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Finding the right products to improve your sexual performance is by no means a modern occurrence, with aphrodisiacs and similar items stretching back hundreds of years. For example, seafood was seen as containing aphrodisiac qualities in Ancient Greece due to the legend of Aphrodite rising from the sea, and the need to improve sexual performance has persisted.

Of course, in the modern era, we have a bit of a better idea of what will help us make our genitals bigger or more vigorous, and we can rest assured that they’ll work in the first place. One of the more popular options that are used to improve the size and performance of your private parts is finding the best penis pump, something we’ll be helping you with.

Over the course of this guide, we’ll be covering ten of the best penis pumps on the market. Our reviews will be split into two sections, the first of which will contain the overall victors in the competition, and the latter of which will feature the five best budget penis pumps.

You may be wondering why we’re presenting such a wide range of penis pumps, and it is so that every one of our readers can find the perfect product for their needs. In addition, we’ll be presenting some buying advice so that you will know what to look for in the best penis pump.

Without any further delay, let’s get right into our reviews of the top 5 overall penis pumps.

Top 5 Overall Penis Pumps

Best Overall Penis Pump – Hydromax Xtreme

Price: Starting from $249 on Hydromax

Best Overall Penis Pump



Work in either manual or automatic modes Pricey
Much more powerful than other models Heavier than other pumps
Comes with a range of accessories
Exceptional durability and build quality


When you’re looking for the best overall penis pump on the market, and you don’t care how much money you spend, nothing can hope to match the Hydromax Xtreme. This will be the last penis pump we review that is made by Hydromax, and it is also the most advanced one, coming with a wide range of extras.

For example, this penis pump comes with a carrying case, a cleaning sponge, a comfort pad, and even a shower strap, allowing you to use this product in any way you please. The patented Hydromax system means that this penis pump works ideally in the shower or even the bath.

Beyond the things that come included in the box, this penis pump also has a few features that make it much more advanced than the competition. For instance, the Hydromax Xtreme can be used in one of two ways: the first method of operation is with a traditional hand pump while the other works automatically,

Automatic penis pumps tend to be far more convenient, and when you couple this functionality with the included shower strap, you’ll be able to use it hands-free in the shower. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this penis pump is the build quality, however. For the price, it makes sense to expect the best, and you certainly get it with the Hydromax Xtreme.

Be careful when you first get started with the Xtreme penis pump, however, as it will likely be more powerful than you would expect from other models. The Hydromax Xtreme comes in a range of sizes: the X-20 ($249), X-30 ($299), X-40 ($349), and the X-50 ($399). It’s easy to overestimate the size of your penis from just guesswork, so my recommendation to you is to measure yourself accurately before placing an order.

Best Electric Penis Pump – Fleshpump

Price: $129 on Fleshlight

Best Electric Penis Pump



Quick to assemble and use Comes in a single size
Automatic pumping
Pump process is quieter than most products
Relatively affordable


If you want the best penis pump that functions electrically, the Fleshpump is likely the number-one contender. The Fleshpump is made by the same folks that manufacture the Fleshlight sex toy, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands with this product. This product is also surprisingly versatile.

You may wonder where the Fleshpump’s versatility comes into play, and it has to do with how pleasurable it is to use. The Fleshpump manages to bridge the gap between pleasure toys and penis pumps, as the suction feeling is unlike what you get from other models. The designers of this product made it far less painful than the competition.

Contributing to the ecstasy that you feel when you use this penis pump, it comes included with two donut sleeves, one of which is firmer than the other. These two sleeves have two purposes: the first is that they create a seal around the base of your penis while in use, and the second is that they improve the pleasure.

One of the critical factors that make this penis pump a better option than the competition is that it uses an automatic pumping system. This ensures that you won’t have to tire your arm out using the pump nonstop, but it also results in a smoother pumping action that you can’t get with manual models.

Since this penis pump functions automatically, it is much quieter than other products that operate similarly, allowing you to use it even when there are others in the house. You should also account for the low price point of this penis pump, as it is available for only 120 dollars.

Best Bellows Penis Pump – Hydromax X-Series

Price: Starting from $139 on Hydromax

Best Bellows Penis Pump



Valve improves safety markedly May be too strong for your liking
Measuring marks allow you to track progress Rather pricey
Features a two-year warranty
Available in a range of sizes


The X-Series is the next step up in Hydromax’s catalog after the Bathmate Originals Series, as it is positioned between that model and the high-end Hydromax Xtreme, which we’ll look at shortly. This penis pump delivers surprising amounts of power for a lower price point than many other high-intensity pumps.

As with many other penis pumps from this manufacturer, the X-Series comes included with a two-year warranty that ensures that you’ll get your money’s worth out of it. When you couple this warranty with Hydromax’s typically excellent build quality, then you’ll have no problems.

There is a release valve near the top of this penis pump that allows you to equalize the pressure almost instantly, which can be a lifesaver when you end up pumping too fast and too hard. This penis pump is much more powerful than many competing products, so you’ll have to be careful when using it.

This penis pump features markings on the clear plastic body to show you just how much larger your penis has gotten over the course of your workout. As with many other pumps, you’ll only need to use this model 15 minutes per day, making it an excellent choice for busier users who have to adhere to a tight schedule.

You have a choice of a few different sizes when you purchase one of these penis pumps, with the X-20 being the starting size, the X-30 being medium, and the X-40 being the largest. The price rises incrementally with the size, with each of them being 139, 159, and 199 dollars, respectively.

Best Starter Penis Pump – Bathmate Originals Series

Price: Starting from $110 on Hydromax

Best Starter Penis Pump



Short, 15-minute workout time Smaller than other pumps
Made of high-quality, phthalate-free materials Manual operation
Features a two-year warranty
Available in a range of different colors


If you’re just getting started with penis enlargement, then few products will be as convenient as the Originals Series from Bathmate. There are two primary models in the Originals Series: the Hercules and the Goliath, and both of them are relatively similar to each other except for when it comes to size.

You may be wondering what makes these penis pumps so unique, and you’ll find that there aren’t many exceptional features that make them stand out. Instead, these pumps are meant to be well-built and reasonably effective, though they won’t share the same stellar performance as some of the top-end products.

One of the main advantages of this penis pump is that you will only have to use it for 15 minutes at a time, avoiding the hour-long use periods that are recommended for some other products. If you don’t have much time to enlarge your penis, then 15 minutes per day with this model will grow it slowly but surely.

The materials used in the construction of the Original Series penis pumps don’t contain phthalates, so you won’t have to worry about potential reactions or health risks. Beyond the materials that are used in these pumps, you’ll also find that they are constructed to more rigorous quality standards than other products.

If you’re worried about your penis pump failing on you shortly after purchase, you won’t have any problems, becaus the Original Series also comes with a two-year warranty. These penis pumps are also surprisingly affordable, coming in at 110 dollars, resulting in excellent value for money.

Best User-Friendly Penis Pump – Penomet

Price: Starting from $129 on Penomet

Best User-Friendly Penis Pump



Quick and long-lasting results Relatively high price
Interchangeable gaiters included Requires shaving or waxing
Dry pumping is possible
Easy to use


The Penomet was chosen as the most user-friendly model on the market due to its combination of extra features as well as its excellent results. We’ll get right down to the results that you want to know: when you use this penis pump, you’ll get a larger, harder erection within the first 15 minutes.

Of course, if you want your larger size to persist even when you don’t use the pump, you should continue a training regimen of 20 minutes per day, as anything longer may jeopardize your safety. None of this means anything, however, unless you know what kind of results to expect from this device.

One of these penis pumps will be able to increase the girth of your penis by up to 35%, which is a significant augmentation when compared to many other models in the same price range. While your length will only be improved by 25%, penis pumps tend to have better results when it comes to girth.

The Penomet also has the advantage of reducing the occurrence of erectile dysfunction, as it will stimulate blood flow to your penis, though this is common for most pumps. There are also a few features that make this penis pump a better option than when compared to other, similar choices.

For example, the Penomet is also compatible with a range of five different gaiters. Depending on the package that you purchase, your pump may come included with anywhere between one and five gaiters. The gaiters are colored red, blue, black, grey, and purple, with the suction increasing in ascending order.

We recommend that you work your way up to the gaiters, as they may make your penis pumping experience too intense if you’re a first-timer. The Penomet comes in three different versions: the standard edition starts at 127 dollars, the Penomet Extra is 197 dollars, and the Penomet Premium is 297 dollars.

Top 5 Budget Penis Pumps

Best Budget Penis Pump – Sinclair Select Endow Power Pump System

Price: $109.95 on Adam & Eve

Best Budget Penis Pump



Helps treat and prevent erectile dysfunction Pricier than other budget models
Gives you a choice between manual and automatic pumping Smaller tube diameter
Comes with four constriction rings
The gasket is made out of TPR jelly


If you want the best penis pump in the budget category, the Sinclair Select Endow is the best system that you can invest in. Unlike other budget penis pumps, this model comes equipped with a wide range of accessories and additional features. Unfortunately, this penis pump is also the most expensive one in its category.

You may be wondering what you get with this pump, so let’s get right into it. First off, you’ll notice that the sleeve can be attached to one of two pumping devices, the first of which is automatic and the second of which is manual. This allows you to get used to the pump with the lighter manual action before transitioning to automatic.

This penis pump differs from many other products in its purpose, as it isn’t strictly designed to give you a larger penis overall. The Sinclair Select Endow is instead meant to increase the size and duration of your erections, allowing you to perform better in bed, at the same time, it also decreases the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Surprisingly, this penis pump also comes included with four constriction rings of various sizes, which are meant to be placed around your penis after you engorge it using the pump. The rings will allow you to maintain a powerful erection for around 30 minutes afterward. The price of this pump system comes out to about 130 dollars overall.

Best Cheap Penis Pump – Max Results Penis Pump

Price: $29.95 on Adam & Eve

Best Affordable Penis Pump



Finger pull pump is easy to use Can’t be used longer than 10 minutes
Flanged base allows you to fit in with ease No instructions included
Suction cup base is optional
Features a quick release valve for safety and comfort


If you’re looking for the best penis pump when it comes to bang for your buck, it doesn’t get much better than the Max Results Penis Pump. This product is designed to be easy to use and not to break the bank, and it does an excellent job of both of those objectives, though it has a few minor issues.

Let’s start off with the good; the finger pull pump is an innovative design that allows you to pump without having to use both hands. Whether you want to use your phone, hold the pump in place, or do anything else with your other hand, you won’t have to worry about compromising your pumping ability.

This penis pump is also meant to be as comfortable as possible, as it features a flanged base that will make it easier to fit your Johnson inside of it. You can even choose whether or not you want to use the suction base to improve the seal. This penis pump’s versatility means that it will be satisfactory for a wide range of customers.

There is also a quick release valve on this penis pump that ensures you won’t get stuck or have any issues with discomfort, as you can instantly equalize the interior and exterior pressure. There are some minor downsides to this pump, such as a lack of an instruction manual, but it is still worth the 30 dollar price tag.

Best Hand Powered Penis Pump – Tracey Cox Edge Penis Pump

Price: $49.99 on Lovehoney

Best Hand-powered Penis Pump



Marked, transparent cylinder to view progress The seal is a bit too loose
Features a quick-release valve for safety A little too short
Comes included with a comprehensive guide
Also improves sexual stamina


Out of the five budget penis pumps we’ll be looking at, this sits firmly at the midpoint, as it strikes a balance between a reasonable price point and high quality. The first thing you’ll notice when you pick this product up is the durable, phthalate-free material that it’s made of, ensuring that you won’t get any rashes or irritation.

There are length markings on the transparent tube so that you can watch your progress as you use this penis pump and get an idea of exactly how much you’ve grown. This penis pump has the benefit of improving your stamina as well as your size, so you won’t have to worry about popping prematurely either.

In fact, this penis pump comes included with a complete guide to its safe use, and it is also compatible with the Tracey Cox EDGE Stamina App. Unlike many other affordable penis pumps, you can tell that a lot of effort went into the design of this model, as it is equipped with a quick-release valve.

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides but not many major issues with the Tracey Cox Edge penis pump. Foremost amongst these problems is that the seal is a little loose, so your balls may be affected by the suction, which can cause discomfort. You can usually find this model available for around 49 dollars.

Best Feeling Penis Pump – Lovehoney BASICS Textured Penis Pump

Price: $24.99 on Lovehoney

Best Feeling Penis Pump



Feels much better than other models Lacking in extra features
Features a transparent cylinder to watch your growth Build quality can be questionable
Quick-release valve improves safety and convenience
Uses a flexible hose for more versatile placement


This penis pump isn’t impressive when it comes to bells and whistles and additional features, but it has something unique: a textured interior. You may be wondering why there are so many little knobs on the interior of this penis pump. In fact, those textured bulbs make this penis pump much more pleasant to use.

As the suction works on your penis, you will find that the textured interior will gently massage your penis, allowing you to be pleasured by your pump at the same time as it enhances your size. Many people find that using their penis pump can be a chore, but that will never be the case with this model.

Beyond the pleasurable feeling of the textured inside, there is also a transparent cylinder that allows you to watch as your penis grows. If you find that the pressure is getting a little too high for you, all you need to do is unscrew the flexible tube and the bulb that it’s attached to so that you can equalize it.

In fact, the flexible hose that is used in this penis pump is another feature that makes it more versatile, as you will be able to place it any way you please without restricting airflow. This is one of the most affordable penis pumps on the market, as you can typically find it available for around 25 dollars.

Best Basic Penis Pump – A&E Beginner’s Power Pump

Price: $22.95 on Adam & Eve

Best Basic Penis Pump



The hose is flexible and crimp-free Requires lube to work
The seal is made of soft jelly for improved comfort Upper limit of pressure is pretty weak
Transparent design allows you to watch the progress
Quick release valve


If you don’t want anything flashy out of your penis pump and you need something that just works, then you’ll probably love the Beginner’s Power Pump from Adam & Eve. While this penis pump may not look all that impressive, it works better than most other products in its price range, which is quite low.

So let’s get started by looking at the positive aspects of this penis pump. First and foremost, you won’t have to worry about any issues with the hose of this pump, as it will not crimp and it is flexible enough to be used with the bulb in any position. Speaking of the squeeze bulb, it is made to medical standards, so it is resilient.

The seal around the base of this penis pump is rather unique, as it is made out of soft jelly and it needs to be lubricated before use. While some may look at this as a downside, the pleasant feeling of the jelly against your shaft makes this product worth using if you want to feel pleasure while you pump.

As with many other pumps in this price range, this model also features a transparent chamber coupled with a quick release valve that makes it much safer. The only downside to this penis pump is that it may not work well for experienced users since it doesn’t exert a lot of maximum pressure. You can typically find this model available for around 23 dollars.

Our Penis Pump Buying Advice

Now that we’ve covered our top five overall and top five budget penis pumps, we’ll take a look at some of the most critical features to search for when you’re making your purchase. This section should be helpful for both first-time users and veteran buyers alike, as there is more to a penis pump than a flashy design.

We’ll cover aspects that range all the way from the size of your future penis pump down to the versatility of the pump that you’re looking at. Of course, if you have experience buying products such as these and you know exactly what you want out of your new pump, feel free to skip this section.


The first and most critical consideration that you can make when you’re buying your new penis pump is to determine the right size for your needs. A new pump won’t end up doing you much good if you can’t even fit yourself into it in the first place, so don’t feel shy when it comes to taking measurements.

The vast majority of penis pumps that you can purchase online will come with some sort of sizing chart or at least a minimum and max penis size that should be used with the device. Since everyone’s Johnson’s a different size, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a one-size-fits-all model that will get the job done for all users.


When choosing the right penis pump, you’ll always want to be sure that you’re getting a product that is safe to use. Nobody wants to end up injuring their most sensitive area because they chose the wrong penis pump. Apart from making for an embarrassing story, you can actually end up with nerve damage.

Beyond the severe instance of possible nerve damage, a defective penis pump can cause other issues such as excessive discomfort and swelling around your penis. You’ll also find that unsafe penis pumps come with inaccurate instructions that can end up with you using it in a manner that would not be recommended.

The Results

Of course, one of the most important things you can consider when choosing the best penis pump is whether or not it will work in the first place. People buy penis pumps for different reasons, as some will purchase them to improve their girth, others would like to get longer, and others simply want to enhance their sexual prowess.

The best penis pumps will typically work within the first few days of use, and if you don’t notice at least an incremental improvement, you’ll know that you bought a defective or faulty product. The results that you get out of your penis pump will typically be directly correlated with the build quality.

Extra Features

When deciding on the right penis pump, you’ll also want to take a look at how many bells and whistles come featured with the product. For example, some penis pumps will include extra gaiters that you can put around the base to increase the level of suction that it will exert while you use it.

Other penis pumps will come included with attachments that improve your pleasure like knobs or other textured internal surfaces. If you’re interested in finding the most advanced penis pump on the market, you may also come across models that are equipped with automatic suction systems that preclude the need to pump.


The last thing to account for when choosing the best penis pump is how durable it is. Nobody wants to buy a penis pump that looks great and functions well but will fail after only a few weeks of use. A durable penis pump can end up saving you money in the long run since you won’t have to replace it for a long time.

Most of the time, the primary factor that will determine how durable your penis pump is its build quality. While higher quality penis pumps will end up costing you more money, they will also last a long time. You’ll usually want to take some time to consider the materials that are used in the making of your penis pump to ensure optimal resilience.


Finding the best penis pump for your needs can often be a challenge, especially since you don’t want to be putting a low-quality product near your Johnson. Risking it all in pursuit of a larger penis is not the best way to go about it, and doing your research is integral, so we hope that we’ve been able to help you out.

As you can see, penis pump reviews are only a small part of finding the best product for your needs, as you’ll also need to know what features and aspects to search for. We hope that our combination of expert reviews and buying advice have been able to help you find the best penis pump on the market. We did PLENTY of “hands on” (ha) research here, and hope that we help you out with your decision.


Updated: February 17, 2020


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