Bluetooth Masturbator Review

When the folks over at the Secrexy sex toy store gave me a chance to review a Bluetooth speaker which also functions as a masturbator, I knew I was in for something special. I have tried all kinds of Fleshlights, Tengas, and Onaholes. But never before in my sex toy reviewing career have I had the opportunity to test out a product so versatile and unique. The product of the day is, of course – the Bluetooth Speaker & Masturbation Cup from Memphis.

For those of you who are not familiar with the brand – Memphis usually specializes in all kinds of audio equipment. What made them decide to suddenly jump into audio equipment for the penis remains a mystery, but we are certainly in a position to reap the benefits from this decision. Now, onto the review – let’s see exactly how this masturbator has performed during the previous week when I have been using it.

Memphis Bluetooth Masturbator Review

I have had the Bluetooth Masturbator for a little over a week now, and I think I have gotten a pretty good grasp on how it functions, and what are it’s shortcomings. I will split the review into several segments, detailing my experiences one by one. Let’s start off with the package:

What’s in the Package?

When you order the Bluetooth Speaker Masturbator,  you will have all you need right there in the box:

  1. The Bluetooth Masturbator (obviously)
  2. A charging cable
  3. A plastic sheet (which prevents the vaginal part from gathering dust during shipping)
  4. An instructions manual
Packaging of the Bluetooth Masturbator
The packaging of the Bluetooth Masturbator

It’s nothing spectacular in terms of bonuses, but do we really care?

What really matters is that you have all of the essentials to start using your masturbator. You don’t need to buy batteries or a cable, and you can just start enjoying the toy right from the start. Also, when my toy arrived, the battery was already charged, so if you are all excited after your masturbator arrives, then you can start “testing” it out instantly.


Here is a quick rundown of the specifications:

Material: ABS and Silicone

Color: Black

No. of Vibration Modes: 10 (website says 8 but I counted 10)

Size: 20 × 8 cm (7.87 × 3.15 inches)

Insertable Length: 14 cm ((5.51 inches)


Material: The Bluetooth Speaker Realistic Vagina Vibrating Masturbator is made of ABS and Silicone, which is a fantastic start. Both ABS and Silicone are some of the most high-quality and luxurious sex toy materials out there. Using these materials causes the price of the toy to rise a bit, but if you truly want high quality and durability, then the price increase is totally justified. In terms of material quality, this masturbator is top-of-the-line.

Vibrations: Here is where the masturbator truly starts to shine. Each of the ten different vibration settings is vastly different from each other, and it’s very easy to select between them during a session. The vibration intensity buttons are big and bulky, so even when your hands are full of lube you will find them easily. Not only that, but the final vibration patterns are among the best I have seen from a masturbator in this price category. But, most of all, I enjoyed the fact that there was a strong variance between the patterns – there is something for everyone. You can start out slow and mild, and move into the powerful vibrations during the course of one session.

Vaginal Insert: The vaginal insert is the most critical point of any masturbator. And, I have to say, the Bluetooth Masturbator has done really well in this regard. The pussy feels very real, and while it does not look very sexy from the outside, it makes up for it in performance and pleasure. You can really feel the high-quality material inside this toy when you are using it. It feels premium in-and-out.

The pussy of the Bluetooth Masturbator
The pussy of the Bluetooth Masturbator!

Sound Quality: Honestly, it’s my first time rating the sound quality of a sex toy, but we are talking about a Bluetooth Speaker, after all, so this point needs to be mentioned. And, truth be told, the sound quality is not fantastic. The bass is not very punchy and the highs tend to drown out the mids and lows. But, in reality, I rarely found myself saddened by this fact. I mostly used the masturbator part of it and as I already have headphones, I found little need to blast trap music from my pocket pussy.

The novelty of playing music from your masturbator is hilarious by itself, and I was not really expecting a $10000 Pioneer sound system type of quality from a masturbator. If you want this toy just for the sake of listening to music, then you are probably better off with a regular speaker. After all, the best part of this product is the pussy, not the speaker.

Where to Buy it

I got my toy from Secrexy – you can buy it here. You may find the product elsewhere as well, but I strongly advise you to stay away from Amazon when buying any sex toy. Toys sold on Amazon tend to be faulty replicas of famous brands, and if you are not careful you might even injure your pleasure patches with an order from the wrong seller.

If you order from a trusted reseller like Secrexy, you can rest assured that you will not be scammed or taken advantage of. Also, the shipping time for my Bluetooth Masturbator was incredibly fast – in less than three days the masturbator arrived at my door all the way from China. I wish I saw this kind of a delivery time more often when buying sex toys.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I can definitely recommend the Bluetooth Speaker Masturbator. It’s certainly a very unique specimen in the sex toy world, and I am not sure if I will ever encounter a similar toy of its kind ever again. Combining a speaker and a masturbator inside one product is a bit of a crazy idea, but I like crazy ideas.

If you are tired of your regular Fleshlights and your Onaholes, give the Bluetooth Speaker Realistic Vagina Vibrating Masturbator a try. You will be pleasantly surprised. Or, if not you, then your penis will most definitely be pleasantly surprised.


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