Warming lubricants are a very special type of lube – they are very intense and enjoyable and they are an excellent way of spicing up sex with your partner. However, as the best warming lubes can be incredibly intense with knee-shaking climaxes, they are not meant for the faint-hearted. Warming lubes are definitely for not for everyone, and you should strongly consider how much sexual stimulation you can handle. Our top pick for the best warming lube, the ID Glide, for example, is designed not only for lubrication (contrary to what the warming LUBE name suggests) but instead, it is designed to increase arousal in the clitoris, by increasing blood flow in the intimate areas of the body. Maybe you have already heard of numbing lubes, which reduce stimulation and pain experienced from anal sex. Warming lubes are sort of the opposite of such lubes. Instead of numbing you from the stimulus, they increase it, resulting in incredibly intense, knee-shaking, body-convulsing orgasms!


1. Wicked Ultra Warming Lube

The Wicked Ultra is the most intense warming lube on this list. Both the warming and stimulating sensations hit like a truck within one minute of applying, and the more lubrication my partner added the added the stronger the effect got. If you want absolutely powerful and crazy orgasms, then this is absolutely the best warming lube for you. It’s rather pricey, though, and it’s not for those who like mild and calm sex. It’s crazy stuff!

Price: $18 on Amazon (4 oz)

Pros: Smooth and slippery texture, non-sticky, easy to wash off, the warming and arousing effects are very strong and long-lasting

Cons: –

The Wicked Ultra is exactly as the name would suggest… it’s wicked! The first time I put some of it on my clitoris I was stunned by how strong the warming effect is… it even felt slightly stingy and uncomfortably strong. However, after it had kicked in already and I got used to the feeling, I realized that it was the best feeling ever. Not only does this warming lube make you warm inside, but it also adds extra stimulation and sensitivity during sex. The intensity of the orgasms you can achieve with this warming lubricant is crazy. I can only recommend this as the best warming lubricant for those of you who are not afraid of very strong stimulation. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but for orgasm addicts like myself, it’s the best!


2. ID Pleasure Tingling Sensation Lube

The ID Pleasure is my pick for second best sensation lube on the market right now. It has a fair price and it’s perfect for sex toys and couples play alike. The arousing effect feels incredible, and the orgasms achieved with this lube are incredibly intense. It has no warming effect, but the extra stimulating effect more than makes up for it.

Price: $13.80 on Amazon (8.5 oz) or $14.99 on Lovehoney (4.4 oz)

Pros: Good price, gives excellent arousing sensation, long-lasting, smooth and slippery texture, non-sticky

Cons: No warming effect (only slight cooling effect)

Ohh boy, the ID Pleasure! I am surprised that this warming lube is not more popular than it already is. It performed very well in basically every category, and it has a cheap price tag to boot. The arousing effect on the clitoris is incredibly intense, thanks to the arginine formula used (arginine improves the blood flow in the spot where it is applied, thus making it warmer and more sensitive to touch). I really could not find any reason to complain regarding this lube, it’s just perfect. It can easily be called the best sensation lube on the market, and I know I will keep hoarding many bottles of this until the price inevitably rises. However, it does not have a warming sensation, only a menthol-like cooling sensation. Therefore, if you love the heating sensation, you might want to go with the Wicked Ultra. It combines heat and intensity perfectly.


3. Ocean Sensuals Natural Stimulating Gel

This is the most popular and top-rated warming lube on Amazon. It has both a stimulating and a cooling effect, designed to take sexual enjoyment to the limits. It makes sex much more special and intense, and it works great overall. However, it’s very pricey.

Ocean Sensuals [G] Natural Female Stimulating Gel and Personal Lubricant

Price: $17.99 on Amazon (1.7 oz)

Pros: Smooth and silky texture, long-lasting, well-designed container, non-sticky, strong arousing effect

Cons: Expensive

The Ocean Sensuals warming lube has been the most popular brand of warming lube on Amazon for a good while now. There’s a good reason for this as it does a fantastic job of getting you and your partner excited and stimulated, either during foreplay or during sex. It has a strong arousing effect on the skin, and a menthol-like cooling sensation to back it up. Put together, they make for some very intense lovemaking sessions. The only thing I was not happy with was the packaging and the price. It’s pricey, and it arrived in a regular cardboard box, easily in reach of children.  For such an expensive brand of warming lubricant, I would expect more stealth and discreetness. It’s one of the most effective sensation lubes out there, but the price is a bit too much for me. I would pick the Wicked Ultra over this any day of the year, as it’s just as intense, and it comes without the hefty price tag. When it comes to pure performance, though, this lube is fantastic.

4. Crazy Girl Wanna Be Explosive Cherry Bomb Clitoral Arousal Cream

The Crazy Girl warming lube is an excellent choice. The arousing effect on the clit and labia areas is very strong, and the subtle taste and smell of cherry is a nice bonus, and not overwhelming like some other cherry lubes.

Price: $12.99 on Lovehoney (1 oz)

Pros: Strong arousing effect,  long-lasting, sweet cherry taste and smell, well-designed pump, non-sticky

Cons: Expensive

This is also one of my top picks for best warming lube on the market, in terms of pure performance. I loved basically everything about it right from the very first time I put some inside me. I loved the subtle hint of cherry in the taste and smell, I loved the fact that it stays lubricated for over 20 minutes, and most of all, I loved the stimulating effect it has, which does wonders for arousal (it’s the perfect warming lube for foreplay). A tiny amount of the Crazy Girl is enough to make your intimate areas throb with excitement. Therefore, if intensity is what you are after, then this is the warming lube you have been looking for. It is very pricey though, and it’s also the reason why I did not rank it higher on this list of the best warming lubes.


5. Wet Cherry Warming Lubricant

Wet Cherry is a warming lube with the taste of sweet, sweet cherry! The warming sensation is mild but nice, and the taste is very strong. Overall a great product, if you like cherries, that is…

Wet Cherry Flavored Lube, Fun Flavors 4 In 1 Warming Water Based Lubricant, 4.1 Ounce

Price: $9.37 on Amazon (4.1 oz)

Pros: Sweet cherry infusion, nice and enjoyable warming effect, great lubrication, good price

Cons: Too strong taste and smell, dries up rather quickly

The Wet Cherry Warming Lubricant is exactly as the name suggests. After applying it, you will become a wet, slippery, cherry-tasting sex machine. This is a truly unique lube, and it’s one of those love it or hate it type of products. Personally, I found the smell and taste of cherry to be too strong, even intoxicating at times, but a friend of mine who uses this every day says she is in love with it. All I can say is that if you love cherries and you love warming lubes, then give it a shot. You might just fall in love with the Wet Cherry!


6. Sasmar Warming Personal Lubricant

A good warming lubricant with an effective pump (can control the exact amount you take), a mild but enjoyable warming effect, and a very long-lasting lubrication. However, it’s just not as good overall as the top picks, in my opinion.

Warming Personal Lubricant - Provides A Gentle Warming Effect, 2.3 Ounce By Sasmar, Long Lasting Non-Sticky Tasteless & Unscented Lube With Heating Effect

Price: $9.99 on Amazon (2.3 oz)

Pros: Well designed pump, silky smooth texture, very long-lasting, non-sticky, easy to wash off

Cons: Warming effect is rather mild, no stimulating effect (only warming)

The Sasmar Warming Personal Lubricant is the first warming lube I ever tried in my life. At the time I considered it the best thing to ever happen to me because it felt so nice and warm, it left no greasiness or stickiness anywhere, and it stayed silky, slippery for a very long time. However, now that I have tried other top-rated warming lubes, I found that the warming effect on the Sasmar is mild at best, and as for lubrication, it’s also nothing groundbreaking. A few years ago I would have given this the title of the best warming lube, but with these new experiences, it has dropped in my ranking quite a bit. It’s still a great product, but there are warming lubes out there which are superior in almost every category, so I can’t exactly recommend the Sasmar.

7. Trojan Sensation Lubricant

The Trojan Sensation Lubricant is effective at what it sets out to do. It offers great lubrication, very enjoyable warming, and most importantly, strong clitoral stimulation. However, it’s not as intense as the top five picks above, and I did not like the vaseline-like texture it has.

Trojan Lubricants Arouses & Intensifies for a Crazy Sexy Feel Ultimate Personal Lubricant : Size 3 Fl. Oz

Price: $18 on Amazon (3 oz)

Pros: Warming effect is very enjoyable, provides great clitoral stimulation, fair price

Cons: Has chemical smell, too greasy texture, bottle showed signs of leaking

The Trojan Sensation Lubricant is a good sensation lube, but at the same time, nothing fantastic or out of this world. I loved the warming effect which it had. It was a perfect balance, as it was not overwhelming, but still managed to be very enjoyable overall. However, the texture of it felt very mushy and vaseline-like, and the smell was not pleasant for me. It’s a good brand of lube, but I would recommend that you choose one of the picks above, they are better, really!


8. KY Warming Jelly

The KY is a very thick warming lube. It does an excellent job of lubricating the skin, but the warming feeling is rather mild and it stays sort of sticky on the skin after use. It’s good, but it’s definitely not the best warming lube out there in terms of performance. Because of the thickness, however, it’s one of the best warming lubes for anal sex and for women with extra dry skin.

K-Y Warming Jelly Lubricant, 5 oz. (Pack of 4)

Price: $19.59 on Amazon (5 oz)

Pros: Thick texture, great lubrication, excellent for very dry skin and anal sex

Cons: Greasy texture, warming effect is rather mild, it cannot be used with silicone sex toys or condoms (the only exception being latex condoms)

The KY is a high-quality brand of warming lube which will give you a mild but pleasant warming effect on the clitoral skin. It’s not very strong, though, and when I look at warming lubes in this price range I would like some more explosiveness! The texture is nice and slippery, and it has a natural and gentle feel to it. Like the name suggests, it’s very thick. This could be both a positive and a negative, depending on your personal preferences. It’s perfect for those of you with very dry skin or those of you who love long and intimate love sessions. Or… for anal sex! Thick lubes are excellent for anal sex, so if you want a warming lube primarily for anal, this might just be the best choice for you.


9. Doc Johnson Warming Glide

The Doc Johnson warming glide is a good warming lube, with a cheap price tag. It does its job well, as it provides a warming effect and lubricates the skin well. However, it’s not as effective as the first picks on this list in terms of overall performance. It is a decent pick for those of you who are on a tight budget and just want something simple, though.

Doc Johnson Mood - Warming Glide - Gets Warmer with Motion - Compatible With All Condoms and Toys - Contains Glycerine - 4 fl oz (118 ml)

Price: $5.30 on Amazon (4 oz)

Pros: Great price, easy to wash off, non-sticky and no smell, smooth texture

Cons: Contains glycerin, warming effect is mild at best, dries up quickly, badly designed pump

The Doc Johnson is a good warming lube. It leaves no mess, it’s easy to clean up and it does exactly what it says – it lubricates and warms you up for some sweet lovemaking. But, it’s just that – good. I love the cheap price tag, but the dispenser is not well designed (gives too much from one pump), and I found the warming effect mild at best. If you are looking for the craziest and most intense stimulation out of your warming lube, then look at the first three picks on this list, they will show what warming lubes are truly capable of. However, if you want something simple and easy to use, then the Doc Johnson is an overall good pick for such a cheap price.


10. JO H2O Warming Lube

The JO H2O is another good warming lube. It works exactly like it should, as it has an enjoyable warming effect, good lubrication and it has all this for a fair price. However, it’s nothing spectacular, and it’s hard to call it one of the best warming lubricants.

JO H2O Lubricant - Warming ( 4 oz )

Price: $15.99 on Amazon (4 oz)

Pros: Good lubrication, enjoyable warming effect, good price, overall effective design

Cons: Arousing effect is relatively mild, only lasts a short time

The JO H2O is another heating lube which I initially was a huge fan of. However, as my experience with various different brands of lubes started growing, I realized that it was not, in fact, anywhere close to the best sensation lube. While the warming effect was nice, it was very mild compared to some of the best sensation lubes on this list, like the ID Glide or the Wicked Ultra. The JO H2O is not bad by any means, but compared to the best warming lubes out there, it’s just not on par with them. If you want a simple and cheap warming lube, then maybe it’s a good choice for you though. Don’t be expecting any knee-shaking and body-convulsing orgasms though!


11. Adam & Eve Turn It Up Warming Lubricant 

This warming lubricant from Adam & Eve is only really suitable for absolute beginners. It’s basic, it’s cheap, but it’s nothing to brag about.

Adam & Eve Turn It Up Warming Lubricant

Price: $10.95 on Adam & Eve (4 oz)

Pros: Cheap price, nicely slick texture, offers good lubrication

Cons: Warming effect felt very weak, the lube dries up quickly, leaves stickiness on surfaces, it’s difficult to wash off

The Adam & Eve Turn It Up Warming Lubricant is a basic and cheap warming lube, and it has no real “WOW” factor. While I enjoyed the smooth and slick lubrication, I found that the warming effect was almost nonexistent and it dried up way too quickly. Every time I tried to test it with my partner, it required reapplying at least twice during one sex session. It’s not terrible, but I would definitely recommend you to choose one of the warming sex lubes listed above if you truly want the best warming lubricant.


Why you should get warming lube

Warming lubricants are a perfect method of spicing up your sex life with your partner. While all the best warming lube models will have different strengths and features, they all aim to achieve the same:

  1. Warming lubes increase stimulation in the vagina, by increasing blood flow into the clitoris. This makes orgasms longer and much more powerful than normal.
  2. The best warming lube will not only stimulate you, but it will also add either a heating or cooling effect. Most warming lubes work by warming up the skin, but there are also menthol-like versions which have a cooling effect.
  3. As warming lubes are, in the end, still lubricants, their purpose is also to provide excellent lubrication. Having proper lubrication is essential to any sexual experience, especially as you get older and as your skin gets drier.

There are endless more reasons to own a good heating lube, they are just fantastic… what more can I say? If you are looking to make sex more intense, then they are exactly what you need. The best sensation lube will give you the best sex of your life, guaranteed.

How to choose the best warming lube

The endless amount of choices in the market can make the decision process for choosing the best warming lube slightly intimidating at first. However, in reality, there are only a dozen good warming lube products out there at best. The ones sold in pharmacies are usually terrible, and the very cheap warming lubes are also usually not worth buying. The decision is more simple than you might think, all you need to do is decide on some key points:

The first thing you need to decide on is your budget.  Naturally, the price of the warming lube is always the very first thing you will be looking at, and you are wise in doing this. The best warming lube should always have a fair price, and I ranked the top-rated warming lubes on this list accordingly. If I felt that a lube performed well, but had an outrageous price, it either ended up in the last places or not on this list at all. Generally, I think the best quality-to-price ratio is near the $20 per 8 ounces price range. For this price, you can get an excellent quality product, without it making a huge dent in your bank account.

Secondly, you should decide on what kind of thickness you want in your warming lube. Thick warming lubes are excellent for anal, and thinner lubes are preferred for vaginal sex. When it comes to masturbating and sex toys, anything can be a good choice, but personally, I always prefer thicker lubes. They offer incredible lubrication and they don’t dry out as quickly as those thin and runny lubes.

Lastly, you should make sure that the warming lube is easy to clean up. Some warming lubes perform well, but they leave terrible stains on your bedsheets. This is something you need to watch out for because when you are enjoying an intimate moment, soap and napkins should be the last thing on your mind. The best warming lube should always leave no stains and stickiness on the surface it is used on, and it should be quick and easy to clean.

If you take these three main points into consideration, I guarantee that you will be happy with your purchase. Of course, you should look at the performance and lubrication of the warming lube also, but I already covered this in all of the best warming lube reviews at the top of this article.


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