Vibrating panties are amazing – you can use them anywhere and they allow you to have crazy intense orgasms in public, without anyone around you realizing it. The most intense and overall best vibrating panties money can buy are in this review list. You will not be disappointed by any of them!

After testing 7 different vibrating panties for dozens of hours both in public and at home over a long period of time, and considering the opinions on internet forums and reviews I am convinced that the Venus Butterfly is the best vibrating panty for most women. It feels very intense, comfortable and high-quality and it offers incredible quality and durability. The Venus Butterfly is a close second, as it feels incredible for its cheap price tag. However, as it requires batteries and has no wireless remote, I had to give the first place to the Venus Butterfly vibrating panties. The top choices in this review of vibrating panties are all incredible and the only person who can decide which is the perfect suit for you is yourself!


 #1. Venus Butterfly – The Best Vibrating Panties

Time-proven and cheap vibrating panties which will never disappoint. 


Pros: Very comfortable design, cheap price, quiet motor with powerful vibrations.

Cons: Wired design

The Venus Butterfly has the intensity and comfort of a premium vibrator panty, but without the high price tag. I still consider these to be the very best vibrating panties on the market right now. No other competitor performs as well for such an amazing price. The Venus Butterfly has been on the market for many years now, but they are still the top-rated vibrating panties model in the world.

You can wear them during sex with your partner, providing intense extra stimulus and moving your sex life to another level. Both your man and you will grow to love the Venus Butterfly, trust me. With many other vibrating panties, sex feels awkward and uncomfortable. But, with the Venus Butterfly, it feels very natural.

As it’s an old model, it lacks a wireless, rechargeable remote. But, for such a fantastic price, they are still an amazing deal. Get yourself a pair right now and I promise you – you will not be disappointed!


#2. Secrets Plus – Second Best Vibrating Panties

Fantastic vibrating panties created for women sized 12-20



Pros: Can be used with your own panties, quiet motor, wireless, great range.

Cons: Expensive, panties don’t always fit well.

The Secrets Plus vibrating panties are another excellent pick. The motor and the vibrations work perfectly. The remote controller is very easy to use and the lack of a wire is a great advantage. The range on the remote controller is also the best out of any vibrating panties I have ever seen. You can start off with the low-intensity settings at first, and as you get more wet and sensitive, advance to the higher vibration modes until you arrive at the super powerful orgasm. Switching from one vibration pattern to the next feels fantastic by itself, sort of like a mini orgasm.

Also, the Secrets Plus is incredibly quiet. For use in public places, this is very important. Unless you find yourself collapsing on the floor from the intense orgasms, no one will find out what is hiding inside your panties. The last sentence may have sounded like a joke, but there actually was a case a woman who was wearing vibrating panties fell on her knees from an intense orgasm, and an old man near her had thought she had a heart attack! I don’t know which vibrating panties that girl had, but the Secrets Plus is certainly more than capable of this!



#3. Lovehoney Hot Date – Third Best Vibrating Panties

Another great pick – comfortable design with laces, meaning that you can change the size whenever you want.



Pros: Cheap price for a remote controlled vibrating panty, sexy design, powerful vibrations, wireless, soft silicone material.

Cons: Requires uncommon batteries, low battery life, louder than previously mentioned models, short remote control range.

My third pick, the Lovehoney Hot Date, is a wireless vibrating panty, which has a sexy design and a premium quality vibrator tucked inside. However, the battery life is a major problem and the motor can get too loud for my liking.  A fantastic product in its own regard, but not as good overall as my first two picks. 

Similarly to the previous picks, these panty vibrators feel very intense and comfortable. I also loved the sexy pink laces on the sides and the look of them in general.

However, the first main disadvantage of these vibrating panties is the batteries. They use 1 x A23 and 3 x LR44 batteries, which can be expensive and difficult to find, depending on where you live. The batteries also drain relatively quickly, so I felt that the batteries were a major issue for me (although they may not be for others).

Also, I found that I enjoyed the vibrations of the Venus Butterfly and Secrets Plus more. But, admittedly, this is up to personal taste and preference. I found that while it provided for very enjoyable stimulus, it was often not enough to bring me to the climax just by itself. The motor is powerful but the vibration patterns left me unimpressed at times. Finally, the motor, although relatively quiet, was still louder than on the previous two picks. This is not a major issue, however, as it’s not loud enough to be heard from far away.


Why you should trust us


I have been testing and using numerous different sex toys for nearly a decade. Not only have I used vibrating panties by myself, but also together with my partner, both during sex and in public. I have used vibrating panties which broke down in less than a month, and I have used vibrating panties which have lasted me for 5 years (the Venus Butterfly!).

I have used sex toys in every possible way you could think of, and I have reviewed dozens of them. I know from personal experience what to look for in a sex toy, which companies to trust and which to avoid like the plague.

In other words, I have a pretty good understanding of what’s out there and what is worth your time and money. My mission is to guide you to the vibrating panties which will make you happy. I know what the best vibrating panties are and I am sharing this information in this very article!

Should YOU get vibrating panties?


As many of you already know, the danger of being caught is very thrilling and adds to the enjoyment of sexual pleasure. Vibrating panties take advantage of this thrill, by giving you the chance to experience the most intense orgasms of your life in public. Use in public, however, is not the only benefit which vibrator panties provide.

Vibrating panties are for you if:

  1. You enjoy the danger and the thrill of being caught in the act
  2. You want to experience intense hands-free orgasms
  3. You are not afraid of trying new things, kinky things!
  4. You want to take sex with your partner to a whole new level (these panties will excite your man just as much as you)
  5. You are bored by regular masturbation and are looking for something much more powerful and intense
  6. You want to make your everyday activities (shopping, going to the cinema, etc) a LOT more exciting and naughty

Do any of these points excite you? If yes, then you definitely SHOULD get vibrating panties 😉


How we picked the best vibrating panties


To compare and review the best vibrating panties, I took into consideration many different things. I looked for models, which had all of the most important features and attributes of a good vibrating panty. I compared reviews from sex toy websites, internet forums, and independent blogs to see what other sex toy enthusiasts enjoyed and compared them to my own experiences. What I found that in most cases I agreed with other shoppers, making me even more confident in my top picks.

  • Comfort is one my most important points of consideration. A vibrating panty HAS to be comfortable to wear, as it cannot slip out during use. This is especially important when you are in public and cannot keep touching your panties to set it back in position.
  • Ease of use is another important point I considered. Many sex toys have overly complicated remote controls, which make you feel like you are guiding nuclear missiles instead of a vibrator. All of my top picks have very simple but effective controls.
  • The price is naturally important for all of us, so if a vibrating panty cost unexplainably much, without adding any extra features, then it was an instant “NO” from me.
  • The vibrations must have a wide range of intensity and patterns. The lowest settings should feel like a slight buzz and the highest intensity settings should be very powerful.
  • The material of the vibrator should be soft and durable.
  • The motor of the vibrator HAS to be quiet on a vibrating panty, as it is designed to be stealthy and discreet. A rechargeable motor is a plus, but I did not value this as highly as many of the other features on this list.

How our top picks compare



  1. Venus Butterfly
  2. Secrets Plus
  3. Lovehoney Hot Date

For me personally, once you have them on, the Venus Butterfly was the most comfortable fit out of the three vibrating panties. The straps are tight and the vibrating part is secured in place very well. 

Ease of use

  1. Lovehoney Hot Date
  2. Secrets Plus
  3. Venus Butterfly

When it comes to putting the panties on, the Venus Butterfly is the least comfortable out of the three. The straps take a while to get used to. At first, I even needed the help of my boyfriend to get myself “strapped up”. They feel fiddly and they are difficult to put on and remove.

The remote controllers on the other two picks are as simple as possible and it can easily be used without being looked at. When you want to use these vibrating panties in public, it is useful when you can just press a + and – button to control the vibrator, without needing to take it out of your purse or pocket.



  1. Venus Butterfly
  2. Secrets Plus
  3. Lovehoney Hot Date

Probably the most important features of vibrating panties are the vibrations. To evaluate the vibrating panties I compared the speed, strength and pattern structure of the vibrations. I also compared the lowest intensity settings with one another and the highest vibration settings with one another.

All three of them performed well (otherwise they would not be on this list). The best vibrating panties in both the low and high-intensity settings are the Venus Butterfly panty vibrators. The low settings felt like a mild buzz, while the highest settings felt incredibly powerful. This is exactly what a vibrating panty should feel like.

The Lovehoney Hot Date feels great, but in my opinion, it is not as enjoyable as the first two picks. It is powerful, no doubt, but for some reason, I was not able to reach climax with it nearly as easily. Not to that mention I was always paranoid about turning on the higher intensity settings on the Hot Date, as I was afraid it would run out of battery instantly!


  1. Venus Butterfly
  2. Secrets Plus
  3. Lovehoney Hot Date

The first two picks are both very quiet so it is difficult to compare, but in the higher intensity settings, it seems to me that the Secrets Plus Sized panties are slightly louder. The difference is not very significant though.

On the Lovehoney Hot Date, however, the motor can get quite loud on the higher intensity settings. If you are in a quiet restaurant, for example, it is likely that people close to you will hear a sound similar to a phone buzzing in your pocket. 


How to choose the best panty vibrators


Time and time again people make the same mistakes when purchasing vibrating panties. I see this both amongst my close friends and strangers on the internet. To get the best vibrating panties experience possible, you should:

    • Consider your body size – if you are a thicker build with a very curvy body, a separate butterfly vibrator (such as the Vibease Erotica) will be the best suit for you. Although you can change the panty size through straps and laces, you will be the most comfortable if you combine one of your own panties with a high-quality butterfly vibrator.
    • Charging – do you want a USB-rechargeable vibrating panty or one with batteries? While the Venus Butterfly is both cheap and amazing, you might be annoyed by constantly having to buy 2x AAA batteries. I found this to be an especially annoying on the Hot Date vibrating panties, which require rare and expensive batteries, which drain incredibly quickly. Definitely take this point into consideration before ordering a vibrator panty.
    • Wired or wireless – depending on how you plan to use your vibrating panty, you might be better off with a wireless model. For use in public places, for example, a wireless remote will be much more comfortable and not so easily noticeable. However, during sex and during home use in general, I found that there is little difference between the two.


My adventures with vibrating panties


Now, I will share you a story of my most memorable experience with using my vibrating panties in public! I had recently purchased the Venus Butterfly panties and I was excited to try them out in public.

I told my boyfriend that on Friday, we are going to the club. He agreed but didn’t think anything of it. He knew I love to experiment with unique sex toys but for all he knew it was a normal night out at the club with drinking and dancing.

However, when Friday evening arrived and we were about to set off to one of our favorite clubs  I, of course, wore some special panties. I made sure that they were on me tightly, but I did not insert the vibrator part yet and just put in inside my bag.

When we arrived at the club, I told my boyfriend to buy something to drink and left for the bathroom. Little did he know, I was preparing a surprise for him in the bathroom! I inserted my vibrator inside the panties, tucked it into place against my clitoris and walked back to the bar.

After getting drinks, we walked to the dance floor and that is when I handed him the remote. As we have experimented with vibrating panties before, he instantly knew what was up and a big grin rose on his face.

As we started dancing, he started controlling the vibrations in sync with the music. When some slower tunes came on, he would keep the intensity low, and when we were grinding away on a fast track he would crank up the patterns. I was totally in my element! Even the slightest touch on my waist felt like absolute euphoria. I have never danced so euphorically, and the people around me probably thought I was high on something else other than panties. I did not care in the slightest though, as I kept going from climax to climax between different songs. It was amazing.

After we arrived home we removed the panties and I have never seen my boyfriend so excited as he was on that evening. Needless to say, my climaxing on that evening did not end with removing the panties.

From this experience, I learned that vibrating panties are the most effective in fast-paced environments, not just during grocery shopping or watching BBC.


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