The modern environment is full of everything synthetic. Synthetic ingredients are in food, cosmetics, skin care products, tap water, and, of course, personal lubricants. All of these chemicals have a direct impact not only on your physical health but also your mental health and sexual health. Purchasing an all natural lubricant will go a long way in reuniting you with nature, and your body will be thanking you after a few years. Personally, I have stopped using synthetic lubes altogether, and I advise you to do the same. Making this decision had a great impact on my sexual well-being, and I am now much more sexually active and happy. My body feels nourished and revitalized, I experience no more pain in my vagina during sex or after it, and my skin in the more intimate areas has changed radically for the better. All of the best natural lubricants on this list have been tried and tested by myself, and they are an excellent next step into a fully organic lifestyle.


1. Isabel Fay Natural Intimate Personal Lubricant for Sensitive Skin

Best natural lubricant for vaginal sex. It lasts incredibly long, it feels fantastic and it was created for those of you with sensitive vaginal skin. Irritations and dryness will be a worry of the past with this natural lube, as it does everything a lube should do and more.

Price: $16.95 on Amazon (8 oz)

Pros: Very long-lasting, silky smooth texture, no smell or taste, leaves no stains

Cons: Difficult to wash off

The Isabel Fay is the best natural lubricant for sex. Why? Well, firstly, it lasts a very long time. You will never need to reapply it, as it can stay nice and slick for over an hour. Secondly, it feels silky smooth, just like a lube should, and thirdly, it has no smell or taste whatsoever. Finally, and most importantly, the lubrication you get from the Isabel Fay is out of this world… it feels like slippery and gooey heaven. It’s truly a fantastic natural lube, but the only problem is that it’s difficult to wash off. After a thorough wash in the shower it does rinse off, but a quick wipe with a napkin is not enough to get rid of it. Personally, I don’t mind though, because I love the fact that it does not dry up as quickly as most other natural lubes. Overall, it feels great – it’s natural, it’s slick, and most importantly, it will empower your sex life. I love everything about this lube.

2. Lulu Lube Natural Water-Based Lube

A fantastic brand of natural lube. It works very well and the bottle looks very stylish, so even if somebody stumbles upon it, they will never guess it’s a bottle of lube. Overall a fantastic product. It’s the second best natural lubricant for vaginal sex.

Price: $19 on Amazon (16 oz)

Pros: Good price, no smell or taste, no staining and it’s easy to clean up, discreet bottle design

Cons: Need to use large amount of lube to become well lubricated

I loved this lube. The pump on the bottle is very simple to use during sex, it’s very slick and smooth (and most importantly, long-lasting), and the price is fantastic for such a high-quality product. I have been using the Lulu Lube for over two years now and it’s still my go-to pick for best natural lubricant. It has never let me down, whether during anal or vaginal sex or during playing with my sex toys.

The Lulu Kube never gets sticky after use, it has no smell of chemicals like many lubes, and it does an amazing job of lubricating the intimate areas. The first time I had some slippery, natural sex with the Lulu I was blown away by how smooth it was. It’s truly one of the best natural lubricants ever made.

3. Intimate Earth Soothe Anal Lubricant

Best natural lubricant for anal sex. It’s nicely thick, very slick and the cleanup process is super easy after you are done. But it’s pricey.

Intimate Earth Soothe Anal Lubricant

Price: $14.95 on Adam & Eve (4 oz)

Pros: Fantastic viscosity, long-lasting, smooth texture, fantastic lubrication

Cons: Gets sticky after use, expensive price

This is the best natural lubricant for anal sex, period. It has no numbing effect like some anal lubricants, but it offers such perfectly slippery lubrication that you will never even need any numbing effect. I will share you a secret – the first time I tried the Intimate Earth with my partner was also the first time I ever tried anal sex. Until then, I had found it much too painful and uncomfortable to let him inside him, but when I saw how great of an effect this lube had, I told my husband to try once more, and it was a fantastic experience without any pain or discomfort whatsoever. I guess you can imagine how shocked I was that I actually found enjoyment in anal for the first time in my life. I have tried many different types of top rated natural lubes for anal sex, but I have found that the Intimate Earth is by far the best I have ever tried. It has just the right amount of thickness, it’s smooth, and it lasts a very long time, unlike most natural lubes. It’s pricey, but the value you get for the price is fantastic.


4. BetterSex Essentials Pure Lubricant

A good natural lube, which has great consistency, a great design, and a great price. It’s very easy to clean up after use and it leaves no stickiness or stains on any surface it touches. It’s all-natural, and because of the ease of cleaning, I say it’s the best natural lube for sex toys.

BetterSex Essentials Pure Lubricant

Price: $9.95 on Adam&Eve (10.5 oz)

Pros: No stickiness, great consistency, no smell, causes no irritation on the skin, good price

Cons: Dries quickly

This is another great brand of natural lube which is loved by both men and women from around the world. It has no fancy herb infusions or taste, but it does exactly what a good natural lube should do – it lubricates you, and for a cheap price. It feels nice and slick while feeling natural at the same time. However, it does dry out quite quickly, which is sadly the case for many of even the best natural lubricants out there. If you don’t mind reapplying lube every now and then, though, then this is an excellent value pick for you. This is my go-to pick natural lube for sex toys because unlike many others, it causes no stickiness (sticky toys are a no bueno).


5. Organic Glide Probiotic All Natural Personal Lubricant

Natural lube with Probiotics! Your sex life will be taken to a whole new level and your immune system will be built into stronger shape than ever before as a bonus. It has a strong nourishing effect, which revitalizes and moisturizes the vaginal skin. Perfect choice for postmenopausal women who have an active sex life.

Price: $21.95 on Amazon (2.5 oz)

Pros: Long-lasting, super smooth, contains Probiotics which have a nourishing effect

Cons: Expensive price

This lube is amazing! It lasts forever, it’s very smooth and natural, and it never leaves any stickiness. The probiotics inside will strengthen your immune system and prevent any urinary infections from developing. It’s a perfect fit for postmenopausal women who not only want the best natural lubricant for intercourse, but also for nourishing and reviving the vagina. The probiotics inside this natural lube will go a long way in making your sex life active and healthy again. I was very happy with this lube, and I know I will be buying many more bottles of it. No other natural lube I have ever tried has had such a positive effect on my intimate areas, and I love it to death. It is very pricey, however, so if you are put off by the price tag you should consider some of the other options on this list. But, can you really put a price on personal well-being and happiness?


6. Ocean Sensuals Natural Personal Lubricant

All-natural lubricant from the sea! It’s infused with numerous herbs from the sea, giving it very strong health benefits. It performs very well, it’s silky smooth and nice, but it’s pricey.

Ocean Sensuals The Natural Personal Lubricant 3.4 fl oz

Price: $14.99 on Amazon (3.4 oz)

Pros: Ocean plant fusion, very healthy, easy to clean up and very effective overall

Cons: Expensive, dries fairly quickly (although you can avoid this by reactivating it with water)

The Ocean Sensuals is the best organic lube for those of you who are spirits of the sea. Why? Because this lube is infused with sea life! Namely, it’s infused with Carrageenan, which is only found in ocean flora, and it offers great health benefits. Besides Carrageenan, this natural lube also contains Agave inulin, so this is an excellent choice for you if you are looking to improve your health while getting tons of enjoyment at the same time.

Besides ocean plant fusion and healthiness, it also performs excellently where it matters the most – during sex. It has a nice dispenser, it causes no irritation at all and adding water to it will cause a “reactivating” effect, which makes it all moist again, without needing to reapply. It does dry rather quickly, however, and that is my only real complaint with the Ocean Sensuals. The fact that it dries quickly is not as problematic as you would think, though, as adding even a tiny bit of water to your skin will activate the lube once more and you will be all good to go once again. It’s pricey, but it’s a very good natural lubricant.


7. Sliquid Organics Lubricant Oceanics

My second organic lube recommendation from Sliquid. This one is not just organic, but it’s also infused with ocean flora! Enjoy the health benefits of Carrageenan, nori, and wakame and have the most enjoyable sex of your life at the same time. Overall an excellent and safe natural lubricant.

Price: $10.97 on Amazon (4.2 oz)

Pros: Requires only a tiny amount to become well lubricated, it’s healthy, and it feels perfect while it lasts

Cons: Dries out very quickly (~5 minutes)

This is another good natural lube from Sliquid. Sliquid is probably the most famous brand of organic lubes in the world, and it’s for a good reason. They make excellent formulas, and it’s also the case with the Sliquid Oceanics lube. It’s organic, non-allergenic, and it offers fantastic lubrication, even if you only use a tiny amount of it. As is the case with most lubes, however, it dries out fairly quickly, so reapplying will be needed every 5 minutes or so. If it wasn’t for this, I would perhaps rate it as the very best natural lubricant in the world, but as the need to reapply constantly gets annoying very quickly, I had to place it lower on the list.


8. Aloe Cadabra Organic Natural Personal Lube

A high-quality natural lubricant infused with Aloe Vera leaves. It’s edible, and it tastes just like an expensive Aloe Vera drink. It’s very healthy for the skin and overall a very good natural lube. It’s also fairly expensive, however.

Aloe Cadabra Organic Natural Personal Lube, Best Edible Lubricant for Sex with Aloe Vera Gel, Unscented, 2.5 Ounce

Price: $10.95 on Amazon (2.5 oz)

Pros: It’s edible and the taste is great, it has a strong nourishing effect on the vagina, and it’s overall very pleasing and comfortable to use.

Cons: Slightly sticky, dries up fairly quickly.

The Aloe Cadabra natural lubricant comes with four different flavor options. Usually, you would not pay attention to flavor in a lube, but this one is edible, so you should! If you have ever tried Aloe Vera drinks, then you have some idea of what the taste is like. Personally, I loved it. This is truly one of the best natural lubricants I have ever tried, as the Aloe Vera infusion gives it a very subtle but pleasing feeling when you apply it. It has perfectly balanced pH levels, designed to nourish and restore the vaginal skin of women. No more dryness or pain during sex, only pleasure, and empowerment!


9. Sliquid Organics H2O Natural Lubricant

This is an all-natural and organic water-based lubricant. It’s infused with herbs like sunflower seeds, green tea, and flax, and it has a nourishing effect on the skin. It’s the best natural lubrication for those of you who love herbal fusion and who have sensitive skin which is easily irritable.

Price: $10.45 on Amazon or $22.99 on Lovehoney (8.5 oz)

Pros: Long-lasting, silky smooth texture, feels great, it leaves no stickiness, stains or smell

Cons: Moderately pricey, dries up sort of quickly (although I have seen worse)

One of my closest friends has been raving about this particular organic lubricant for over a year now. She said that she has tried dozens of lubes and they all achieved nothing in terms of preventing irritation on the skin during sex. She had almost given up on finding a lube right for her, but then she found the Sliquid Organics H20 Natural Lubricant. Since then, she has used nothing except this natural lube and she couldn’t be happier with her choice. I wanted to see for myself what she was talking about, so I ordered a bottle myself. I have to say, it really is great. I love some variety so I will always have multiple lubes in my collection, but the Sliquid H2O is definitely one of my top picks now. It has no fragrance, allergens or anything which could cause you discomfort. It’s completely organic, and your skin will be thanking you for using this lube. It’s an excellent product.


10. Carrageenan Gently Personal Lubricant

This is a premium natural lube infused with Carrageenan. It feels great, it’s infused with sealife, and it has great health benefits. However, whether it’s quality justifies the high price, is questionable.

Price: $14.99 on Amazon (3.4 oz)

Pros: Contains Carrageenan, perfectly designed dispenser, feels very natural.

Cons: Expensive, has a mild herbal taste and smell to it (might be considered a pro though), dries fairly quickly.

This is another top rated natural lubricant loved by men and women across the world. Why? Because it’s made from Carrageenan! What is Carrageenan? Well, it’s a polysaccharide which is extracted from red seaweeds. This natural lube will give you not only the nourishment of the sea but also the best sex of your life. It feels very natural, the pump dispenser is very easy to use even with just one hand, and it has just the right amount of thickness to it. Silky smooth and slippery is how I would describe it’s feeling. It does dry rather quickly, however, so for longer sessions you will need to reapply it. It’s not a problem, however, as the dispenser makes the reapplying process very easy, even during passionate and intimate moments. I would place it higher on this list if it wasn’t for the high price tag.

Why get a natural lubricant?

Whether it’s for masturbation, regular sex with your husband, or sex toys, natural lubes are always a necessity. They will reduce friction, increase moisture in the intimate areas and they make a world of difference in any sexual experience.

Those of you who have a healthy and natural lifestyle, with organic food, organic skin products, organic health products, why would you not go organic in the most important area of your body?

All natural lubricants have been proven to be healthy, nourishing, and most importantly, moisturizing, so there really is no reason NOT to get one, in my opinion. Whether you are a young woman who likes to lead a healthy lifestyle from a young age (good for you!), or an older woman who just can’t get enough moisture down there to be comfortable during sex, a best natural lubricant is the only thing which you really need.

They feel silky smooth, they will nourish your skin, and your intimate areas will be fresher than ever after a couple of sessions with these miracle lubes. If you want to take full control of your body and enjoy sexual pleasure the way you want to, then get one of the best natural lubricants on this list, you will never regret this decision


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