Want to get your hands on a high-end silicone sex doll? Or perhaps you want to create your own custom doll? This is your guy. 

The sex doll industry has seen incredible growth in the last few years. It is an industry which is full of incredible creativity and passion, but also a social stigma. Premium sex dolls look completely photorealistic at this point, and this weirds many people out. Crossing the infamous uncanny valley will always invite criticism from those unaware, but there is no doubt that the sex doll industry will keep seeing explosive growth in the next decade.

We decided to reach out directly to those on the forefront of this growth, by getting in touch with SexyRealSexDolls, an online sex doll store which currently has an impressively wide selection of options, with over 250 unique high-end models for sale. They were kind enough to give us an interview, and we are stoked to begin!

How did the SexyRealSexDolls store find such success in a short amount of time, with all the competition going around? Here is what Joe from SexyRealSexDolls had to say about everything regarding sex dolls.

She is Nancy, a sex doll on SexyRealSexDolls

CYBERDEAR: How did the SexyRealSexDoll website get started? What was the motivation behind it?

JOE: Sex dolls are still taboo and nobody really wants to talk about them. However, the reality is, that nowadays we are more connected than ever before through technology, but at the same time, we are getting more and more disconnected from each other, resulting in loneliness and struggles with social relationships.

Sex dolls aren’t made just for sexual purposes. Most of our customers develop an emotional relationship with them and we receive letters of gratitude every week from customers who are grateful to us because our sex dolls changed their lives and emotional wellbeing completely. A sex doll can solve that emotional or affectional need, they can provide companionship and they have been helping both men and women improve their relationships. We have plenty of incredible stories on our blog.

I see that your doll selection has grown into one of the largest in the industry. Where did you find all these sex dolls?

We manufacture our own dolls based on the needs and desires of our customers, and we also sell sex dolls manufactured by other well-known brands. We agree with you that we have the most extensive doll bodies selection online, with a wide selection of pre-built dolls and endless customization options to build your own doll. This shows our dedication to provide our customers exactly that doll which they would want as a companion. Dolls are leaving that social stigma status and are becoming more popular these days. New technologies allow us to create even more realistic looking models. We even have some sex robots and we are working on even more advanced designs for the future. 

Sex doll brothels have been gaining popularity in the world. How do you feel about them?

We have been contacted by numerous brothels and we have even supplied to some, but what most people don’t know is that most of them have already closed at this point. In our opinion, dolls aren’t designed for that type of industry. The customers of such businesses will do anything they want with the doll, without caring for its safety. This brings many problems. Dolls can be delicate, so in most cases, the dolls will be broken after 1 or 2 customers. This will never happen to a personal doll which is cared for and maintained properly. Someone who is renting a doll for one hour doesn’t really care about this and will most probably destroy the doll. You can check the news to see how the first Sex Doll Brothel in Spain already closed its doors. If you really want a doll, you have to treat it well and care about it, this way the doll will last for many years. We have seen this with many of our customers.

Sex dolls are becoming more and more realistic every single month. What do you think sex dolls will look like in 10 years?

They will be more intelligent than humans… they won’t be just dolls anymore, but instead, they will be robots with artificial intelligence. We are not saying that they are designed to replace anyone and we cannot condone the objectification of women. However, the sex doll industry is always continuously challenging itself to make the dolls as realistic as possible, to make them like a real woman in every way. At the moment, we are working on artificial intelligence for sex dolls which can carry out a natural conversation, together with facial expressions. It will be capable of having sensual conversations and telling all kinds of naughty jokes. It will be launched soon and this gives us some idea of where we will be going in the next 10 years.

Sex doll owners are always debating whether TPE or Silicone is a better choice. What do you think?

Both materials are great, and I always suggest to just forget about the material and focus on picking body and face designs which you like the most. What I can say is that silicone is a durable material, and of course, silicone dolls have the upper hand on durability. At first, there were only silicone dolls available, but the industry kept on growing and TPE was produced. Basically, Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) is a mixture of polyvinyl chloride and silicone. This material enhances the look and feel of the doll, and you could say that the realism of TPE sex dolls is greater than their silicone counterparts. If durability is your top priority, then go for silicone, but if you desire your doll to have a more realistic look and feel, then choose a TPE doll. It’s like with iron and gold – iron has more durability but gold looks more beautiful. Beauty comes at a cost and overall I would recommend TPE over silicone.

Viola, an ultrarealistic sex doll on SexyRealSexDolls

What recommendations would you give to someone, who is looking to buy the very first sex doll in their life?

If I was a person wanting to buy a sex doll for the very first time, then I would consider the following factors:

• Budget
• Material
• Size & Height of the sex doll
• Shape and Figure (I want her body to be like J LO)
• Customizations options with which I want to customize the body (e.g. Hairs, Color of Eyes, Skin color)
• Shipping & Handling
• Look for a trusted and reputable doll vendor who has proven success in building and delivering dolls

So, I would cover as many of these topics as much as I can for my first doll, to get exactly that product which I desired for.

Do you have any personal tips or tricks for hiding a life-size sex doll, when it’s not being used? I know many people who are afraid of buying a sex doll only because they think it will be found by their family or friends.

Closets are a simple, effective and cheap storing method. Most people use closets to store their sex dolls. The most effective method of storing a doll inside a closet is by hanging from a closet bar. This way you can preserve all of the body parts of the doll and neither the butt nor the breasts will not flatten.

Why do you think so many people feel ashamed when buying a sex doll? Where does this unnecessary stigma come from?

Traditionally, most likely for cultural and religious reasons, everything related to sex has been taboo. Most customers still feel uneasy when purchasing a sex doll, but the reality is, that the sex doll community is bigger than what most people think and dolls have been changing many lives for the better. We hope to see this stigma fading away soon as dolls are becoming more mainstream.

Do you have a personal favorite sex doll on your website?

I like every sex doll which is displayed at the SexyRealSexDolls store. Or maybe more accurate would be to say that we only sell the sex dolls which we like the most. As every doll has a different personality and a unique design, you can always find something to like about them. I really do like them all.

What is in the future for SexyRealSexDolls?

We are working hard to release new models in the store every month and to offer the best products for our customers. The future is always difficult to predict, but we are confident that we will see sex doll robots and that sex dolls will become completely mainstream, and the social stigma surrounding them will disappear with time.

We hope you enjoyed this interview with the leaders of the sex doll industry. If you wish to find out more about SexyRealSexDolls and their selection of dolls, take a look at their website. They offer free international shipping in a stealthy and discreet crate to all customers.


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