Fleshlight Launch Review

In my Fleshlight Launch review, I will detail my experiences with the interactive masturbator.
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The Fleshlight Launch combines virtual reality technology and hands-free masturbation to bring together the most futuristic masturbation experience imaginable. It really is crazy.

Interactive Sex Robot


For an intense sexual experience when jerking off, a Fleshlight is among the most popular male sex toys in the market. When combined with the interactive virtual reality technology, it results in a completely new sensual experience that feels better than the real thing. The result is the best-selling male sex toy, the Fleshlight Launch.

Sounds interesting, right? Well, this interactive male sex toy really is as good as advertised.

However, with a whopping price tag of ~$200, the Fleshlight Launch is by no means a cheap acquisition for your bedroom. It’s crucial to learn all you need to know about this interactive sex toy before spending your hard earned money. The Launch is capable of incredible feats, but it’s certainly not for everyone. Make your research – and make up your own mind.

I have put together this detailed Fleshlight Launch review to help you decide whether it’s worth your time and cash. My experiences might differ from yours, but I hope I will at least shed some light on the futuristic beast with this article.

What is the Fleshlight Launch?

The Fleshlight Launch is a unique and fully automated masturbation machine that makes your head spin with about 180 strokes per minute. This hands-free male masturbator is currently one of the highest rated sex devices in the world for men. It has both a manual mode and an interactive mode that connects with your phone or computer for an immersive virtual reality fun.

Let’s take a glance at some of the main features of the Fleshlight Launch:

  • Compatible with all standard-size fleshlights
  • Made with body-safe materials
  • Compatible with Virtual reality gear including VR goggles
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • 75-inches total length and 2.6-inches stoker length
  • Up to 180 strokes per minute
  • Sleek and discreet design with password protection
  • Rechargeable battery
  • One year warranty

Fleshlight Launch Design

Fleshlight Launch Design

With a unique body design that looks like a wine cooler, the Fleshlight Launch VR allows you to insert a standard Fleshlight in the middle for a sensational jerk off experience. It featured a glossy plastic and textured matt, a minimalistic button arrangement and silver highlights, giving it an attractive look and a user-friendly interface. 

The first thing that I noted when I bought the Fleshlight Launch is that it’s very big compared to most units that I have used. Officially, the Launch has a total length of 12.75 inches and has a significant amount of weight too. That means you may want to consider other choices if you have a problem with holding large or weighty items.

 It’s evident that the Fleshlight Launch wasn’t designed to sit upright on a solid surface supported by its weight. I tried to set it up in the same position as indicated in the picture outside the box, but it immediately tumbles due to the flexible rubber material at the base. This cushioned rubber comfortably fits the contours of your body, but it won’t support Fleshlight Launch to stand on its own.

While the Launch is prone to the same risks as any other consumer-grade electronic device, it has a relatively solid build that improves its durability. Its construction is strong enough to withstand occasional falls on a carpeted floor, but you need to be careful around wooden floors and tiles. I would expect some cracks or breakage if the toy falls onto a hard surface from a significant height, especially when you let your lube run out of control. 

Fleshlight Model Compatibility

If you’re thinking of putting the Fleshlight Launch in use, the first thing you should know is that it’s compatible with all standard size fleshlight toys. Nevertheless, it’s not compatible with several Fleshlight variations like Ice, Turbo, Quickshot, Go and Flight. However, Fleshlight has revealed that they are working on an adaptor that works with the Go and Flight.

You may want to invest in a standard full-size fleshlight – if you don’t have one already – since the Fleshlight Launch doesn’t come with a Fleshlight. I tried the Launch with several solid cases like the Gold STU and the Pearl White Girls case, and they all twisted effortlessly in the case. Likewise, it was also easy to twist them out after use.

Update: You can now get the Launch in a pack which does include a fleshlight favorite, the Stamina Training Unit Lady (the gold fleshlight case with the orifice). The price is roughy the same if you buy them separately but it’s still a good deal at 10% off if you don’t want to shop around and especially if you don’t have a compatible fleshlight yet.

Using the Fleshlight Launch

Evidently, Fleshlight and Kiroo have excellently designed the Fleshlight Launch to feature multiple functions in a simple interface. However, you need to ensure that your toy is fully charged before using it, to avoid any disappointments if the battery falls flat.


For easy charging connection, the Fleshlight launch comes with a standard micro USB cable that plugs into the back of this sex toy. However, it’s evident that the manufacturer had to cut corners with the charger since it doesn’t come with a USB outlet cube, though you can borrow from your phone or other devices.

 According to the manual, the Launch is charged before purchase. It did have enough power for me to check out the motion for an initial impression quickly, but it needed charging within 20 minutes of playing. However, you should expect the battery to last longer when fully charged.

With an average run time of about 2 hours when fully charged, the Fleshlight Launch charge time is around 6-8 hours. Because of the prolonged charge time, I like to let it charge overnight to ensure that I never run out of power when playing with it.

Interface and Operation

While Fleshlight Launch comes with a simple interface for a smooth operation experience, it’s not immediately intuitive for first-time users. Even after reading the manual and watching some demo videos, I still had to do some trial and error before getting the hang of it.

The launch feature two LED touch control buttons on the front side; one for power and the other to select between manual and interactive modes. On the upper surface, it has two touch surfaces on each side for controlling the stroke starting speed, length and height. Additionally, you can hold the power button for a couple of seconds to start the launch in its default mode (interactive). That’s marked by the blue light on the status button.

Let’s take a close look at the two Launch modes in details, starting with the manual option:

Manual Mode

As you may already know, the manual mode is where full control of the length and stroke speed is in your hands. As this mode requires minimal setup, I chose to try this before the trying the immersive mode. While the Flashlight Launch powers on to interactive mode, you can shift to manual by pressing the mode button for a couple of seconds.

 For my first experience, I chose to try out my favourite fleshlight, the Stoya Destroya. This fleshlight was easy to insert through the large opening at the top, but you’ll need to twist it to lock it in place. Additionally, you will need to apply a generous amount of lube to both the penis and the fleshlight.

To get things going in manual mode, there are two touch-sensitive control strips on both sides of the Launch to help you adjust the stroke speed and length. The left control strip gives you faster strokes when you swipe away, with slower strokes when you swipe towards your body. Alternatively, you can use the right control strip for shorter strokes when swiped toward you and longer strokes when you swipe away.

If you want to adjust the stroke start position, you only need to select one of the three outlined spots on the control strip. The nearest spot starts the strokes at the lowest speed for sensual movements, while the last one starts at the highest. 

Interactive Mode

After trying the manual mode, I was completely satisfied with its performance, but little did I Know that this bad boy had other tricks up its sleeves. After taking a day of resting and regaining my energy, I sat down with it again and decided to try the Fleshlight Launch VR mode.

For starters, the interactive mode synchronises the Fleshlight Launch with all sorts of virtual reality content available on the internet. That means you can enjoy an immersive sexual experience with HD porn videos, webcams and games.

In short, the Launch perfectly replicates the humping going on the porn videos for a life-like masturbation experience!

Once you pair your computer or phone with the Fleshlight Launch app, you will need to set up a free FeelMe account. The free account will allow you to watch interactive content available through the menu button to let you see how it works with the Launch. Keep in mind that you still need to apply plenty of lube on your penis and the fleshlight before starting to use it.

How the Fleshlight Launch Feels

While I decided to try out the manual mode before trying the immersive play, it was the fully automated mode that gave me the best orgasms. As a beginner, it took several attempts to learn how to effectively use the touch-sensitive strip to control the length and speed of the strokes manually. That’s because its touch-sensitive spots don’t vibrate to the touch, making it hard to know when a command is selected. 

The good thing with the Fleshlight Launch is that when you master the controls, everything gets smooth and exponentially more fun. At first, I found the touch strip a bit distracting, but I eventually got used to the sensation and gradually started luxuriating through the activity. With continuous practice, it also became very easy to switch between the stroke motions for a natural and intuitive experience.

If you are anything like, then you will want to start-off the Fleshlight Launch in the minimum speed for sensual movements that you hand can deliver. However, if you like things to go fast, the launch delivers a maximum of 180 strokes per minute (3 strokes per second). 

When it comes to stroke lengths, the Fleshlight Launch seems a little limited with the maximum travel distance measuring a little less than three inches. The stroke lengths are about four in general, ranging from 1.5-inches to about 2.7 inches. However, changing the start position setting creates a wider range of sensations. 

While my first manual experience with the Fleshlight Launch was a real treat, the interactive mode was even more stimulating. The Launch was surprisingly quiet compared to most automatic male toys in my collection, delivering a full spectrum of sensations without any annoying buzzing sounds or noises. However, you’ll need to be creative with the set up if you want to enjoy a true hands-free experience since it doesn’t stand on its own.

Fleshlight Launch Review Summary

To summarize, here are the main advantages of the Fleshlight Launch, compared to other comparable male masturbators:

  • It transforms your masturbation experience for breathtaking orgasms
  • Compact and sturdy design for durability
  • Compatible with most fleshlight models except Flight, Ice, Turbo, Go and Quickshot
  • Syncs with FeelMe FeelConnect and PornHub interactive porn videos

Here, however, are the disadvantages I came across while trying out the Fleshlight Launch:

  • It’s a pricey bedroom acquisition ($200)
  • It can feel like a robot for first-time users (which might be a cool thing)

Is the Fleshlight Launch Worth It?

After trying a long list of the best male masturbators in the market, I honestly thought I had seen it all. However, the Fleshlight Launch was truly a game changer for me. Based on its sensual performance, this male sex toy has earned its place as my all-time favourite during my masturbation sessions. Even better, it allows you to enjoy the allure of having different sensation flavors brought by your favorite collection of textured sleeves.

What I like most about the Fleshlight Launch is the realistic experience it delivers, without having to worry about power shortages. It’s evident that Kiiroo and Fleshlight did an amazing job with the design, giving it a wonderful aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the launch is a versatile male sex toy with endless opportunities for every masturbation session in both manual and interactive mode.

I’m also going to go as far as saying that if you’re in a long-distance or virtual relationship, the Launch is a pretty good investment given the compatibility with the FeelConnect app.

Everything considered the Fleshlight Launch is highly recommendable despite being pricey. It offers you a new and unique masturbation experience, delivering sheet-grabbing orgasms in just a few minutes. With that in mind, the Launch ranks at 4.6 stars on a scale of 5. It’s totally worth every penny!

If this sounds like your cup of tea, you can order your model from here or you can get the starter pack which includes the fleshlight here.