One of the most embarrassing situations in my life so far happened in the bedroom while I was having sex with my partner at the time. I don’t want to get into the dirty details, but as someone with plenty of experience in anal play, I can tell you right away that bad hygiene and anal play should never be mixed together. There is nothing more horrifying than smelling, or even worse, seeing something brown pop up during an intimate moment. It creates discomfort for everyone involved and it’s easily avoidable, with the help of an anal douche.

In my opinion, anal douches should be a part of every shower, especially if you have a partner. Even if you don’t do any kind of anal play, if you are in the bedroom with a dirty anus, then trust me, your partner will notice (although they will never tell it to your face).

To help you find the best anal douche, I reviewed twelve of the most popular anal douche models on the market right now. I compared all of the best anal douches I could find in terms of design, ease of use, effectiveness, and price. I found that overall, the Tracey Cox Supersex was the best anal douche for me, being the quickest at cleaning, and achieving a clean result at the same time. However, as anal douches have some very different designs, I decided to choose the best anal douche by individual design types. To find out more about what bulb douches, shower douches and water bag douches are, click here.

Browse the best anal douche by design:

Best Bulb Douche

Best Shower Douche

Best Water Bag Douche

Now… let’s jump straight into the best anal douche for me – the Tracey Cox Supersex anal douche!



Best anal douche with a bulb

Tracey Cox Supersex Anal Douche

Made of high-quality silicone, this is the best bulb douche I have ever used. It is very comfortable to use because of the smooth and flexible material on the tip. Cleaning with this anal douche is quick, easy, and very thorough. I can recommend this as the best anal douche for everyone.


The Tracey Cox Supersex douche performed the best out of all anal douches I tested. Its biggest advantage is the flexible silicone tip, which does not cause any discomfort during use. It is just the right size, holding 250 ml water in one full bulb, meaning that you will get a very thorough with only 2-3 full bulbs. The process takes only a minute or so total, and by the end of it, your anus will be cleaner than it has ever been before.

This is the best anal douche I found for multiple reasons. Firstly, it is simple enough that anyone can pick it up and use it. Secondly, it is very comfortable to use, thanks to the soft and flexible tip and thirdly, it is very effective at cleaning. The bulb is not too firm and I really don’t have any complaints to say. This anal douche is excellent for all of you, no matter whether this is your first anal douche or your fifth.


Second best anal douche with a bulb

Lovehoney BASICS Anal Douche

This is a cheap, small, easy to use and effective anal douche. It’s small enough (7.5 inches long) to be kept in a discreet location in the bathroom and it only requires around 2 bulbs for a complete wash. Not as comfortable to insert as the Tracey Cox anal douche.



The Lovehoney Basiscs bulb douche is very easy to use. All you need to do is fill the bulb with water, insert the nozzle inside you (it’s easy to insert, you do not need to go far) and squeeze the bulb to release the water inside you. It’s such a basic and simple design that anyone can use it. I also love the fact that it does not look intimidating. Even if someone found this anal douche they would probably have no idea what it’s used for. Cleaning this bulb douche afterward is easy and quick.

However, the tip on this bulb douche was not as flexible as the Tracey Cox Supersex, and as a result, I always preferred to use it over this one. The price is cheaper, but for only seven dollars extra you get an overall easier and more comfortable experience.

Another complaint I have to say is that the bulb can feel a little too firm at times, meaning that you need to use some strength to squeeze it. On a few occasions, the bulb has slipped out of my hand because of this. But it’s not that big of an issue, and I still consider this to be the best anal douche models out there.


Beauty Molly anal douches Superior Medical Materials enema bulbs (7 OZ)

Best budget anal douche with a bulb

Beauty Molly Anal Douche

Check price on Amazon

Cheap anal douche made of PVC. It’s very simple and straightforward to use, but personally, I consider anal douches made of silicone to be superior. But if you’re on a tight budget, you can save some dollars and achieve a good result with this anal douche.



The Beauty Molly anal douche is another bulb douche with a very simple design, meant for those of you who just want a quick wash without any long and tedious preparing and shower installations.

This anal douche does what it’s supposed to do and it does it well. It rinses the anus very effectively and the process is quick, effortless. However, I found it not as comfortable as the alternatives on this list of the best anal douches. The PVC tip was a little too firm for my liking and getting water inside the bulb was a slower process than with the other two bulb douches on this list, thanks to the smaller bulb hole.

It’s a very cheap and effective anal douche, but I would suggest that you spend an extra 10 dollars and get the Tracey Cox, if you want the best anal douche with a bulb design.


Mr-S-Leather Complete Anal Douche "Shower Shot" Kit with Deluxe Aluminum Nozzle

Best shower douche

Mr-S-Leather Complete Anal Douche

Check price on Amazon

An affordable high-quality shower douche which did not show any signs of leaking even from a high-pressure shower. It’s easier to install than most shower douches, and it’s the most effective at cleaning the anus thoroughly. As far as shower install designs go, this is the best anal douche.


The Mr-S Leather anal douche was the second shower douche I ever tried, and I have to say, I was very impressed by it. My first shower douche cost more, but it kept leaking everywhere and after a few initial tried I just binned it into the garbage. The Mr-S, however, was super easy and quick to install, and it had no leaking problems anywhere, even when I used a very high pressure setting on my shower.

After a rinse with this anal douche, you will be completely clean, but some leftover water could still be left inside you, so I would recommend some squats to get it all out. This is the case with every shower douche, however, so I can’t really pin this on the Mr-S.

The only complaint I can give is that it had no clear instructions in the manual as for how to install it. While I found it to be very simple, there are complaints online of people being frustrated, since they don’t know how to install the douche. If you are frustrated and in need of help with the installation, shout a comment, it’s really very simple!

I recommend this as the best anal douche for you if you want a shower installable anal douche, which is affordable and effective.


Premium anal douche

Clean Stream Deluxe Shower Enema Set

$59.99 on Lovehoney

Premium shower douche with an excellent design which will last for years. It’s made from high-quality stainless steel, which will withstand any water pressure. It’s easy to install, comfortable to use and it’s very effective. But it’s pricey.



The Clean Stream anal shower douche performed excellently in all categories. It’s very durable, it showed no signs of leaking anywhere and the installation process is so easy that I ended up removing it every time after I used it and reattaching the anal douche every time I needed it.

The stainless steel nozzle might be a little intimidating for those inexperienced with anal play, but it actually slides in very effortlessly. The rinse you achieve with this is very thorough and no signs of dirt or smell will be left in your anus after a wash with this anal douche.

It’s difficult to say whether this or the Mr-S is better overall. I preferred this anal douche overall due to the ease of installation, but as the price difference is rather big (over $30) I gave the top spot to the Mr-S. They are both very effective at what they do and if you don’t want to spend a premium for the best anal douche then the Mr-S will be a better value deal for you.


The Most Complete Enema Kit by D-LifeForce™, Includes - 2Qt Clear Silicone Enema Bag & 6ft Tube| For Water & Coffee Enemas, Colon cleanse, Douche For Woman & Man| FDA approved & Latex Free

Best anal douche with water bag design

D-LifeForce Enema Kit

Check price on Amazon

A complete anal douche package with a durable silicone bag, a flow control valve system, and a discreet package to carry the anal douche in.  This anal douche can be used for both water and coffee enemas, unlike other anal douches on this list. Overall, it’s an excellent product.


The D-LifeForce Enema Kit performed excellently in every category. It is very simple to use, as you just need to fill the bag with warm water (or coffee), hang it somewhere high, insert the nozzle and then control the flow to your liking. The cleanliness I achieved with this anal douche was perfect every time. There was never any lingering dirt or smell inside my anus.

This anal douche can hold more liquid than almost any other anal douche, so one filled bag will be more than enough for a thorough clean. I have never had any problems with leakage, despite frequent use.

The bag is very easy to clean, as it’s made from non-porous silicone, and it’s very durable. Even after 6 months of almost daily use I see no signs of wear and tear on it. The heavy duty ring which is used to hold the bag is more durable than any of the other anal douches on this list. Another advantage is that you can take this anal douche anywhere as you move from place to place, making it an excellent choice for travelers.

The D-LifeForce Enema Kit is the best anal douche for you if you want something effective, simple to use and durable. It’s a great quality kit, but it also costs a little more than some of the alternatives.


Alternative anal douche with water bag system

5-Piece Anal Enema Kit

$12.00 on Lovehoney

This is a cheap anal douche with a water bag system. It’s very effective and it has a simple design, however, the hook which holds the water bag is not as strong as on the D-LifeForce and the water bag is not as easy to clean (as it’s not silicone). The tube is also 1.5 inches shorter, which can be a problem in some positions.

The 5-Piece Anal Enema Kit is a high-quality product overall, but I found that the D-LifeForce Enema Kit was just a little bit better in every category. This anal douche is not as strong, as the suction hook which you hang it up with was losing strength only a few months after buying. The water bag is not made of silicone, so it’s more difficult to clean properly. I have not found the shorter tube to be too much of a problem, but depending on where you hang the anal douche it could be problematic for you.

Overall, it performed its job of cleaning the anus thoroughly very well. It had no leaking and the quality was good, but the D-LifeForce is a better value pick overall.


Table of contents

  1. Why you should trust us
  2. Who should get one
  3. A quick word on anal douche types
  4. How to pick the best anal douche
  5. How we picked and tested


Why you should trust us

I have been reviewing sex toys (including different anal toys) for multiple years now on a variety of different websites. I put great attention into detail in my work and I don’t just spurt out the word “best” without knowing anything about a topic. When I am analyzing all products in a certain category (in this case the best anal douches), I look through every available piece of information. I leave no stone unturned and I ask for information in every place I can possibly find. For this review, I found that there was very little information in actual reviews and online forums, so I had to use another method.

As an experienced sex toy reviewer I have plenty of friends who indulge in anal play. However, since anal douches are not a common topic of conversation even amongst sex toy reviewers, I asked around to see who actually utilizes one in their shower. I was relatively surprised to find that many of my friends have started using anal douches years ago. I thought I was amongst the few… but it turns out it was not the case. This was great for me though, as I could ask everyone to give a rating to the best anal douche in their collection. I asked them what they thought was good about a certain anal douche and what they thought needed changing.

After categorizing all of the information I received from my acquaintances, I wanted to go even deeper and started searching through online forums and review websites to find additional information on the anal douches in my list. I did not find as much as I would have liked, but what I found was very valuable and I added it to my findings.

Rest assured, this article is the first time anyone has ever compared all the best anal douches on the market so passionately.


Who should get one

I will not pretend like anal douches are for absolutely everyone.  In most cases, the human body does a fine job of purging the body on its own, and the anus is no different in this regard. A simple rinse in the shower with some soap and water usually does the trick, but not always. The few cases where my anus stayed dirty even after a pre-sex shower were enough to make me paranoid, so I started looking for alternatives. I quickly found anal douches and decided that they would help me avoid any similar awkward situations in the future.

Anal douches are for YOU, if:

  1. You (or your partner) are active in anal play in the bedroom. While you may both be hygienic people in general, an anal douche will go a long way in helping you avoid any embarrassing situations in the future. You don’t need to use an anal douche daily, just before any kind of anal sex.
  2. You can have problems with digestion, or you have a high-fat, low-fiber diet. If you have diarrhea, it will be almost impossible to achieve a 100% clean anus. There will always be lingering smell somewhere down there, and even if you don’t notice, your partner most certainly will.
  3. You have experienced embarrassing situations with poop in the bedroom in the past, and you are looking for ways to avoid this situation. Get an anal douche!
  4. You have some lingering smell on your anal toys, which you can’t get rid of. This can be completely avoided if you use an anal douche regularly. Anal toys often reach the very back of your anus, and a simple rinse with water in the shower is just not able to reach so far back. However, the best anal douches on this list most certainly will.
  5. You live together with someone, and you want to avoid any lingering smell reaching them while sleeping or just being at home

Besides these reasons, you might just want to get an anal douche for general hygiene. Anyone can benefit from the best anal douches on this list, so just go ahead and order one. There is nothing to lose and noone I have talked to has said that they regret buying an anal douche. I don’t think you will, either. Better hygiene means better sex!


A quick word on anal douche types

There are three main types of anal douches on the market right now:

Bulb douches: These are the most basic and easy to use anal douches. They work by filling a bulb with warm water, connecting a tube to the water and then inserting the douche into your anus. Once you pinch the bulb, it will release water and your anus will be rinsed. They are simple, cheap and effective. However, if you want to clean your anus completely, without leaving any possible dirt even in the far back, then a bulb douche might not be thorough enough for you. They work the best for quick and shallow washes.

Shower douches: These tend to be a little more complicated than the simple and straightforward bulb douches. However, with greater work comes a greater wash! Shower douches are designed to reach every small bit of dirt inside you, giving you a squeaky clean smell after a shower, both inside and outside. They work by connecting the anal douche to your shower. This allows you to control the flow of water in the same way how you would control the flow during a regular shower. However, this can be both negative and positive. Do you have unpredictable water pressure or temperature in your shower? If yes, then you are definitely better off with the other two types of anal douches.

Water bag douches: These are rather straightforward and easy to use. They work by filling a bag with warm water, connecting a tube to the bag, putting the bag somewhere high to create pressure and then rinsing your anus with the nozzle at the end of the anal douche. They are very simple to use and effective, just like bulb douches. While they may not give you a 100% thorough rinse like shower douches do, I don’t think it’s a problem at all. They are more than effective enough at cleaning your anus for sex with your partner.

For me personally, bulb types are the best anal douches, with water bag douches being a close second. They may not offer such deep cleaning as the shower douche, but even for anal play with massive dildos and prostate massagers, I found that there was virtually no difference in cleanliness. I have never had any smell linger after cleaning myself with any of these best anal douches, so you should just choose something which you think will be the most comfortable to use for you.


How to pick the best anal douche

The large choice of anal douches on the market can be intimidating at first, but if you know the main points of consideration beforehand, the right decision can be made very quickly and you will have the best anal douche with you in no time at all.

Here are some questions which you might want to ask yourself before buying an anal douche:

    1. Which type of anal douche is the best suit for you? Bulb douches, water bag douches or shower douches? As I previously mentioned, I personally prefer bulb and water bag douches, but if you are someone who often uses very lengthy dildos and you are afraid a simple anal douche will not do the trick, then a shower douche will be the most foolproof bet for you.
    2. How often do I plan to use my anal douche? If you are planning to use your anal douche daily, then a shower douche could be your best choice. They are very durable, as they are essentially an addition to your regular shower. The bags of water bag douches can get dirty with frequent use, and filling a bulb douche before every shower can get time-consuming. Therefore, for daily use, I recommend a shower douche as the best option for you. For infrequent use, I would recommend bulb douches and water bag douches.
    3. Where do I plan to use my anal douche? If you frequently travel from place to place, then an anal douche which can be folded and fit inside your bag will be very helpful for you. Water bag douches are excellent for travelers, as they can be folded over into a suitcase, and later they can be taken out and used wherever there is warm water.


How we picked and tested

I began my research into the best anal douches by finding the eleven most popular anal douche models. I checked online reviews, internet forums, manufacturers web pages, and my personal experiences to narrow the choice down to the nine best anal douches. Then I categorized all of these nine anal douches, depending on their design type, quality, performance, and price.

To assess the quality and performance, I tried to put myself in the shoes of a first-time shopper. The best anal douche choices had to be very easy to set up and use, easy to clean and effective at achieving their purpose – cleaning the anus thoroughly. I also took into consideration the durability of each model, as this will start to play a large role in determining whether a certain anal douche is a good long-term investment or not.

After careful analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each model, I had arrived at my conclusion and found the best anal douches in each category. I shared my findings with friends who also have experience with using anal douches, and all of them said that they agree with my ranking table. Some of them even already ordered new anal douches to replace their old ones, thanks to newfound “evidence” from me!



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