Through dozens of hours of personal testing, reading internet forums, articles and listening to other reviewers and complaints of consumers, I have put together this review of the best pocket pussies in the world. I have owned many different pocket pussies and I have seen both the amazing and the terrible. Every sex toy site will tell you that their product is the best, but that is obviously just marketing at play. To compile this list I took into consideration many different aspects. The tightness, the quality of the material used, durability, the internal textures, the amount of stimulation and, of course, the price tag. What I considered the most important point was still the actual feeling and stimulation of the pocket pussy. Rest assured, all of the top-rated pocket pussies in this list all feel incredible and while they all have subtle differences, they are all incredible.

Best Pocket Pussies Costing $50+

#1. Zhang Xiao Yu Pocket Pussy – Best Pocket Pussy Overall

Japan’s most famous pocket pussy – modeled after Chinese pornstar Zhang Xiao Yu! One of the most intense pocket pussies you will ever come across. It’s the best pocket pussy in my collection. But, it does cost a premium.

Price: $134.99 on Lovehoney

This intense masterpiece from Japan is the absolute best pocket pussy you can find on the market. The entry feels very tight, but once you enter, it wraps itself around your dick, creating a feeling which is out of this world. You may not be familiar with the Chinese beauty which it is modeled after, but all you need to know is that she has one of the best feeling vaginas in the world! If you have ever wondered what it feels like to fuck an Asian goddess, then here is your chance. This is undoubtedly the best pocket pussy money can buy.

#2. Riley Reid Pocket Pussy

This is the second best pocket pussy in my collection. It’s realistic, it’s intense, and it’s an exact replica of Riley Reid’s sexy pussy. What more do I need to say?

Price: $79.99 on Lovehoney

If you’ve never heard of Riley Reid, then you’ve definitely been living under a rock. She is one of the sexiest and craziest pornstars in the world. And, it should come as no surprise, that the famous Fleshlight decided to model a pocket pussy after her. If you have ever wondered what it feels like to fuck Riley Reid in her prime, then here is your chance. This is the best pocket pussy of an American pornstar. The fact that it’s modeled after Riley herself makes my dick into a diamond every time. Playing a video of Riley on my computer together with headphones, and then fucking her pocket pussy at the same time is an absolutely amazing experience. Hearing her scream with pleasure while pounding away on her pocket pussy… you have to try it!

#3. Thrust Pro Elite Sophia Realistic Pocket Pussy

This is a premium pussy with a unique design. It looks like a real vagina! Not only that, but it is very soft, comfortable and highly stimulating. If you want a pocket pussy with a realistic design, then this might just be the best pocket pussy for you. 

Price: $79.99 on Lovehoney

Soft and realistic texture, ribbed canals, sexy design – there are many reasons to love this pocket pussy. It stands out right away with its looks. It looks like a real vagina which is just waiting to be taken by a man. It’s heavier than most other pocket pussies on this list, though, weighing at a little over 4 lbs. This actually works to its advantage though, as it stays in place nicely when you are fucking this pocket pussy. This is the best pocket pussy for you if you love absolute realism both in terms of feeling and design. It’s just sad that you can’t fuck the butthole on this beauty!

#4. Sasha Grey Realistic Pocket Vagina

A realistic pocket pussy carefully modeled after the popular pornstar Sasha Grey. If you want to find out what fucking her brains out feels like, then this is your chance.

Sasha Grey Pocket Pussy

Price: $54.99 on Lovehoney

Sasha Grey is another one of the hottest porn stars on the Internet and millions of men have dreamt of getting inside those panties of hers. She has hundreds of high-quality released videos, and my favorite way of using the Sasha Grey pocket pussy is with her videos. Imagine looking at a scene of Sasha Grey getting banged and watching her scream with pleasure, all the while thrusting away at her pussy in your own bedroom. It adds a whole new layer of realism which was unheard a few short years ago. Getting inside the actual panties of Sasha Grey might prove to be difficult, but why even bother, when you can just order her pussy online for less than 60 bucks?

Personally, I enjoyed Riley Reid’s pocket pussy more. Maybe it’s just the fact that I enjoy her video more but in any case… I had to give the best pocket pussy title to Riley. Both Sasha And Riley are drop-dead-gorgeous, though, so make your own choice!

Best Cheap Pocket Pussies

#1. Thrust Pro Ultra Chloe

In, my opinion, this is the second best pocket pussy in the Thrust franchise. It’s realistic, tight, and it has excellent stimulation. The internal design is what sets it apart as one of the best. The small chambers and tiny massaging balls inside the pocket pussy offer stimulation beyond this world. Overall,  I loved it!

Price: $34.99 on Lovehoney

The Ultra Chloe is the second pocket vagina from the successful Thrust series. This pocket vagina is 6 inches long so it should fit most men. However, despite the lengthy size, you will still find that the first time you push it, you will ask yourself: “How in the hell am I going to fit inside this?” Well, at least I was asking myself this question at the beginning. But, when I lubed up, hardened up and went for it, I found that the initial tightness was not all which was waiting for me – the inside felt even more intense than the entrance. I was climaxing within minutes and I was so excited at this point that I just kept thrusting in and out, despite having climaxed. I have never felt this from a pocket pussy, let alone a $35 pocket pussy! I would recommend the Thrust Pro Ultra Chloe as the best pocket pussy to any of you who want intensity and strong stimulation from your toy, without a high price tag.

#2. Rippled Real Feel Male Pocket Pussy

A realistic pocket pussy with an intense internal design. It’s nice, but in my opinion, not as enjoyable as the top picks.

The Rippled Real Feel Male Masturbator

Price: $34.99 on

This is one of the best pocket pussies in its price range. It feels thick and tight, just like a real vagina. One advantage of this rippled pocket pussy is that it is very comfortable to hold, due to its wavy texture outside. This may not seem like something important at first, but when you are all lubed up and have your pocket pussy in hand, things can quickly get very slippery! This is not a problem with the Rippled Real Feel Pocket Pussy. But, overall, I found that the stimulation it provided was not as effective as most of the other picks on this list. I would consider it amongst the top 10 best pocket pussies in the world, but itäs definitely not THE best.

#3. Xtreme Head Exciter Pocket Pussy

A tight automatic pocket pussy which will masturbate you by itself! Hands-free orgasms!! However, it’s not stimulating enough in my opinion and it takes 4 AA batteries, adding up the cost of it over time.

Price: $39.99 on

The Xtreme Head Exciter is a pocket pussy designed to automatically massage the penis through a tight stroker sleeve. The mouth of this pocket pussy is very small and tight, so I do not recommend this product to larger men. Larger sized men will find that only the very tip of their penis will fit into the pocket pussy, resulting in a rather underwhelming experience.

For smaller to average sized men, however, the Xtreme Head Exciter might just be worth looking at. I would definitely not consider it the best pocket pussy, but as an extra addition to your collection, it’s worth a try. For what itäs worth it’s a good and cheap pocket pussy, but don’t expect anything amazing.

Best Pocket Pussies for Beginners

#1. Thrust Pro Mini Eva

A realistic pocket pussy with an excellent build, great stimulation, and an affordable price. It feels just like the real thing and it outperformed many of its $50+ competitors. Great value for the money. It’s very simple and easy to use, so it’s perfect for all beginners.

Price: $19.99 on Lovehoney

The Mini Eva is made from a super stretchy material, which wraps around the shaft of your penis, creating an incredible tight massaging sensation, which feels similar to a real virgin vagina! The internal texture of the Mini Ella also creates a nice suction effect, which makes you feel like you are pushing in and out of a tight, wet vacuum every time you thrust yourself inside.

Considering the price of it, this is an astonishingly realistic pocket pussy. As a critic, I would love to find reasons to hate it. But, the truth is, I have nothing bad to say about it. It’s a cheap pocket pussy which performs better than many of $50+ competitors. It’s no wonder to me why this is one of the best-selling pocket pussies in the world. 

#2. Doc Johnson UR3 Wonder Pussy Realistic Vagina

Tight and intense pocket pussy which feels exactly like real flesh. It’s hard to say whether this or the Mini Eva is better, as they are both incredible and they cost next to nothing. You really can’t go wrong with either of these, if you are looking for the best cheap pocket pussies.

Price: $21.99 on Lovehoney (currently out of stock)

The Doc Johnson UR3 is, in my opinion, the second best pocket pussy in the world in terms of value. I bought it only recently, but it has quickly become one of my most used sex toys, and believe me when I say I have a huge collection of sex toys.

The Doc Johnson UR3 has a wonderful inside texture full of ribs and it feels very realistic. One small detail which made me fall in love with the UR3, in particular, were the cute pink vagina lips on the front. They add to the realism surprisingly much and every time you enter into the pocket pussy, it will feel exactly like thrusting into your girlfriend for the first time. It’s an indescribable feeling!

The material is nicely smooth and flexible, and it can be used in basically every angle imaginable. You can twist it around your dick while you are pounding away on it, you can hand it over to your partner and let them play with it… the options are endless, really. The Doc Johnson UR3 is an excellent pick if you want a cheap pocket pussy, which feels both realistic and incredibly intense.

#3. Thrust Pro Mini Stella Mouth and Vagina Masturbator

Cheap pocket pussy with two openings – one for oral sex and the other for vaginal sex.

THRUST Pro Mini Stella Pocket Mouth and Pussy

Price: $24.99 on Lovehoney

This is one of the cheapest pocket pussies I decided to feature on this list. In general, I like to pay a little premium to get the highest quality toys. However, when I saw this two-for-one pocket pussy, I just had to try it out. 

It feels surprisingly tight and both the oral and vaginal openings feel nice overall. The material is very easy to clean, and it’s so compact that it’s easy to travel with. It’s cheap, it’s effective, and it’s hygienic. Get the Mini Stella if you are on a budget and want a reliable but cheap pocket pussy. It’s obviously not as intense or realistic as the top picks on this list of the best pocket pussies, but for the price, it’s a great pick for double the experience.

#4. Girl Next Door Pocket Pussy

Good pocket pussy with realistic inside texture. It’s short, however, at 5 inches. Many of you will find that complete insertion is difficult with this one. The small size makes it excellent for traveling, though.

Price: $16.99 on Lovehoney (Update: this product has been discontinued)

This is a small pocket pussy, meaning you can bring it with you absolutely anywhere! It’s half-pint sized, so you could literally fit in in your pocket.

It’s a good choice for those of you who love traveling, as you can bring this pussy with you absolutely anywhere. For quick faps in the hotel it’s great, but for home use, I would recommend you to choose one of the other top+rated pocket pussies on this list.

How I Compared Top Pocket Pussies

Having reviewed dozens of different sex toys over the years, I have a very good understanding of what qualities the best pocket pussy needs to have. The sex toy market is full of manufacturers who put flashy names and product descriptions on their web pages, while the toy itself does nothing whatsoever and the features don’t work like they should. I enjoy matching sex toys in different categories against another, comparing the specific features and performance of them all and giving the results of my analysis to the readers, and you!

For this best pocket pussy review, I compared each and every pocket pussy I could find based on the material used, the tightness, the ridings and internal textures, the durability, the openings and the overall cohesiveness of the pocket pussy. Going this far just to find the best pocket pussies may seem ridiculous, but when it comes to sex toys my enthusiasm really can get ridiculous, and I can’t help it!

Benefits of Owning a Good Pocket Pussy

Imagine coming home from a night out at the club. You are drunk and disappointed.

You were planning on bringing home a girl today but for one reason or another it ended up being another night when you return home alone (and probably horny). I don’t know about you, but I personally hated this feeling, and regular masturbation did very little to help.

When I knew I had a silicone pocket pussy and some lube waiting for me in my drawer, I couldn’t wait to get home after a night out, even if I was returning alone! Drunkenly thrusting away at my favorite pocket pussy is more intense and enjoyable than what most men might think.

So, in short, YES! You should!

Here are some more reasons why you SHOULD get one of the best pocket pussies on this list:

  1. You want to be able to have realistic and intensely stimulating sex whenever, wherever you wish. Your pocket pussy will always be ready for some banging, unlike a wife or girlfriend!
  2. You want to avoid sexually transmitted diseases but you want to have sex. A pocket pussy will never carry any diseases, so it’s the most hygienic sex method out there!
  3. You are tired of regular sex and you want some new and exciting sensations. Well then, you are in the right place.. some of these pocket pussies have so crazy inside textures that they feel 10x more intense than a real vagina.
  4. You want to have some practice for real sex, by building sexual stamina with a pocket pussy. If you use one of these pocket pussies for a few months, you will have such crazy sexual stamina that any girl you have sex with will keep coming back for more, trust me.
  5. You are depressed because you have an ongoing dry-spell and lack of sexual contact. A good pocket pussy will release exactly the same endorphins in your brain as regular sex, so it’s an excellent solution to your worries.

There are endless more excellent reasons to buy and own a pocket pussy, so just go ahead and get one for yourself. There is no way you will regret it. It’s not like it’s a huge investment to make. Some of these pocket pussies are cheaper than a bottle of whiskey!


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