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Maybe the title of this post made you confused or scared at first… furry sex dolls? What the hell, right? Why would you want to buy any sex doll, let alone a furry plush sex doll? Well, the truth is, that whether you like it or not, sex dolls are here to stay, and so is the furry community. Unlike what some people think, furries are not just social rejects, in reality, they are surgeons, air pilots, lawyers, most likely even presidents! I have been a part of this warm and fuzzy community for years now, and as I am known to love all things anthropomorphic, I was asked to write a review of the best furry sex dolls out there. Grab a cup of tea, sit back, and see what we have to choose from. I will keep this list updated as I find new and better models out there.

 #1. Kemono Hime Animal Sex Dolls

Kemono Hime Animal Princess Sex Doll

Check pricing on KanojoToys

These are by far my favorite furry plush dolls. They are all cute girls, with breasts, long fluffy tails, and an Onahole ouch between the legs, where you can insert an Onahole of your liking. Don’t know which Onahole to get? Don’t worry! I got you covered! Check out the current selection of furry Onaholes right here. The Kemono Hime Animal Sex Dolls are all shipped from Japan.

#2. Kitsuno

Kemono Hime Animal Princess Sex Doll

JPY 64,800 (~$579) on KanojoToys

Heres a foxy little thing! Kitsuno is a brown fox furry plush doll with wide hips, a long fluffy tail, big paws and the softest fur coat in the world. Like any self-respecting fox, she has a clever and suspicious look in his eyes. Don’t be afraid though, as she is a friendly little furball.

Kitsuno is the first furry sex doll in the Kemono Hime selection. She has a cavity in just the right place, which will fit any Onahole you have. However, when you buy Kitsuno you will not get an Onahole in the package, so you will have to choose an Onahole design along with the fox. To help you find the best furry Onahole to go along with Kitsune, I highlighted some of my favorites here (______)

Bring Kitsune home with you, if you want a sexy, foxy, horny furball to play around with.

#3. Anya

Kemono Hime Animal Princess Sex Doll

JPY 78,600 (~$690) on KanojoToys

Next up in the Kemono Hime animal sex doll collection is Anya – a gray, puffy lion! Okay, maybe she is not a real lion physically, but she is definitely a lion in her heart. If you are a fan of a good “neko”, then Anya will be the perfect companion for you!

This furry sex doll also requires a separate Onahole, so if you buy her, make sure you either have an Onahole ready for her, or order one together with her. KanojoToys has an excellent selection of furry Onaholes, so I would advise you to buy them together. You will save on time and shipping costs this way.

Best furry Onaholes

Here I will list some of my favorite furry Onahole designs to go along with the best furry plush of your choice. They are all made from high-quality TPE, which feels incredibly smooth and realistic to the touch. Trust me, they feel fantastic!

#1. Dekoboko Moo Moo

Dekoboko Moo Moo Catgirl Onahole

JPY 4,080 (~$36) on KanojoToys

High-quality furry Onahole made from smooth TPE. Best value you can get because of the strong stimulation and fantastic design. Moo moo!

This is, in my opinion, the best furry Onahole in existence. It’s made from high-quality TPE, which feels very soft and realistic, just like a real vagina. What sets Onaholes apart is mostly the inside texture, and the internal ridges and ribs on the Dekoboko feel incredible. They stimulate the penis from every angle at once, and it brought me the most intense climax of my life the first time I used it. Truly a fantastic product.

#2. Neko Musume Maonyan

Neko Musume Maonyan Catgirl Onahole

JPY 3,360 (~$30) on KanojoToys

Another fantastic choice. Less stimulating, but incredibly sexy! It’s tight, just like the body of a true waifu.

This furry Onahole is another great pick. While I did not find it as stimulating as the Dekoboko, it definitely took the cake when it comes to sexy design. Just look at it! It looks like the body of a petite girl, and if you ever use it outside of your furry sex doll, you will love glancing at the sexy body while you are pounding away on it. This furry Onahole is easy to push into at first, but when you are greeted by the second entrance inside, you will feel some very nice tightness. As you slide in and out of the second entrance, you will know what catgirls are capable of!

#3. Kedamono Friends

Kedamono Friends Catgirl Onahole

JPY 1440 (~$12) on KanojoToys

A decent budget pick. While it’s not as sexy or stimulating as the first two little beasts on this list, it still offers great value for the cheap price.

This catgirl Onahole is a cheaper alternative to the first two. It has a very simple, linear design and there are no crazy ridges or spirals inside, unlike the Dekoboko. It’s not as stimulating as the first two, but if you want something simple as a first try, then it’s a decent choice. It was made in honor of the popular Kemono friends game. What a creative tribute to a game! I have to say, I love it! I would love to see more furry sex dolls and Onaholes created after popular figures.

Shipping & Packaging

Many of my friends are afraid of buying furry sex dolls for just one reason – they are afraid of being judged and having their package found. From personal experience, I can say that there is no reason to worry about this. All of these furry sex dolls are sent out in packages which have no markings. There are no “FURRY” signs on them, and nothing to indicate that there is a sex toy inside. All of the packages are very discreet and even the life-size furry sex doll from SexyRealSexDolls is packaged in such a way that no one, not even the mailman, will have any idea what is inside.

I have close to a hundred sex toys in my collection by now, and absolutely no one (well, except you, the readers!) has any idea that I own even one of them. Therefore, don’t be afraid and do what you want! Life is too short to be worried about others!

A quick word on hygiene

Maintaining good hygiene is essential to making your furry sex doll stay fresh and usable for a long time. Whether you have the full-sized furry sex doll or one of the Kemono Hime animal love plushies, you should make sure that you clean your toy after each use. If you don’t, the toy will start stinking very quickly and once you have a stinky toy, it kills any enjoyment you get out of it.

The most simple way to wash the furry Onaholes is to rinse them thoroughly with water and soap. Depending on the Onahole you buy, you might be able to flip them inside out, allowing for much easier cleaning.

Rinse the toy with water a couple of times, then wash the outside with soap, rinse the outside and wash the inside with soap as well. Scrubbing it with your fingers will help get any dirt loose. You might want to use soap one or two more times, depending on how dirty it is (wash extra thoroughly if you have been lazy and have not washed it in a while).

To dry the furry plush doll, pat the outside dry with a towel, squeeze the water out strongly.By the end of the cleaning process, there should be almost no water at all left inside the toy. If there are some areas which you can’t easily access, then wrapping a piece of microfiber cloth or a towel on the end of a stick works well. Be careful, though, as you don’t want to poke it too enthusiastically (you might poke through the soft material).

The washing process only takes a minute or two and doing it regularly will make a world of difference, trust me.

If you maintain your furry sex doll properly, it will last you for years without showing any signs of breaking. While the furry Onahole might break eventually, the actual furry sex doll should never break, as they are built from high-quality materials which don’t break easily.


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