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If you have ever been in a long distance relationship, then you probably already know all the struggles and pain it can cause. Having felt this first-hand, I know how stressful it can be when your partner is hundreds, or even thousands of miles away, for an extended period of time. The lack of physical contact, the creeping loneliness, the “good nights” through texting… it all puts an incredible strain on otherwise healthy relationships.

While even the best long-distance sex toys will not solve all of these issues, they can certainly help. And probably more than you might think. From my experience, I can say that once I and my boyfriend started using LDR toys, our relationship transformed. Obviously, a Bluetooth vibrator can’t fully substitute human contact, but every bit of physical connection is important in an LDR. Getting back together physically with your partner should be your #1 priority, but until that sweet moment happens, a long distance sex toy will be your best bet.

Besides being used as long distance relationship sex toys, the best long-distance sex toys can also be used for interactive porn watching (the scenes in the video correlate with the stimulation from the toys). Also, they are often used by camgirls who want to do interactive streams with their viewers. Whatever your sexual mission is, a long distance sex toy can almost certainly play an effective role in it.

The Best Long-Distance Sex Toys of 2020

I decided to create this review of the best long-distance sex toys for couples who need it the most. I and my boyfriend tested all of the currently available “teledildonics” against one another, while he was in a separate room from me. We tested the connectivity, battery life, design, power, reliability, price, and overall performance of the toys. After careful analysis and comparison, we arrived at three long-distance sex toy combos which we consider the best. Our very first long-distance toys, the Kiiroo Titan and Kiiroo Fuse, still ended up taking the number one spot of the best long-distance sex toys.

1. Kiroo Titan + Fuse

Kiiroo Titan Fuse Couples Toys

Price: $269 on Kiiroo

This combination of the best long-distance sex toys from Kiiroo excels in every category. Having used the Kiiroo Fuse for multiple years now, it’s still just as fresh and shiny as the day I bought it, and it feels just as enjoyable as day one. The male toy, the Titan, feels very realistic and intense and it’s my boyfriend’s favorite toy when I am away. Connected together, they open the door for the most lifelike and enjoyable long-distance sex we have ever experienced.

Having tried out seven different long-distance sex toys over the previous two years, it’s funny that the best one still turned out to be our very first purchase – the Kiiroo Titan and Fuse toys. Had I known that they would turn out to be better than all of the alternatives, I could have saved myself a few hundred dollars. This pair really does beat the competition out of the water with their advanced functions, ease of use, beautiful discreet design, and advanced tech.

Overview: The Kiiroo toys connect to your mobile device through Bluetooth and an app called the FeelConnect app. It’s very easy to install (here’s the manual), and the app holds multiple uses. Some of the ways you can use the Kiiroo toys include:

  • Interactive long-distance sex with connectivity. Naturally, this is the function which I and my partner used the most. All your partner and you need to do is to install the FeelConnect app, connect your toys to it, and start having sex! It’s really, reeeally fun, and I totally recommend you to try it out.
  • Interactive masturbation with videos. The Kiiroo toys will move in rhythm with a porn scene, bringing about a highly immersive experience. You are, however, limited to a specific set of interactive videos available through the FeelConnect app.
  • Interactive masturbation with VR. That’s right, you can even connect the toys to a VR set, creating even higher immersion than with regular interactive videos. Personally, I prefer the standard long-distance functions over the interactivity, though, as I mostly enjoy using the toy with my boyfriend.

Here is a quick video demonstrating the interaction between Kiiroo toys:

Performance for women: The Fuse has seven different vibration modes which can be controlled with through touching (or through the Titan). All of the vibrations serve different purposes – ranging from weak to powerful. I would not recommend jumping straight into the highest power setting, as they really are powerful. It’s better to start off slow and move into the higher settings one-by-one. Personally, I love the Fuse, as it fits snugly against my G-spot, and it never fails to bring me to incredible climaxes. Coupled together with the fact that I know my boyfriend is somewhere out there enjoying the moment together with me, it results in a highly immersive and enjoyable overall experience. Maybe I would not enjoy it as much as a solo toy, but as a long-distance relationship toy for couples, it really is the best out there. I totally recommend these Kiiroo toys to all LDR couples.

Performance for men: The male counterpart of the Fuse, the Titan, is the only male interactive sex toy on this list which my boyfriend could actually enjoy. I don’t know if he is being too picky or not, but the reality is that he could not reach orgasm with any long-distance toy other than the Titan. According to his words, all of the other LDR toys we tried did not stimulate his penis enough, and while the effect was nice at times, it was not nearly enough to reach an orgasm. The Titan, however, can easily bring him to orgasm thanks to the contracting rings and high-quality sleeve materials used. Therefore, for men, the Titan is by far the best long-distance sex toy.

Verdict: Compared to the other two pairs of long-distance sex toys mentioned in this review, the Kiiroo toys excelled in every category. My boyfriend said it was the only long-distance toy he enjoyed in the slightest, and while I would not be so critical of the alternatives, I have to agree that the Kiiroo Titan and Fuse are the best long-distance sex toys currently available.

2. Lovense Nora + Max

Long Distance Sex Toys Lovense Max and Lovense NoraPrice: Currently $190 for both on Lovense 

The best long-distance sex toys released by Lovense are the Nora and the Max. They feature numerous different vibration patterns, rotations, and “music syncing” possibilities. Let’s see how they compare with the other toys on this list.

Overview: Just like the toys from Kiiroo, the Lovense products are meant to be paired with a mobile app through Bluetooth. This time it is the Lovense Remote app, which sports a number of features you can choose from:

  • Vibration patterns and intensity adjusting. This can be adjusted for the Nora and the Max separately, and it’s very simple to use.
  • Choosing rotation patterns and intensity. This is meant for the Lovense Nora, as the toy has a rotating head and two different motors for vibrations.
  • Choosing air pump levels. This feature is for the Lovense Max. The penis is massaged with the help of a pump which contracts the sleeve inside of the Max, and the app allows you to choose the level of intensity.
  • Music syncing. Besides long-distance sex, you can use the two as musical sex toys! Pick your favorite song, and the sex toy will move in rhythm with the music. It’s a creative idea, no doubt. However, I rarely find myself using it despite being a passionate music listener.

The Lovense Remote app does everything which it needs to do, but I have to say that the FeelConnect app from Kiiroo impressed me more. Interactive porn and VR sex is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s still a highly advanced feature, and I know people who have fallen utterly in love with VR sex through the Kiiroo. Therefore, when it comes to the app itself, Kiiroo takes the cake, in my opinion.

To see these Lovense Nora and Max in action, take a look at the following video:

Performance for men: Until now, the Kiiroo and Lovense toys were fairly closely matched. However, when it comes to the male performance, the Kiiroo shoots ahead. That is because the Lovense Max utterly failed to impress my boyfriend, who has tried numerous times to enjoy the product. Despite these attempts, he has still failed to achieve a single orgasm through the Lovense Max. He says it’s too tight, and that the motor is not powerful enough. Frustrated, he always ends up taking the Max off and finishing him off in another way. Overall, we were very unimpressed by the Lovense Max.

Performance for women: The Lovense Nora, on the other hand, is actually a very effective vibrator. It’s sad to say this after throwing the Lovense Max under the bus, but the rotating heads and numerous vibration patterns on the Lovense Nora really impressed me. The higher intensity settings felt very strong, and the lower settings felt like a slight buzz. Exactly how they should be. Also, the two separate motors in the head and tail of the vibrator work together nicely to bring a balanced and highly effective sensation. I also enjoyed the design of the Nora – it’s a rabbit vibrator and one of the best of its kind. Overall, I highly recommend the Nora as a solo toy. However, I can’t recommend it as a long-distance sex toy, because its male counterpart suffers from numerous issues.

Verdict: The Lovense long-distance sex toys are undoubtedly fun to play around with, but due to problems with the Lovense Max me and my partner could not get full enjoyment out of the Lovense Nora and Max combination. I recommend you go with the before mentioned toys from Kiiroo if you really want the best long-distance sex toys.

Updated 2020 Verdict: The review above is for the Lovense Max version 1. The latest Max 2 seems to have greatly improved. The sleeve is better and they added 360-degree contractions and improved sensors. Paired with the pre-programmed patterns, according to the reviews I looked at, it almost feels like the real thing. My partner is so satisfied with the Kiiroo Titan though, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to convince him to give this new version of the Max a chance.

How I Have Used Long-Distance Sex Toys

Although I am no longer in a long distance relationship (we’re together now!), I know the feeling all too well.
My partner was living over 2000 miles away from me and the lack of physical contact was awful. I have never felt more stressed in my life than during those 1.5 years we were living far from each other. After half a year, we started exploring new ways to keep our relationship fresh despite the distance.

How did we keep our relationship spicy?

Well, after some time, we decided to give the Kiiroo: Titan and Kiiroo: Fuse sex toys for long distance couples a chance. And, surprisingly, they were very helpful to our relationship. The lack of physical contact with my partner was eating away at our relationship, so when we found out about these sex toys for long distance couples we jumped at the chance! If you also feel that you are becoming more and more distant with your partner due to a lack of physical contact, then you should definitely give long-distance sex toys a chance.

These toys are obviously still not the same as being together with your partner. Nothing can replace actually touching your partner. A toy will not be the same as hearing them breathe next to you and seeing them fall asleep or feeling their warmth. However, my partner and I found that teledildonics were a great deal more effective than phone or Skype sex, so they are definitely useful as a short-term solution. Your long-term goal should still be uniting with your partner forever, though.

We have grown so attached to our long-distance sex toys, though, that we still find ourselves enjoying them after moving back together. Honestly, it’s even more fun now!

Are long distance sex toys worth the money?

In my opinion, absolutely.

However, long-distance sex toys tend to be more expensive than regular sex toys, so the question of whether they are worth the investment deserves an individual answer. For some couples, buying a plane ticket with this money might be much more worthwhile, but in my situation, the lack of time was the main issue why I could not visit my partner. I had my work and he had his work. Long distance sex toys seemed like an effective answer to our problem. We could spend intimate moments with each other during lonely nights, without having to sacrifice our work prospects by taking endless vacations in order to visit each other.

We were highly skeptical of these “teledildonics” at first, but quickly we grew to love them. The first few times felt a little awkward, as we were still learning how exactly the whole “long distance sex” thing works and how to use all of the different features and settings included in these sex toys. However, once we got past the “learning curve” and became more confident, we found that they were actually very fun and creative sex toys.

My advice would be to go ahead and try teledildonics with your partner. After all, there is nothing more sad than losing a relationship to distance.

Updated: June 25, 2020


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