Being the owner of over a dozen Fleshlights, I think I finally have the credentials to apply for the title of The King of Fleshlights. I feel like it’s my duty to help others through their journey of purchasing a Fleshlight because I have tons of experience in this area. Admittedly, I have had both excellent and terrible experiences regarding Fleshlights. In order to compile this comprehensive list of the best Fleshlights, I took all of my experiences into consideration.

The good, the bad, and the ugly were all ranked against one another to create this review of Fleshlights. What I had, at the end of this process, was a complete list of the best Fleshlights in the world. I think it’s fair to say that I am also the King of Timewasting because I used up three full days of my life reviewing the pros and cons of freaking Fleshlights… In any case, this is what I ended up with:


Fleshlight Review: The Best Fleshlights

Enough with the introductions. Let’s get right to the meat of this best Fleshlights review, shall we? I have split the review into several parts, so navigate the table of contents if you would like to skip to a specific part:


Best High-End Fleshlights (>$75)


1. Fleshlight Launch

The Launch is the best Fleshlight in the world, and it should not be difficult to see why. If VR sex, hands-free orgasms, and robot blowjobs don’t get you excited, then I don’t know what will.

Check Price on Fleshlight

Fleshlight Launch - The Best Fleshlight

The Fleshlight Launch is the latest release from Fleshlight, and it’s absolutely insane. It looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie. It’s rather big, so it’s next to impossible to hold the thing in your hands while you are using it, but then again… why would you even want to? It does absolutely everything by itself… everything from stroking your ding-dong 120 times per minute all the way to giving you VR Sex with pornstars. I am not calling it the best Fleshlight ever without good reason.

One amazing feature of the Launch is that it can be used with all your other Fleshlights and Fleshjacks. Therefore, it’s the perfect way of upgrading your regular Fleshlights to the next level. By the time I bought myself the Launch, I had grown tired of my three standard Fleshlights. However, after getting the launch, I fell in love with those three Fleshlights all over again. 

If you have the money to afford the best Fleshlight – the Fleshlight Launch, then I absolutely recommend you to go for it. It’s unlike anything you have ever experienced before, and the possibilities of using it are endless. But, if the price tag is too high for you, then you might want to consider the second best Fleshlight model, the…


2. Fleshlight STU

The Stamina Training Unit is the most realistic Fleshlight out there. Not only does it feel fantastic, but it also works wonders for your sexual stamina and confidence. It’s a simple design, but it’s still one of the best Fleshlights ever made.

$84.99 on Lovehoney or Check Price on Fleshlight

Fleshlight STU - Second Best High-End Fleshlight

The Fleshlight STU is considered to be the best Fleshlight ever by many fans loyal to the brand. To anyone who has had the privilege of sticking their dick into one, it should not come as a shock whatsoever. After all, which other male masturbators can claim that they will double or even triple the users’ sexual stamina after just a few months of use? The answer is – none of them.

I have searched long and hard for a competitor to the Fleshlight STU, but it’s a worthless effort. The STU blows all of the competition out of the water, as it truly is the most realistic Fleshlight and the best feeling Fleshlight. Obviously, the Fleshlight Launch is in a league of its own, but if you take it out of the equation, then the STU really is the best Fleshlight every by all measurable standards.

There is not a single man in the world who would not benefit from increased sexual stamina and confidence. Seriously, if you are disappointed with your past sexual experiences, then get the Fleshlight STU. You might be questioning how this thing will help you, but trust me – you will see radical changes in just one month. One, freaking, month.


3. Fleshlight Vibro

The Vibro is a vibrating Fleshlight, with some shaky stimulation. It’s sort of a mixture between a Fleshlight Launch and an STU. It’s good, but I found that it tries to be too much of a jack-of-all-trades, without excelling in any category specifically.

$89.99 on Lovehoney or Check Price on Fleshlight

Fleshlight Vibro - A Decent Fleshlight


The Fleshlight Vibro is a relatively unknown product from Fleshlight. It’s not even featured on the Fleshlight homepage. Before getting my hands on the Fleshlight Launch, I was eager to try a vibrating Fleshlight, so I got one for myself. Specifically, I got the anal Fleshlight version. However, I found the experience to be sort of lackluster. The vibrations aren’t particularly enjoyable and it drains its batteries way too quickly. 

I found myself ditching the vibration effect, because I was lazy to go shopping for new batteries every week. Also, the vibrations made it SUPER noisy, so the house had to be absolutely empty for me to even consider using it. Because of this, it basically ended up turning into a regular Fleshlight Pink Lady – a $30 cheaper Fleshlight.

Although it’s a high-quality and enjoyable product, I still can’t really recommend it. If you want vibrations, then just save some money up for the best Fleshlight – the Fleshlight Launch. Or, if you want a high-quality Fleshlight pocket vagina without any vibrations, then just get something like the STU or the Pink Lady. For the price, there are better choices out there.


Best Mid-Range Fleshlights (<$75)



1. Fleshlight Turbo

The Turbo is the best Fleshlight you can get for a mid-range budget. It has three different points of entry, each of which feels unique. It’s designed to make you feel like you’re getting a blowjob.

$69.99 on Lovehoney or Check Price on Fleshlight

Fleshlight Turbo - Best Mid-Range Fleshlight


The Fleshlight Turbo Thrust is one of the most powerful Fleshlights on the market. It was designed to be a blowjob machine, and while it’s not exactly a unique idea, it still feels fantastic. It has three different areas where you can stick your dick into, and honestly, I love every single one of them. When you insert the tip of your dick into the tip (you can see it on the picture), it feels crazy good. And, when you push all the way through, then it feels like a true deepthroat fucking. If you’ve never experienced a real deepthroat, then you will be astonished by the intensity of this thing. 

This bad-boy will surprise you even after years of use, because of the triple-entry design. It is, without a doubt, one of the most versatile and overall best Fleshlights in my collection. Especially if you take into consideration the affordable price point. I can recommend it to anyone.


2. Fleshlight Classic Pink Butt

This is the tightest Fleshlight design out there. Not only is it the tightest Fleshlight, but it’s also the best anal Fleshlight ever made.

Check Price on Fleshlight

Fleshlight Classic Pink Butt - Best Anal Fleshlight

The Classic Series is the original Fleshlights which made the brand internationally famous in the first place. You really can’t go wrong with this one, as the Classic design has stood the test of time better than any sex toy ever made.

It often seems to be the case that men who have purchased this Fleshlight once keep coming back for more. They buy it over and over without even looking at the modern alternatives. One dear friend of mine, also a sex toy reviewer, has bought a total of 4 Classic Fleshlights already. He loves the design so much that he has never felt the need to try anything else. If his dedication doesn’t tell you anything about the quality of this Fleshlight, then I don’t know what will.

The Classic Series from Fleshlight also features the Classic Pink Butt, which is the best anal Fleshlight you will ever find. It’s by far my favorite product from the series, and the tightness is absolutely crazy. If you are looking for the tightest Fleshlight, then look no further. This is it! I would even say that the design is too tight at times, even though I have a rather average sized penis. It is definitely the best Fleshlight for small penis men, because of the incredible tightness. It’s a solid choice as the best anal Fleshlight for larger men also, but be warned – it’s super tight!


3. Fleshlight Ice

Sexy looking Fleshlight with a strong and enjoyable suction effect, and a unique design. It has an adjustable end cap, which can be loosened and tightened at any time. 

$68.99 on Lovehoney or Check Price on Fleshlight

Fleshlight Ice - A Decent Fleshlight

Next up in this Fleshlight review, we have the Fleshlight Ice. This Fleshlight has a super sleek and sexy transparent design. But I know what you’re thinking. Who cares about the design… what does the Fleshlight feel like?

Well, it actually feels great. While you are pounding away on the Fleshlight Ice, you will see how your dick becomes happier and happier with each stroke. The suction effect is very enjoyable, and the ribbed texture inside feels intense. 

However, the biggest advantage of the Fleshlight Ice is the end cap. It’s meant to work in such way that it can be tightened and loosened according to personal preference. By tightening the end cap, you can strengthen the suction effect, and make the Ice more intense overall. Or, if you want a milder experience, you can also loosen the cap. This gives you a smoother ride and it makes you last longer, helping to build stamina. You can also twist it while using it, to create varying sensations during your masturbation session.


4. Fleshlight Go

Discreet Fleshlight which can be packed up and taken on the Go. It’s the best Fleshlight for those of you seeking stealthiness and privacy.

$59.95 on Lovehoney or Check Price on Fleshlight

Fleshlight Go - A Discreet Fleshlight

The Fleshlight Go is a discreet Fleshlight designed for travelers, similarly to the Fleshlight Flight. It takes ease of storage to another level, as it can be compressed together and hidden in tiny spaces. In terms of performance, the Fleshlight Go feels a bit similar to the Classic Pink Lady, although it’s not as intense. It’s very enjoyable, but in my opinion, it’s outshined by the alternatives.

It is, without a doubt, the best Fleshlight for travelers, because of the compactness. However, if you are looking for the best Fleshlight for purely home use, I would suggest you to consider some of the alternatives on this Fleshlight review. The Go is a great choice for men who already own a Fleshlight, but want an extra Fleshlight for traveling purposes. Or, for those of you who have nosy parents/flatmates/girlfriends who like to dig through your stuff constantly. It will be next to impossible for them to find the Fleshlight Go, so you can rest easy if you have trouble regarding this.


Best Cheap Fleshlights (<$55)



1. Fleshlight Quickshot

$39.99 on Lovehoney or Check Price on Fleshlight

Cheap Fleshlight with a unique design which is open from both sides. It’s the best Fleshlight for those of you who are on a very tight budget.

Fleshlight Quickshot - Best Cheap Fleshlight

What is special about the Quickshot is that it can be used both as a solo toy and as a couples toy. This is because of its open-ended design. You can fuck your girfriend while you are tucked into the Fleshlight nicely and snugly!

In use, the Quickshot feels very different from other Fleshlight, but not any less enjoyable. Because if its small design, it can be used in some creative ways. You can twist it around the tip of your cock, or you can pull it up and down like a Tenga Egg. Once you learn how to use the Quickshot, it can quickly become one of the best feeling Fleshlights, despite it being the cheapest Fleshlight on this list.

One disadvantage of the Quickshot, however, is its small size. For me personally, the design was a good fit, but I have heard that larger sized men have had some issues with it. I am a rather average sized man though, so unless you have a giant cock, you should be okay. This disadvantage is by no means a dealbreaker, as this is truly is the best Fleshlights for the money.


2. Fleshlight Sex in a Can

This is the best Fleshlight for gifting to a friend who loves masturbation and beer. Probably the only sex toy in the world which is in the shape of a beer can.

$47.99 on Lovehoney or Check Price on Fleshlight

Fleshlight Sex in a Can - Second Best Cheap Fleshlight

The Sex in a Can Fleshlights has a super cool design. It’s a pussy inside of a beer can! What more can a man dream of, than beer and pussy combined together? This is totally the best Fleshlight to give as a gift to any buddy of yours. That buddy might mistake this thing for a fancy imported can of beer at first. But, when they get home, they will definitely be lubing this imported beer can up in their bedroom.

I purchased my first Fleshlight Sex in a Can as a gift. However, when I got my hands on it, I fell so much in love with the design that I ordered another one for myself the same day! My friend still jokes about this gift 3 years later. It’s definitely more memorable than any expensive whiskey or wine bottle.


3. Fleshlight Flight

The second best Fleshlight for travelers. It has a small and intense design, but I found that it was outshined by the other alternatives in this Fleshlight review.

$54.99 on Lovehoney or Check Price on Fleshlight

 Fleshlight Flight - A Decent and Cheap Fleshlight


The Fleshlight Flight was designed to be a discreet Fleshlight for travelers. It has a small case, which is very discreet and light, and the Fleshlight itself is also lighter than any other Fleshlight I have ever come across. Just like the Fleshlight Go, it’s very easy to throw it into your luggage, as it weighs next to nothing.

However, the reason why it’s so low on this list is simple. It’s just not as good as the other top-ranked products in this Fleshlight review. When it comes to discreet Fleshlights, the Go is better. When it comes to intensity, basically all other Fleshlights are better. And, when it comes to price, you can get a Quickshot for $20 less, and it will perform better than this one. It’s a bit sad, but the Flight ends up being wedged in-between the other, best feeling Fleshlights. It’s good, but I can’t exactly recommend it.



How To Use a Fleshlight


The Preparation

Now that you have your brand new Fleshlight in hand, you must be anxious to try it out. It’s not rocket science, but I will share some of my tips and tricks on using a Fleshlight.

When you first take your new Fleshlight out of the box, it might feel a little sticky at first. To make this stickiness disappear, you just take the insert out of the case and put it into warm water for a minute or two. The feeling of sliding into a warm Fleshlight is the most amazing thing ever, so don’t be afraid of using warm water together with your chosen Fleshlight.

After you have warmed up the insert, the stickiness should have disappeared. Now you can put it back in the case and lube it up with a generous amount of water-based lubricant. To get maximum efficiency and intensity, you should use lubrication on both the insert and yourself.

Using Your Fleshlight

Now is a good time to adjust the end cap of the Fleshlight, if your model includes this function. Twist it to the tightness you want and start testing, by sliding in and out of the Fleshlight. At first, I recommend you to try a very loose cap, and as your sessions progress, you should start going tighter slowly. Eventually, use the tightest Fleshlight cap mode you can, to get the most intensity and stimulation from the product.

Well, you can use your Fleshlight in many different ways – on your back, on the front, or even hands-free (through the use of a shower mount or the Fleshlight Launch). There really are endless ways of using a Fleshlight, so don’t be afraid to try new positions and creative ideas. You might find that using a Fleshlight upside-down will give you an unexpectedly amazing feeling. The best way to use a Fleshlight will depend on what sensations you like. As they say – different folks, different strokes!

Cleaning Your Fleshlight

After you are finished with your Fleshlight you should always rinse it with soap and water. Not only is it necessary for hygienic purposes, but it also increases the life period of your Fleshlight tremendously. The best way to clean a Fleshlight is to remove the inner part (the insert), and clean the parts separately. If you clean the Fleshlight with the insert still attached, you will never reach all of those difficult to access areas.

The best way to dry your fleshlight after cleaning is just the same as with your clothes – put them in an area of your house with free air flow. Or, even better, a drying rack. I have found that using my clothes drying rack is the quickest and best way of drying my Fleshlight, so give it a try. Just don’t hang them outside your house – the neighbor might steal your precious Fleshlight!



Why Buy a Fleshlight?

There are far more reasons to own a Fleshlight than there is room in this Fleshlight review, so I will be short.

The main reason why it is incredibly beneficial for you to become an owner of a Fleshlight is your confidence. It may sound strange at first that anyone would purchase a Fleshlight for confidence boosting. However, the experience of hundreds of men, including me, has shown that building your sexual stamina with a Fleshlight works wonders for your sex life with real women.

Have you ever felt embarrassed about orgasming within one minute, after finally getting to fuck this girl you have been crushing on for months or even years?

I know I have experienced this, and it had a terrible effect on my sexual confidence. I was not even motivated to flirt with any girls, because I knew that even if I did end up having sex with them, the experience would end up being disappointing because of my poor stamina. Having bad stamina makes sex terrible for both counterparts, but thankfully, with the help of Fleshlights, especially the STU, I raised my stamina. Admittedly, I am still no beast in the sack, but at least I can now last for a minimum of ten minutes of real sex.

It was like a new world had opened up to me. I became more confident in myself, and this started showing when I talked to girls. All girls are attracted to confidence, and I learned this first-hand. I did not believe this to be true at first, probably because of my poor confidence. However,  I now realize that it’s absolutely true.

Besides stamina building, it’s a fact that the best Fleshlights just feel incredible. This should be enough of a reason by itself to convince you to buy a Fleshlight. 


Where Can I Buy a Fleshlight

You should always buy your Fleshlights (or any sex toy, for that matter) either directly from the manufacturer, or an authorized reseller known to be trustworthy. The best places to buy Fleshlight are, in my opinion, the Fleshlight official website, and Lovehoney. I would recommend you to avoid buying Fleshlights, or any other sex toys directly from Amazon. Amazon is full of fake Chinese copies of Fleshlights, and you are out of luck if you fall for this, because they have no warranty. You might think that you’re saving yourself a few quick bucks by ordering from Amazon, but to my mind, the risk of getting a false product is just not worth it.

Personally, I consider Lovehoney to be the absolute best place to buy a Fleshlight. The first reason should be obvious. It’s the price. They tend to have the cheapest Fleshlights, and they also have free express shipping on orders over $100. I

The second best place to buy a Fleshlight would have to be the official website of Fleshlight. Obviously, they will have a huge stock of all the best Fleshlight products. If you find that Lovehoney has run out of stock on a certain product, then the Fleshlight website should be your second best bet on where to get a Fleshlight.


Shipping & Packaging

Sex toy sellers always go to great lengths to make sure your Fleshlight shipping packages are stealthy and discreet. Noone involved in the shipping process will know that you just ordered a Fleshlight to your door, so don’t be worried about this.

 All of the Fleshlight shipping packages look like boring old cardboard packages, and they have no “Fleshlight” names plastered over them. If you are living with flatmates and you are worried that they will found out that you just ordered the new Fleshlight Launch, then stop your worrying. They will never find out unless you tell them.

All of the Fleshlight shipping packages also ship very quickly, as long as you buy them from authorized resellers, such as Lovehoney, or the Fleshlight official website. You will have your new Fleshlight at your door in a day or two unless you live in North Korea.




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