

7. SAVAGE – Lisa Ann

Savage Anal Fleshlight

Price: $54.95 from Fleshlight

Who it’s For: Small-to-Average Sizes

Worthy of its name, the Savage anal Fleshlight has truly barbaric curves and spirals. It’s designed to showcase intensity not only through tightness but also through the numerous patterns which stimulate your penis from multiple angles. An ambitious strategy, but it’s not without its flaws. For me, the overall enjoyment was not on par with some of the alternative top anal Fleshlights on this list. It feels great, for sure, but I found that it lacks both tightness and intensity. I am sort of a power-freak, though, so if you prefer milder rides, then go with the Savage.

8. LUST – Jenna Haze

Lust Anal Fleshlight

Price: $54.95 from Fleshlight

Who it’s For: Small-to-Average Sizes

The anal Fleshlight modeled after Jenna Haze is another superb product to consider. It starts off rather tight, so the feeling of entering into Jenna’s ass is very realistic. But, once you get past the initial tight entryway, you have no time to relax, as the tunnel just keeps getting tighter and tighter. Not only that, but these tight hallways are full of bumps and ridges, so the overall intensity of this anal Fleshlight should not be underestimated. It feels great, but for larger-sized men I would not recommend it.

9. BULLETPROOF – Teagan Presley

Bulletproof Anal Fleshlight

Price: $54.95 from Fleshlight

Who it’s For: All Sizes

The Bulletproof is not my favorite anal Fleshlight. It repeats the same wavy pattern throughout the entire sleeve, and while the effect is nice, it needs more variation. In addition, an anal Fleshlight should have a tighter entryway – after all, isn’t that the primary pleasure we get from anal… a tight entry? If you really have nothing else to choose from at this point, then you might want to consider the Bulletproof, but I would still recommend you to try out the alternatives on this list. There are far superior anal Fleshlights out there.

10. ENTICE – Angela White

Entice Anal Fleshlight

Price: $54.95 from Fleshlight

Who it’s For: No one

While this anal Fleshlight seemed really exciting to me at first, I quickly realized that the pattern is rather boring. For an anal Fleshlight, the entryway is too wide – feels more like a gaping asshole than a tight butt. Also, while the second part of the sleeve gets considerably tighter, it still has the same exact pattern, so the added tightness does little to add to the overall stimulation. I am not a big fan of this one, but if you think it will float your boat, then don’t let me stop you.

How to Buy an Anal Fleshlight

Shopping for a new anal Fleshlight may not be rocket science, but finding the best one for your needs still requires some thinking and analysis. Going for the tightest Fleshlight ever may seem like an easy solution, but oftentimes it’s not the smartest idea. That is because the size of your penis plays a major role in the enjoyability of your Fleshlight. If you truly want the best anal Fleshlight possible, then choose a model according to your size. In doing that, you really can’t go wrong with your anal Fleshlight purchase.

To help you out, I filtered each anal Fleshlight according to sizes, so you will see clearly which ones are meant for small junks, which are meant for elephant junks, and which are good for everyone.

If you would like to find out more about buying a Fleshlight, then read one of my previous reviews. There I highlighted all key aspects which should be taken into consideration when buying a new Fleshlight.


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